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The Cheapskate's Guide to Getting Free Stuff. House Party > Party Planning. Your Favorite Amazon Deals from This Summer. Every day, our Smart Shopping Team combs Amazon's listings to find the biggest bargains the world's largest store is offering.

Your Favorite Amazon Deals from This Summer

The team is taking today off to eat hamburgers and watch fireworks, but since getting a good deal is almost as thrilling as responsible fireworks usage, they wanted to share this summer's most popular deals. Here's what our readers have been most excited about snapping up since Memorial Day. Mental Floss has affiliate relationships with certain retailers, including Amazon, and may receive a small percentage of any sale.

But we only get commission on items you buy and don’t return, so we’re only happy if you’re happy. Good luck deal hunting! Bluetooth Headphones, Hussar Magicbuds Wireless Headphones, IPX4 Sweatproof, Premium Sound with Bass, Noise Cancelling, Ergonomic Design, Secure Fit, Zippered Case, 7 Hrs Playtime with Mic for $35.99 (list price $159.99) 52 Top Quality Metal Collar Stays (Mixed Sizes) in a Divided Box for $15.95 (list price $39.95) Mrs. 50 Ways to Make Money in 2016 That You've Never Heard Of. Ready to fatten your bank account?

50 Ways to Make Money in 2016 That You've Never Heard Of

We’ve found 50 ways to make a little extra this month! This post is LONG, so I recommend you bookmark it and knock out five to 10 of them a day. We’ll keep it updated throughout the month and remove/replace any that stop working. So, go challenge yourself. How to Sell Everything You Own - Part 2. In Part 1 of How To Sell All Of Your Stuff we gave our top tips for getting started.

How to Sell Everything You Own - Part 2

Now in Part 2 we share our favourite selling methods. Set Up A Stuff Blog This is my biggest tip for selling your stuff – utilise your networks. How to Sell Everything You Own - Part 1. We all have stuff we don’t need.

How to Sell Everything You Own - Part 1

When we decided to travel again, we knew that this time we wouldn’t return to the UK. After our last round the world trip we returned home appalled at the amount of stuff we owned. Not only that, but we hadn’t missed any of it. Smart enough not to make the same mistake twice, it was obvious that this time it would all have to go. Turns out that this is a mammoth task. How to Sell Everything You Own & Travel the World - Thrifty Nomads. Though the very thought of what I’ve done would have horrendously shocked my former self years ago, I now take pride in selling off our possessions.

How to Sell Everything You Own & Travel the World - Thrifty Nomads

It’s liberating knowing there’s nothing collecting dust in a locked-up storage bin, or piles of useless items to sort through in my parents basement. It’s all gone, save for the possessions in our 28 liter backpacks. DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of coffee.

DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub

I love pour-over coffee, I love cold-brew coffee, and I always love it iced. But over the past few months, I have also been experimenting with using leftover coffee grounds as part of my skincare routine. Have you all tried this? I am no health expert, and will never claim to be. Homemade Extracts. Hi guys!

Homemade Extracts

As you can probably tell Jenny and I are way into Christmas and love giving homemade gifts as presents. We already shared with you a cute wrapping situation for one of our banana bread recipes, and today we thought we would do homemade extracts. We are giving you recipes for five different kinds: lemon, grapefruit, vanilla, cinnamon, and orange. So you can either made all five, or pick you favorite and go with it. SiteJabber Shows You Reviews of Web Retailers Before You Buy. 20 Diamond-Alternative Gemstones for Engagement Rings. Diamonds may be some girls’ best friend, but they’re not for everyone.

20 Diamond-Alternative Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Yes they’re beautiful, durable, sparkly and timeless, but they’re also rather expensive and perhaps a little too classic, if you’re the kind of lady who wants to wear something different on your ring finger. Many grooms do feel they have to splash out on the traditional sparkler when it comes to popping the question, but the modern custom for diamond rings that cost three months’ salary was actually only introduced as a marketing campaign by acclaimed jeweller, De Beers back in the 1930s.

And it stuck! The ultimate packing list for adventure travel. This is the very same packing list I use before setting off on an adventure trip (well, not the feminine stuff), whether it’s a backpacking weekend, an active week in Europe, or a six-month-long research trip.

The ultimate packing list for adventure travel

The only thing extra I bring is a laptop for work purposes. Of course, add to this any specialty gear you need for your activities or destinations (you’ll probably be bringing the ice axe and crampons—and some extra layers—to Alaska; not so much to the Sahara). I’ll add specialized packing lists soon. The Ten Essentials Keep these ten essential survival items in your daypack at all times whenever heading out into the wilderness. A pack or bag A pack is a very personal thing, so I merely provide a link to the REI homepage and leave it to you to pick the right one.

