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Magento extensions, magento plugins and magento modules developed by professional developers. Use magento extensions to make online store much better. (Finland) Payment Gateway for WooCommerce by elsnertechnologies. MyGate Payment Gateway for WooCommerce. Network Merchants Payment Gateway for WooCommerce by elsnertechnologies. Elavon Converge Payment Gateway for WooCommerce by elsnertechnologies. WooCommerce NAB Transact Payment Gateway by elsnertechnologies. Credit card payment Gateway for Woocommerce - Magento Newsletter. Are you looking for selling products or services online?

Credit card payment Gateway for Woocommerce - Magento Newsletter

Adding a Woocommerce platform to WordPress site will be the best option. Woocommerce is an extendable, powerful, and simple eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Woocommerce can create an online store and helps to sell products and services include both digital and physical goods from the WordPress site. The Woocommerce provides a credit card payment gateway with more than 100 providers. There are a lot of payment gateways available over Woocommerce. Payment gateways: All major credit card transactions are accepted by the Woocommerce gateway plugins. The service between your bank account and the online platform where you need to make the transaction of money is known as payment gateways. Credit card merchant services: Which is the Best Payment Gateway Magento Extension? Stripe vs Paypal. Stripe and PayPal are two of the most popular payment platforms which allow you to collect money online with help of magento extension.

Which is the Best Payment Gateway Magento Extension? Stripe vs Paypal

Your company requires a payment processor to receive funds from your site visitors via your web site. To know the contrast among Stripe and PayPal, you have to understand the two preferences and weaknesses. Let us initially comprehend both separately : STRIPE Payment Gateway: Stripe Payment Gateway is an online installment administration that permits individuals to acknowledge and move cash over the web, and eventually now is favored and used frequently in the eCommerce world. PAYPAL Payment Gateway: PayPal is a payment system and is well known, which allows users to make and collect online payments. PayPal VS Stripe: Quick Check. Ingenico (Ogone Platform) - WooCommerce by elsnertechnologies. Offline Credit Card Payment Method for WooCommerce by elsnertechnologies. E-Path Payment Gateway for WooCommerce by elsnertechnologies. Price Negotiation Extension : Art Of Negotiation! “The price is right for the product,” said the shopkeeper;“But we generally pay half of your mentioned price,” said the Buyer.

Price Negotiation Extension : Art Of Negotiation!

And the conversation went on and on till they both arrived at a common acceptable price. This is a win-lose approach where both the buyers and sellers maintain a fixed position during negotiation. On the other hand, there is a win-win approach for negotiation, where both the parties value each other’s interest and come on a mutually beneficial agreement. This sometimes includes the customer paying in installments by relaxing the one-time payment option. The above scenario is now possible for online stores too. Allowing to negotiate can help accelerate a slow-moving deal, creates goodwill and gains trust. Cart abandonment is not what you expect to happen right! You’ve invested a lot of time and efforts to earn customer’s goodwill and trust.

Successful negotiations require give and take. The Million Dollar Question about Magento Website Development Cost. It is a big chance you are checking out this blog as you are in the process of developing a Magento eCommerce website.

The Million Dollar Question about Magento Website Development Cost

Do you have a concrete website plan in your mind? Or are looking to devise and implement your ideas in a more contemporary way? You will be pleasantly surprised to know that Magento has more than 240,000 worldwide users. This very reason makes it one of the most popular platforms in the eCommerce industry. Who are an e-commerce virtual assistant and its advantages? Across the globe, the trend of hiring ecommerce virtual assistants has become popular from quite some time.

Who are an e-commerce virtual assistant and its advantages?

You can read online blogs and articles related to how virtual assistants can help you in managing your ecommerce business and the list goes on. Even small ecommerce companies are looking for ecommerce virtual assistants to get benefited from them. Well, the idea behind hiring them is quite interesting and in this post, we will discuss in length about who virtual assistants are and how they can help an ecommerce business. Squarespace to Magento: Is This Migration Worth It? Every online store owner today wishes to have a flourishing business with loads of traffic on their website.

