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Ultimate Gift Guide: Thoughtful Ideas for Every List and Every Budget. Wise Bread Picks Do you have your shopping list ready? Are you checking it twice? And are you at a loss for what to get your friends and family? Instead of wandering the busy mall hoping for inspiration, we’ve got hundreds of gift ideas for everyone on your list, no matter what your budget. 25 Gifts That Save Money Want to go a step beyond gifts that are useful?

31 Great Gifts that Keep on Giving Don't give something that'll end up in the junk drawer. 25 Awesome, Useful Gifts Eliminate the phrase "it's the thought that counts" by giving one of these awesome, useful gifts. 25 Thoughtful and Frugal Personalized Gift Ideas You don’t need to spend a fortune to show someone you care. Unusual Gift Ideas for a Memorable Holiday Season Every year I struggle to find meaningful gifts for relatives that they will appreciate instead of adding to the clutter of "stuff" they own. How to Buy Art as Gifts Beautiful original art doesn’t have to be expensive. 9 Useful Kitchen Gifts 25 Great Gifts for $5 or Less. How to Infuse Body Oil 2 Ways.

Have you ever tried making an herbal infusion? You can transfer the aromatic and healing benefits of flowers, herbs or tea into oil – or even water or alcohol – by soaking them together. I’ve tried two methods, solar and heat infusions, with a variety of carrier oils – coconut, almond, olive and jojoba. It’s a simple process – here’s how to infuse body oil, 2 easy ways! Letting the heat of the sun do the infusing work for you takes a bit longer, but the results are just as amazing – and you get to enjoy looking at your pretty bottles every day. The process is simple. Double Broiler Oil Infusion Method If you’re impatient (like me) you can make an infusion in about an hour using your stove top. The instructions are simple with a double broiler (or a make-shift saucepan / bowl combo). Remove from heat and let cool. Crockpot Oil Infusion Method You can also infuse oil in your crockpot.

Coffee-Infused Almond Oil Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Ingredients Instructions. 4 Homemade Holiday Scrub Recipes for Gift Giving. Next week is Thanksgiving, and we’re ready to crank up the holiday tunes and get in the kitchen. Since about all I can reliably cook up is pumpkin pie, I’ll save my culinary creativity for homemade gift giving. And beauty gifts are the best because the recipient gets the gift of soft, glowing skin. For homemade beauty gifts, you can go the bath salt route (these test tubes are super cute) or mix up a batch of simple foot scrubs. I’ve been calling these ‘pedi pots’ but the scrubs can be used all over. A stack of 3-4 little jars with some twine tied around them makes the perfect gift. Think of all the standing and walking you do during the holidays! My feet are not excited about Christmas parties in high heels. For each of these scrubs, you can prepare them directly in the jar, or you can mix the ingredients separately in a bowl and then pack them in jars.

As for the oils, go with whatever light oil suits you, like almond, olive, safflower, etc. Citrus Honey Scrub Peppermint Mocha Scrub. Valentine's Day Gift Roundup. My husband and I have been together for 9 years. That’s nine birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases, and Valentines days. Some years it’s a mostly ignored hallmark holiday, other years it’s a big deal- like the 5th one, where he proposed (for a second time).

This year we are keeping things mostly simple and just ordered a decadent flight of gourmet chocolate bars to share. With just under two weeks to go, you still have enough time to score an awesome last minute gift for the important someone in your life. Keep in mind, if any of our other writers put a list together, each one would be vastly different. If you're looking to get her something a little different than the usual flowers or a box of chocolates, consider these ideas! Handmade Charms by Sasha Smith - Review Jessica reviewed this company, also known as Squished Berries on Etsy, not long ago.

The best part is, they are beyond affordable. Don't forget! If you enjoy receiving tokens of love, see how fun it is to give them, too! Best Beauty Subscription Boxes So You Don't End Up Wasting Money (PHOTOS) Being a beauty editor certainly has its perks, but the biggest benefit has to be the beauty samples. I transform into a human guinea pig the very moment I rip into the pretty packaging and see the bottles of nail polish, perfume and shampoo that have yet to hit shelves. Now, thanks to the rise of beauty subscription boxes, women (and men) who may not work within the fashion industry can now get their hands on the goods. Beauty subscriptions are also a great way to try out under-the-radar brands without committing to a full-size product or the full price.

And if it doesn't make the cut for space on your bathroom counter top, you can always spread the love and share with family and friends. Below are six of the best beauty subscription boxes you can get delivered at your doorstep. Read on to find out how each of these sampling services measure up against the competition. Hair and Makeup: Birchbox Pros: Great mix of oversized samples from beauty brands like NARS, Davines and Origins. Close. Adult Boxes | A Year of Boxes. Blush Box - for $99 per quarter ($49.99 for mini box) you get a beautifully curated box four times a year filled with flirty, fashionable finds.