For the record, when I am doing an outdoors trip, I take either my 70L Gregory Baltoro (which is being replaced by the Gregory Z65 Pack), or for shorter trips my ultra-light REI Flash 50L. The clothes make the traveler. How to Improve Any Photo in 8 or Less Steps. The following two tabs change content below.

How to Improve Any Photo in 8 or Less Steps

Jason Little is a photographer (shooting macros, portraits, candids, and the occasional landscape), writer, and music lover. You can see Jason’s photography on Flickr, his Website or his Blog. When perusing photography articles and tutorials across the Web it’s not uncommon to encounter various takes on “getting it right in camera.” From exposure to white balance to composition, the idea is to get as many things as possible right in camera, thereby reducing your reliance on software after the fact. 7 Essential Travel Clothing Brands: The Globetrotter's Guide. Stylish travel clothing is hard to find but these companies do a great job of combining practicality and femininity too.

Whether you’re an avid globetrotter or a newbie nomad these are our essential travel clothing brands for women! Take advantage of their Black Friday sales this weekend! Lucy Clothing During my meeting and interview with Lisa from We Said Go Travel, she excitedly showed off her Lucy Clothing Gear. Clean Out Your Closet: 9 Web Sites to Sell Your Used Clothes - Babble. How many times have you planned to clean out your closet? I think I promise to do it at least once a week. I tell myself that I’ll have a yard sale and make a little cash. I used to think it was so much work. Now, I know it doesn’t have to be. Selling your used clothing online is easier than ever. Each site is different, only accepting certain brands, offering different commission percentages, and some do all the work for you.

Material Wrld. 6 Beauty Aids Science Says Really Work. Wise Bread Picks The beauty world is constantly introducing new and trendy beauty treatments, from argan oil to bee venom, in hopes of capturing smooth, flawless, and ageless skin. In reality though, there are only a few beauty aids that are scientifically proven to work. Although it can be fun to jump on the bandwagon of the latest trendy ingredient (and I’m no stranger to them myself), the following beauty aids will give you the most dependably consistent, clinically proven results. 1. Niacinamide. Online Personality Disorders. The 10 Best Websites to Help You Save Money on Anything. EmailEmail I love a good deal. Before making any purchase, I always look for ways I can save money.

The issue? Romantic Tiny Forest Home Built In 6 Weeks For $4,000Onemorepost. Regardless of where you come from or what you do, nobody can argue that there will be moments in your life where you have a realization that changes you forever. These moments can come wherever you are and at any time – but once you’ve looked through the looking glass, you aren’t ever the same again. And once you’ve seen how life can be different, you can achieve incredible things.

One example of this is Dave Herrle of Westbrook, Connecticut. A Celebrity Makeup Artist Reveals Her Kit. 50 Beauty Products to Buy Before You Die: Beauty Products: This Dividend Stock Is the Closest Thing to an ATM You'll Find. Source: via Flickr. The goal of many investors is to build a portfolio that distributes enough cash to live off of while still allowing their portfolio to grow. With bond yields so low, many Americans have turned to dividend stocks to generate that income. There comes with a risk with that, though. Dividends are not as secure as bonds, and they can be cut in order to shore up the balance sheet in hard times. That's why its important to understand the financial situation of the companies you're invested in and make sure they will be able to pay a dividend for decades to come. Selena MaranjianAn ATM is a reliable source of cash -- but of course, that money is already yours, so a withdrawal reduces your account balance as it fills your pockets.

The AMAZON URL hack generator. Save big $$$. The Dealer Wanted $4,400 To Fix His Hybrid. He Did It Himself For $7. Before we say HAHA STEALERSHIP lets look at it in their (my) eyes, okay? 20+ Natural Ways to Have Great Hair for Less. The Modern Cocktail - Sloe Gin Drink Recipe. Published in the January/February 2015 issue Before the current revival of the classic bar, very few of the fine old cocktail recipes were in general circulation.

This meant that something as simple as a sidecar—cognac, Cointreau, and lemon juice served up in a sugar-rimmed glass—could send you into cocktail ecstasy if you found a bartender who knew how to make it right. That's all different now. While perfectly executed classics are by no means universal, neither are they rare. Most cocktail bars will even have a passel of so-called forgotten classics in their repertoire: second- and third-tier old formulas for drinks such as the Aviation, the Bamboo, the Last Word, and so forth, no longer the least bit forgotten. Against that, we present the Modern Cocktail. But the Modern is spectacularly good. 15 Awesome Gadgets That Makes Existing Stuff Smarter. Collection of 'Awesome Gadgets That Makes Existing Stuff Smarter' from all over the world.