Squarespace to Magento: Is This Migration Worth It?

The one thing that can help them achieve this endeavour is by selecting the right eCommerce platform. The problem is, there are lots of options available to store owners today, due to which it becomes difficult to select a platform that can be best for your online business. However, one thing is for sure, selecting the right platform can influence the prosperity of the store and ensure that there is a constant inflow of active customers to your store. Due to the ever-increasing competition in the eCommerce industry, today, store owners need a platform that is adaptive to innovations and trends. Reasons Your Ecommerce Store Needs A Mobile App. Competition in all kinds of businesses, whether Ecommerce or auto industry or software industry, has always been cold-blooded.

Reasons Your Ecommerce Store Needs A Mobile App

For all good reasons, this neck to neck competition shall continue. Ecommerce is the online presence of a business that runs transactions online, considering customers convenience and mobility as well. With the internet audience increasing day by day, the Ecommerce industry is growing and has shaped the online shopping landscape for the customers as well as the retailers. Online business has opened new possibilities for business growth with efficient customer experience.

Smartphones are the next big thing and with these evolving behavioral patterns where customers, especially millennials are spending a significant amount of time on their smartphones, businesses need to evolve their strategies accordingly. Mobile apps have made businesses digital which helps businesses to fulfil customer’s demands in the m commerce industry.

Tips To Improve Your B2B Ecommerce Business. In today’s fast-paced market, the majority of the customers are turning to B2B Ecommerce stores to purchase their products directly.

Tips To Improve Your B2B Ecommerce Business

B2B customer experience has improved, but the consumers are waiting for stores to buck up and fulfill their expectations. We are not only talking about B2B customers, but B2B buyers are also consumer buyers at some time. Customer satisfaction has been better, but there has been no improvement in the buying journey of B2B buyers. B2B buyers now desire a more B2C like customer experience while purchasing products from a vendor. Mobile Commerce Trends And Stats. Lately, the mobile commerce industry has developed rapidly and is also preferred by a lot of customers.

Mobile Commerce Trends And Stats

The rapid growth of it does make us believe that it is the next big thing. Mobile commerce is also known as M-commerce, is a process of buying and selling products and services through mobile phones like smartphones, tablets, etc. It can include ample things like e-commerce and in-app purchases to mobile banking and shopping products using a digital wallet. Below are some types of Mobile commerce: How To Perform Consumer Demand Analysis With Magento Survey Extension? You have launched a product but don’t know how much popularity it will gain?

How To Perform Consumer Demand Analysis With Magento Survey Extension?

What will be the conversion rate? What to do next? You surely don’t want to get flabbergasted with the fewer sales number. You want to know what went wrong with the product. You want to explore and improve the product. For all these activities, you need to conduct a Consumer demand analysis. Surveys define the attitude of consumers towards your product and those habits affect the shopping cart of your eStores.

2 Important Upcoming Changes in Magento Marketplace. “Change is the only constant” This proverb from Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher has summed up today’s competitive business environment. If there are no changes in the technology it will become obsolete. Magento is one such technology that keeps on upgrading itself. Two important changes have been announced by Magento Marketplace that are going to be effective from July 11th, 2019. These two changes are related to Magento 2.1: End of support implications and Extension Quality Program automated Code Sniff testing.

Important Notification: A Security Breach With Magento Marketplace Resolved. The big Giant Adobe acquired Magento Ecommerce, the treasure trove of functionalities in the year 2018 for $1.68 billion. The platform ensures incredible user security; however, unfortunately, a security breach was discovered by the Adobe team on 21st November ’19. As per an official email sent by the team to every Magento marketplace owner, it stated that the vulnerability allowed an “unauthorized third-party” to exploit the user’s personal information like their name, email, store username (MageID), billing address, phone numbers, shopping address, and some commercial information related to the payments the users have made.