Boink Box – starting at $25 per month you get a box of sexy items, $25 for monthly make out box, $50 for monthly box, and $85 for quarterly luxury box. Ships to – US & Canada Dejamor – starting at $29 you choose from two experiences: one for “His Eyes Only” and another for “Her Eyes Only.” The fun begins as soon as you open the package and wonder what surprise your partner will plan for you, and vice versa. The Fantasy Box – starting at $34 per month you get his and hers instructions and 3-5 quality products paired for each adventure. Frisque Box – for $25-$50/bi-monthly you recieve either Frisque-Lite ($25) (samples of lubes, condoms, oils and other sexy little surprises) or Frisque Platinum Box ($50) (also includes toys and more advanced products) to be delivered to your door every other month. Ships to – US. Beauty Subscription Boxes.

Subscription Box Reviews, Best Monthly Subscription Boxes | My Subscription Addiction. 20 Small Items and Gadgets for Your Pockets. Most people will agree that in their day to day lives, they always need to have the right gadgets and other nifty items that will make their lives easier and their days smoother. There was a time when people had to bring humongous backpacks and suitcases to fit all the things they need but in today’s technologically-advanced world, there are so many compact items and gadgets they can take with them and the best part is they all fit right into our pockets!

Such is the wonder of technology and design innovations. These gadgets and items can range from the extremely high-tech to the ones that are simple yet extremely necessary and helpful. Just take a look at those smart phones with touch screens that can fit in the palm of your hand. With those, you can buy plane tickets, call your friends and family, track where you are, get directions, take and edit pictures, and so much more — all that from just one gadget that easily fits in the palm of your hand. Cocoon Grid-It Organizer Buy $9.74. 15 Best and Useful Sleeping Gadgets.

You wont be at your best performance without a good night sleep. Here we have a collection of the 'Best and Useful Sleeping Gadgets' from all over the world to get you the much needed rest to start your day afresh. Sense: This smart device tracks your sleep behavior, monitoring the conditions in your bedroom (including noise, light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air) and wakes you up in the morning at the right point in your sleep cycle. It consists of 3 parts: the Sense base, Sleep Tracker, and mobile application.

Sense sits on your nightstand and monitors the conditions in your bedroom and disturbances at night. Sleep tracker a little device attaches to your pillow and tracks your sleep at night. Iwinks Headband: This dreamenhancing headband plays special lights and sounds; it makes you aware that you are dreaming, as you stay asleep - allowing you to take control of your dreams. Napwell: Napwell is created for you to nap more efficiently. The Best Lip Oils to Shop Now. 40 Things That Will Make You Say WOW – Simple Ideas But Totally Genius! Advertisement There are lot of awesome things in the world that we haven’t seen or even think of, that’s why we collected some of the coolest inventions and ideas that will make you say “Wow! Why haven’t i thought of that?” These things take cool to the next level. Continue reading to see these simple things but are totally genius!

1 | The Most Coolest Wheelchair in The World! 2 | How About A Scooter That Folds Into A Briefcase? 3 | Or A Folding Bicycle? 4 | Those Lights Are Genius! 5 | Left or rRight? 6 | No More Blind Spot! 7 | Looking For A Keyboard? 8 | The Most Useful Smartphone Case In The World! 9 | Say Goodbye To Power-Banks. 10 | Solar Socket 11 | This Is Really Helpful. 12 | That Loads A Huge Amount of Power. 13 | Clever Idea 14 | A must have socket. 15 | Why i haven’t think of this? 16 | Floor Plan Light Switch 17 | Perfect for those sleepy heads. 18 | Now this is what we called “innovation.” 19 | I will definitely try this! 20 | Spill-paint free. 21 | This coffeemaker rocks! 36 | DIY Ice Chest. 15 Best and Useful Office Gadgets.

Collection of 'Best and Useful Office Gadgets' from all over the world. Darma: Darma, the world's first smart cushion monitors your posture, sitting habits, stresslevel, and coaches you to sit better. GateKeeper: GateKeeper features auto-lock ability that allows sign in and out of computer just by walking away and returning. It duals as a Bluetooth location tracker along with Android and iOS apps so that you don't waste time looking for the items that always gets misplaced. It allows you to track down the items or set an alert for when items are out of range. Arist: Arist simplifies everything into a simple machine, you can download recipes and make coffees like the world's best baristas at the tap of a smartphone. It makes coffee in a specific, precise, and consistent way. Internet Privacy Gadget: This Windows based USB Privacy Gadget is simple to use, just plug in and login and it works instantly.

10 Gadgets For The Winter Warrior | Diply. Culture Tech NEXT POST 10 Gadgets For The Winter Warrior by JackDing from Different Solutions Page 3 of 3 8. Via ThinkGeek Want to keep your piping-hot beverage warm in style? 9. Via TotalMerchandise Keep your ears warm and listen to your favorite tunes with this speaker beanie. 10. Via Brookstone There's nothing worse than a mug of cold hot chocolate. Main Image Source: WantOrHate / Wham-OCollage Source: 1. Did you remember to share this with your friends?