Jalousier: This smart device clips onto your existing venetians and automatically adjusts them in accordance to the weather, room temperature and lighting conditions. 19 Insanely Clever Products That Prove We’re Living In The Future. Things We Like for 2015: A Realist’s Guide to CES. The items we picked are a mixture of things: those that we feel people will find useful or need in their daily lives, a few whimsical picks that we think will make life more enjoyable, and the things we suspect—but can’t definitely know until we test—might be our new favorites in their given categories. Your Game Plan for Escaping the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle. Preventing dry skin during travel - Road Warriorette - Road Warriorette. Innovative gadgets you'll want in 2015 [Deals] Year in Review - 50 Best Products of 2014 That We've Found Absolutely Stunning. 7 Single-Page Productivity Planners To Organize Your To-Do List.

Asian Beauty Finds - Asian Supermarket Beauty Products. Home page - Thrive Market. Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder With This New Tracker.


Adult DIY Frozen Elsa Costume Ideas - Halloween Makeup. 10 Banned Foods Americans Should Stop Eating - Food Revolution Network. 50 Beauty Products to Buy Before You Die: Beauty Products: Allure's Best of Beauty Awards: Top lipsticks, mascara and more - Style. Bigger wedding, happier marriage? Medusa's Make-Up bright colorful makeup and cosmetics. Skin Care Products You Need To Try At Sephora Shopping Guide.

11 Beauty Brands from Abroad You Need to Know About. Update: Guerlain, Stila, UD, MUFE, LM, Nars, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Bourjois, Becca, etc. + Drugstore, Perfumes, Nail Polish, Samples, Free Stuff : makeupexchange. Drugstore Holy Grail Master List. Holy Grail - Mid-Range Master List. 9 Money Habits That Will Put You On The Path To Wealth  What To Do With All Your Stuff While You’re Gone – BootsnAll.

10 Ways to Get Rid of Your Stuff (and a garage sale isn't one of them!) How to Sell Everything You Own - Part 2. SavySwap. 5 tried and tested travel accessories from my latest trip. An Introduction to Koh Gen Do Foundations - Café Makeup. Store. Matte Makeup for Oily Skin ~ Cut Shine by Choosing the Best Makeup for Oily Skin! How To Sneak Chocolate Chip Cookies Into All Of Your Dessert Recipes. The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Excellent Dose  Samsung Galaxy S4: Top 10 tips. Samsung shows 10 neat hidden Galaxy S4 features.

25 Top Hidden Tricks and Secret Tips on Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Unleash Better Functionality. Samsung Galaxy S4: The Best Apps You Can Download Now For Free! 12 of the best Samsung Galaxy S4 apps. Flat-Belly Challenge Day 20. 43 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas For Your Home. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - Cecilia and the Satellite by AndrewMcMahon. Low-Fat Guacamole. Classic Beauty, Makeup And Hair Products You Need To Try. Music Monday: July 14, 2014. Education That Beats Inflation: 6 Ways to Learn for Free. 13 Things You Should Always Get for Free. Buddhist Economics: How to Stop Prioritizing Goods Over People and Consumption Over Creative Activity. 15 Coolest and Awesome Personal Gadgets. Are You Doing Laundry Right? We’ve Got The Do’s And Don'ts!

6 Things That Seem Like Splurges But Are Actually Savvy Buys. 30 Easy Ways to Save Money (and No, you are not doing them all!) Beauty on a Budget: 6 Drugstore Steals for Summer.


Learn How To Remove Anything From A Photo Using Photoshop. 138 Free Kindle Books for Fri, Jun 6th. My ULTIMATE Starbucks Tips List! 18+ Tips To Enjoy Starbucks And Save Money. Beat the Heat with an $8 Homemade Air Conditioner. Stop Buying Toxic Beauty Products—Make Cheaper, All-Natural Ones Right in Your Kitchen. About Us - True&Co. 30 Cool Products That Will Make You Say, “Shut Up and Take My Money!” The 7 Best Index Funds for Your Money. 8 Books You Need to Read This June. Moving and expansion sale!!! 14 Outlet Stores You Never Knew You Could Shop Online. Refrigerator Repair: How to, of everything….? Cocamide DEA Risks - Coconut Oil Derivative Carcinogen. 15 Quirky Gadgets and Accessories to Buy Today (May)

Celebrities with Rosacea. 10 Best Tents 2014. Crowd Pleasers: Top 5 Sickest Rave Swag You Can Buy. Uv Face Paint Uv Body Paint. Rd. Links - Hurricane's Leucistic Friends.