Nevertheless, the services by the officials were instantly shut down and investigated. Adobe confirmed that no exploitation of information happened and the user’s information remained unimpacted. Jason Woosley, Vice President of Commerce Product and Platform at Adobe, stated that “We have notified impacted Magento Marketplace account holders directly”. The Best Magento Extensions In 2019. Magento itself glorifies your E-commerce store, do you think it needs more? Merchants around the world are updating and utilizing the Power Magento has to offer.

Recent Builtwith study of 2018 data, showed that Magento powers almost 4% of E-commerce websites across the internet, 7% on the top million websites, and 10% on the top of 100,000 websites. It surely doesn’t end here! Even some of the big giants like Nike, Ford, Flipkart etc opted for Content Management System (CMS) then why shouldn’t we? Price Negotiation Extension : Art Of Negotiation! Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - The What’s & The Crux. By Using PayTrace Payment Gateway Magento 2 Extension. When you shop offline, you may offer cash but what when you shop online? You are directed to an eCommerce service that processes credit card payments or any other payment method for the stores. A payment gateway facilitates a transaction that is similar to the physical selling process. It connects the eTailers with the bank’s processing platform. Without a successful integration, the customer can not pay or buy the products. 7 Quick Design Tips That Will Increase Your Online Conversions.

Optimizing a website according to our requirement is a necessity for every business. When the website is optimized, it allows a growth in business by engaging the digital customers more effectively. With the advancement in technologies and increased competition for online businesses, most of the customer base is moving towards the digital world.

Always keep in mind, if your customer has liked the interaction with your brand, he will surely visit it once again and be your potential customer. The first impression of the website matters highly in the sales growth of a brand. The business owners out there should consider their website as a platform for driving conversions, and for the transformation of the website into a business tool, it should be optimized accordingly. Include the Social Proof. How To Earn Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing. Everything You Wanted to Know about PHP Web Development as a PHP Developer. There are lots of languages that exist in the IT domain. Magento 1 Support Ends In 2020: Right Time To Migrate? Last week there was a rumor circulating in the market regarding the end of Magento 1.

The New App Thinning Technology in iPhone. Announced at WWDC, App Thinning is an exciting new technology that will change the entire download process. With users paying big bucks for cellular data contracts, limited storage on iOS devices, and faster downloads, App Thinning is a crucial new feature to learn. Important Notification: A Security Breach With Magento Marketplace Resolved. Introducing Content Intelligence, The New Frontier To More Drive Sales. Got up in the morning, checked Facebook and Instagram, jumped into the breakfast, checked which shows to be downloaded, meanwhile, the phone pops up the message reminding you of the meeting, while you hop on the transport, you start exploring gift options for a birthday party and what not!

Easy Techniques to Make Responsive Fonts For Your Website. We faced the problem of responsiveness of fonts in most of the websites. We have to change font-sizes for all the fonts according to every responsive breakpoints. But now you don’t need to change the font-size at each and every breakpoints. Speed Up your Mobile Website for Improved UX. The holiday season is approaching soon and this means that most people have started to think about gifting ideas and to buy them before price hike!

But since these people are too busy to visit shopping centers, they prefer to look for the perfect presents online using their mobile phones which will only necessitate a stable and fast internet connection. As a matter of fact, about 51.3% of all internet usage is done using mobile phones these days. With these phones we all need just 1 finger to browse the internet, the other nine can rest.

Effortless Ways To Customize Fonts With IcoMoon. In this age of building eCommerce websites, the presentation and layout factor has become 2 vital components. These visual needs flood in with themes, customized layouts in footer and header, some icons adding a solo 3D effect. If you are in the hands of professional web design services then designing custom fonts is a very subtle task. How to handle multi-currency payment method in your online store?