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Trending on the Web Report Post Never miss a post! See More by JackDing I live for indie music, green tea, rainy days and all of life's beautifully sarcastic ironies. 10 Delicious Breakfast Casseroles Recommended Posts Win Troy's Playoff Tickets And Watch Steelers Take On Ravens 19 Sparkly New Year's Ideas 20 Tricks Every Lady Should Know More Posts in Culture A Retired Mathematician Found An 1830s Cabin In The Woods. Home Design She Unwraps A Dozen Candies And Transforms Them Into The Most Awesome Winter Treat Food. 15 Best and Useful Gadgets for Parents. Collection of 'Best and Useful Gadgets for Parents' from all over the world.

Circle: Circle allows you to supervise and limit how your family members spend time online. It allows smart filtering, time management, monitor online activity, and more. Blink: Blink is an affordable wireless monitoring system that features HD video technology plus temperature and motionsensors. As soon as it detects anything moving, video starts recording and an alert is sent to your smartphone, so you can see exactly what caused the alert and decide how to react. And Live View mode from your smartphone lets you take a look at your place in real-time. You can create your own system that covers your entryways and windows, monitors the garage, or keeps a watchful eye over the kids' rooms and more. Tintag: This rechargeable tracker can be connected to multiple phones that means you and your spouse can simultaneously locate your kid or dog.

6 DIY Ways to Whiten Your Teeth and Get a Movie-Star Smile | Women's Health Magazine. Photo via Shutterstock It's that time of year again: You have to remain photo-ready from the first holiday party to the ringing of the New Year. Whitening your smile is imperative, but finding the time for a dentist visit isn't always in the cards. And sometimes, you don't want to apply a cocktail of chemicals to your teeth to make your pearly whites a little brighter.

Luckily, you don't have to—just try these simple DIY alternatives. 1. He also recommends mixing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a paste and using it in lieu of a traditional toothpaste. This shouldn't become your go-to paste, though, says dentist Gerry Curatola, of New York-based Rejuvenation Dentistry. 2. Mash up one or two strawberries, and add about a teaspoon of baking soda.

Again, when used too often, the acid in the paste can cause teeth to erode and "ultimately making them more susceptible to staining," says dentist Angelika Shein, of Arbeitman and Shein—so don't use this remedy every day. 3. 4. 5. 6. Womenshealthmag. 1. Balancing Mask Both salt and honey have anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin and calm breakouts and irritation. They also help to balance oil production and retain hydration in the layers of skin where it's needed most.

Try it: Mix two teaspoons sea salt (preferably finely ground) with four teaspoons raw honey to create a spreadable paste. Apply evenly to clean, dry skin, avoiding eye area. Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Before rinsing, soak a washcloth in very warm water, and gently wring out. 2. Try it: Mix one teaspoon sea salt with four ounces of warm water in small spray bottle until salt is dissolved. 3. Try it: Mix a quarter-cup salt and a half-cup olive oil or softened coconut oil into a thick paste. 4.

Try it: Mix together a half-cup salt, a quarter-cup pure aloe vera juice or gel, a quarter-cup oil (your choice!) 5. Try it: Add one-third cup salt to a tub filled with warm water, and swish to dissolve the salt. 6. 7. 8. 9. 15 Useful Gadgets For Women - Part 4. Collection of 'Useful Gadgets For Women' from all over the world. goTenna: goTenna is a small, rugged device that connects wirelessly with your iPhone or Android smartphone, enables you to text and share your location with any other goTenna-enabled smartphone even if you don't have network for miles. goTenna uses 151-154 MHz frequencies that makes it extremely long-range, but with an extremely low bandwidth network that allows you to send text messages and GPS coordinates only. goTenna works anywhere on the planet, requires no towers, routers or satellites and allows you to communicate with one another.

It costs $150 for two devices; its no use buying one as you need two if you want to form your own network. Smarty Ring: This Smarty Ring notifies you about incoming calls, texts, emails, updates from social media. It allows you to control your smartphone, activate the camera, control music and more. DrumPants: DrumPants are really cool; its like having an entire band in your pocket. The 50 Best Stocking Stuffers for Men. Travel Gear Stocking Stuffers Under $50. Gift Ideas For the World Traveler + $125 GIFT GIVEAWAY! Print out the Doctor Who version of Cards Against Humanity right now.

21 Products For Coffee Lovers That Will Blow Your Caffeine-Loaded Mind. Vanilla extract. Best Homemade Gifts Under $10. How to Make Vanilla Extract. A Perfect Homemade Holiday Gift. Homemade Vanilla Extract - Better & Cheaper Than Store-Bought (FAK Friday) - Will Cook For Friends. Homemade Vanilla Extract in Wax-Sealed Bottles. 25 Handmade Gifts under $5. These 16 Products Need To Be On Your “Hard To Buy For” Persons Gift List! | EMGN | Page 8. Welcome : How to Make Homemade Lipstick. Homemade Healing Lip Salve Recipe. Homemade Body Scrub Recipes: Make Sugar, Salt, Oatmeal, or Coffee Scrubs.

Delicious Easy Truffle Recipes. 15 gadgets that instantly make cooking more fun. Travel Gadgets. Travel Gadgets.