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New Facebook Groups‬‏ Facebook Groups to offer users more control. Facebook has launched "groups" – its attempt to mirror the way that people interact in the real world, where we interact with small groups of people such as family, work colleagues and wider friends, rather than everyone at once.

Facebook Groups to offer users more control

Members of groups will be able to swap updates rather than broadcasting them to all of their "friends" on the 500m-strong social network. Announcing Facebook Groups, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said that groups are "a fundamental building block" and solving how best to implement them is "the biggest problem in social networking". He said that after considering the best way to do it, Facebook had decided that the best implementation would be social – letting users create their own groups, which would be "as simple as inviting your best friends over for dinner". Of the feature, he said: "We think this is going to be a pretty fundamental shift for how people use Facebook ...

The amount of sharing will go up massively and will be completely additive. " Giving You More Control. Facebook Overhauls Groups, A Social Solution To Create “A Pristine Graph” Today during their event, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg talked about “the biggest problem in social networking“. What he means by this is social sharing. You need to be able to map out all of the real world groups that you have in the social graph. If Facebook can do this, Zuckerberg says people will be able to do all the sharing they want to do. And as we hinted earlier, Zuckerberg believes they have done this with the complete overhaul of Facebook Groups. “The naive solution is to do something like Friend Lists,” Zuckerberg says. Zuckberberg says that the idea for this new Groups social solution comes directly from what they’ve done with Photos on Facebook. Zuckerberg invited Justin Shaffer, the founder of Hot Potato (which Facebook recently acquired), on stage to talk a bit more about the new Groups (he’s the product manager on it).

Groups have an icon, and a logo.”It’s mean to resemble a human space,” head of product Chris Cox added. Update: Read more in Zuckerberg’s post on the matter. New Facebook Groups Designed to Change the Way You Use Facebook. Facebook has just revealed a new version of Groups at its live press conference in Palo Alto, California.

New Facebook Groups Designed to Change the Way You Use Facebook

Facebook Groups are a shared space where members can participate in communal activities like group chat, e-mail lists, document sharing and group photo-tagging. The new Groups product was built from the ground up; Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says Groups is an entirely new product that only shares the name in common with the old Groups functionality. The old Groups will continue to remain in place, but moving forward members will only be able to create new Groups.

Groups are closed by default (but can be secret or open) and are designed to be spaces where small groups of friends share information, with each group controlled by the entirety of its members — an important new direction for Facebook. The group chat feature is just as it sounds; members can participate in back-and-forth IM conversations with everyone in the group at the same time.

Group - Développeurs Facebook. An app that created an app or game group can update that groups cover photo: POST /v2.1/{group-id} HTTP/1.1Host: cover_url=new-photo-url.jpg /* make the API call */ $request = new FacebookRequest( $session, 'POST', '/{group-id}', array ( 'cover_url' => 'new-photo-url.jpg', )); $response = $request->execute(); $graphObject = $response->getGraphObject();/* handle the result */ Bundle params = new Bundle();params.putString("cover_url", "new-photo-url.jpg");/* make the API call */new Request( session, "/{group-id}", params, HttpMethod.POST, new Request.Callback() { public void onCompleted(Response response) { /* handle the result */ } }).executeAsync(); Permissions An app access token of the app that created the group is required.

Group - Développeurs Facebook

Fields Response If successful: Otherwise a relevant error message will be returned. Facebook Groups – A Walkthrough of Group Email, Docs, Chat, and More. Facebook’s Groups is a powerful new product allowing for sharing, organizing, chatting, and collaborating with a set of friends.

Facebook Groups – A Walkthrough of Group Email, Docs, Chat, and More

The product is heavily integrated into the rest of Facebook’s core apps, but also includes new features such as Docs, and enhanced functionality such as automatic Event invitations and Group Chat. Here we’ll take a detailed tour of how users can create and use Groups. Group Creation and Privacy To start a Group, users click the “Create Group” link in the Facebook home page’s left navigation sidebar. This may be buried under the “More” button if a user is already a member of several Groups. Facebook Groups API: Details and Potential. Facebook launched a Groups API last week to allow developers to build applications which can control Facebook’s new Groups feature programmatically.

Facebook Groups API: Details and Potential

The API currently enables developers to pull a Group’s basic info including name, description, owner, last updated time, and privacy setting; access the Group’s picture, view existing posts; see all members; and post to the Group. Facebook says developers will also be able to create Groups and manage Group membership via the API “in the near future.” The API will allow developers to build applications over the feature, such as Group feed readers, Group recommendation engines, and more. Developers using the API to control old groups won’t have to modify their code. Facebook’s Graph API reference page for Groups details exactly what is available through the API. No authentication is necessary to access the data of open Groups, except “{group}/members” which requires authentication from any user, but not necessarily a member of the Group.

How Facebook Groups Integrates With Other Core Apps: News Feed, Events, Mobile. Facebook’s new Groups product is not a stand-alone feature, but instead integrates with existing features across Facebook.

How Facebook Groups Integrates With Other Core Apps: News Feed, Events, Mobile

Here’s how Groups interacts with the news feed, Chat, profiles, Pages, search, Events, the old groups feature, privacy, notifications, and mobile browsers. News Feed Facebook’s content publisher now includes Groups as distribution parameters for sharing. This way, users can set a news feed status update, photo, video, or link to only be visible to members of a single Group.

When a user posts to their feed with a Group as the distribution parameter, all Group members will get a notification stating [Group member] posted in [Group Name]. If a user is tagged in a post to Group they’re a member of, they’ll receive notifications of future Likes and comments to that posts. Chat Users can’t select a Group as a recipient of a chat from the Facebook home page. Profiles and Pages User profiles never show any Group information. Events.