Win More Customers With eCommerce Mobile Apps. With the development of eCommerce platforms, the outlook towards shopping has completely transformed, and people started believing in the virtual world like never before. Do You Need to Switch on Drupal 9 or Must Resume work with Drupal 8? Know about the Brand-New Features of Angular 9. 6 Cool Advantages Of 2checkout Payment Plugin for WooCommerce. Lightspeed eCom - The Right Fit For Your Online Store. 4 Ways Ecommerce Automation Can Improve Your Online Store. Stand Out in $7.6 Trillion Online Industry Using B2B eCommerce Trends. Making eCommerce Pay: Is Your Online Business Serving You and Your Customers? Hybrid Mobile apps: Google's New Endless Expanding App Universe. Impressive Impact Of UPI: Money Transfer Made Simple. Video Conferencing Apps: A Relief Amid COVID-19.

The Best Email Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce. Launch of WhatsApp Payment Option in India Gets Confirmed! What Holds In The Future Of eCommerce? Developing a Fitness App is No More like a Bitter Pill. Hear Soulful Melodies By Switching to This Amazing YouTube Music App! COVID-19: Don't Panic! Know The Facts. Digital Marketing Strategies to Practice in the Year 2020. Grow Your Business With An Android App - Elsner Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Coronavirus: An Opportunity in Disguise for Small-Scale Businessmen. Vanquish The Language Barrier While Selling Online By Apps? 6 Cool Advantages Of 2checkout Payment Plugin for WooCommerce. Superior WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugins For Your Online Store. Try These Magento 2 Extensions to Enhance Customer Experience on Your Store. How eCommerce Site can Benefit by Using Magento Extensions? Best Event Manager Extension For Magento 2. Infinite scroll ppt. Recent Order Notification Magento 2 Extension - Elsner Technologies. Infinite scroll ppt. Magento 2 Product Inquiry Extensions by Elsner. Infinite Ajax Scroll magento extension. Best Advanced Blog Magento 2 extension. Best Magento Survey Extension. Best Magento 2 Cancel Order Extensions. Magento 2 Bulk Categories Import / Export Extention (CSV) – Elsner.

Best Magento 2 Mega Menu Extension. PayTrace Payment Gateway Extension for Magento. Best Magento 2 GST India Extension. Customer Discount Magento 2 Extension - Elsner. Best Advance FAQ Magento 2 Extension - Elsner. Customer Discount Magento 2 Extension. Privacy At Stake: Thousands Of Android Apps Stealing Data, Even When Disallowed. Best magento Payment Gateway Extensions - 2019. Infinite Scroll Magento 2 extension. Mobile App Development Features & Requirements for the Future. Customer Discount Magento 2 Extension - Elsner. Best Magento 2 Cancel Order Extensions - Elsner. Axis Bank Payment Gateway: A Vital Asset for an Online Business? Axis Bank Payment Gateway: A Vital Asset for an Online Business? - Elsner Technologies Pvt Ltd. Best Magento 2 Mega Menu Extension - Elsner. Best Advance FAQ Magento 2 Extension - Elsner. Best Magento 2 GST India Extension - Elsner. Your Ultimate Guidebook on WooCommerce Maintenance. 15 Best Magento 2 Extensions 2019 to Grow Your Online Store.

Art of Making Negative SEO Results of Company Disappear from Google. Best Paypal Multicurrency Magento 2 Extension - Elsner. 15 Best Magento 2 Extensions 2019 to Grow Your Online Store. 4 Unconventional SEO Tricks to Impress the Google Search Engine. Why, How and When of Internal Link Building for Best SEO Results.

WordPress 5.2.2 Maintenance Release is Out! Hire WordPress Developer - elsner. Search Engine Optimization, SEO Services Sydney, Melbourne - Elsner. Study: Do You Know 21% Population are Using Voice Search Every Week? - Tech Magazine.

Everything You Wanted to Know about PHP Web Development as a PHP Development

Simple Ways to Automate your Workflow Using WordPress Development.