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Down-Under Wool continues to maintain its connections with the major manufacturers of Sheepskin and Wool products in Australia. Because of this, Down-Under Wool has been the leading supplier of the highest quality Australian Sheepskin and Merino Wool products to the North American market. Down-Under Wool specializes in the development and supply of Australian Medical Sheepskin and Merino Lambswool products for the Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Sores, Bedsores and Decubitus Ulcers.

Bedsore Prevention: Product Comparison. Wool Duvet: T215. Wool Duvets ( Dooner): T215 Wool Duvets offer the advantages of wool for a good night's sleep every night.

Wool Duvet: T215

Light, breathable and warm, these duvets add a new level of luxury. Also known in Australia as a "Dooner". Hospital Bed Care Products. This Australian Medical Sheepskin Overlay adds a new level of Pressure Sore Prevention.

Hospital Bed Care Products

Large enough to protect from the shoulders to below the buttocks, this Medical Sheepskin offers a very silky, glossy fur for great pressure reduction and added comfort. The very dense pile is 30mm deep and is HiTemp wash and Urine Resistant, making it suitable for incontinent users. These Australian Medical Sheepskin Overlays are CSIRO certified Australian Medical Sheepskin, made from 100% Australian Select Sheep which have been carefully selected. The emerald green colour of these premium quality Overlays, together with the Australian Medical Sheepskin stamp authenticates this product. This product will significantly reduce the chance of a person developing a bed pressure sore. SIZE: 60cm x 90cm = 24" x 36 "= Lush, even, high density pile throughout. Lambswool Footwarmers with Non-Slip Sole: M160NS.

Cold feet?

Lambswool Footwarmers with Non-Slip Sole: M160NS

Lambswool Footwarmers with a new non-slip sole will place soft, soothing, warming lambswool against your skin- ending cold foot discomfort. Made from luxurious Merino Lambswool and finished with a knitted stretchy ankle top. No seams at pressure points ensures good pressure reduction on bony prominences. With Lambswool Footwarmers with Non-Slip Sole you can feel confident that you will not slip when you have to get out of bed. MiniJumbuk SuperWool Underlay: R215. A wool fleece mattress cover or topper designed to provide natural comfort and a consistent sleeping temperature: Wool has the ability to rejuvenate your body through more restful sleep.

MiniJumbuk SuperWool Underlay: R215

Our soft wool fleece provides natural warmth and disperses body weight over a wider area for maximum comfort. This allows your body to rest longer in the same position providing a higher quality sleep experience. Underlays Duvets Pillows. Bed..the place we look to for comfort, rest, healing and rejuvenation.

Underlays Duvets Pillows

Your bed is important, being the place where you spend nearly ⅓ of your life. Wool..the miracle fiber, can enhance the restorative features of your bed. Wool bedding is comforting. It offers comfort that keeps a person relaxed, cozy and ultimately improves sleep quality. Also, wool bedding improves the life of patients with limited mobility or those confined to bed due to health complications. WOOL BEDDING - Sheepskin Bedding - Pressure Sore Prevention & Treatment: Hospital Fleece Wool Wheelchair Seat Pad: 18" x 20" This exclusive product, developed by Down-Under Wool and manufactured by MiniJumbuk Australia, uses the latest in Wool Technology.

Hospital Fleece Wool Wheelchair Seat Pad: 18" x 20"

F103A, F103B and F103C offer exceptional comfort, protection and pressure reduction. Cheaper and easier to care for than Medical Sheepskin. New Wool Technology in Australia has created this new range of remarkable quality products. These products, called Hospital Wool Fleece, have to be seen and used to be believed. Hospital Bed Care Products. Medical Sheepskin- Low Temp Wash:M101.

Australian Healthcare Lambskin: M101 Excellent Quality: You only have to run your fingers through the pile of this sheepskin to know how good it is.

Medical Sheepskin- Low Temp Wash:M101

It feels soft, silky, soothing and is as good as you will find anywhere. Australian Medical Sheepskin: AS4480-1. Medical Sheepskins have been produced in Australia for a very long time.

Australian Medical Sheepskin: AS4480-1

When used extensively in Hospitals and Nursing Homes they were very effective. However, one problem led to their decrease in popularity- after washing, many sheepskins developed a leather hardening. This hardening created more problems than benefits for the user and reduced their pressure sore prevention effectiveness. Lambswool Wrap Booties: M161. Merino Lambswool Wrap Booties: Designed by Down-Under Wool and manufactured in Australia: Lambswool Wrap Booties (M161) are designed to wrap the foot in protective and soothing Merino lambswool.

Lambswool Wrap Booties: M161

The foot is placed on the sole. The side flaps then wrap around the foot. The side flaps are kept in place by velcro straps. Footcare Lambswool. What is it?

Footcare Lambswool

A 16" rope of 100% Fine Australian Merino Wool ( 23.5 microns). About 1" wide and easily teased apart or cut with scissors.. Washable Sheepskin Crutches Covers: M109. Have to use crutches? We all know that using crutches is no fun. You can reduce the agony with our Medical Sheepskin Crutches Covers. Made from champagne coloured Medical Sheepskin with a 30mm deep dense pile, the crutches cover set includes a cover for each crutch arm and hand rest. The hand rests are held in place by Velcro strips. Pressure Smart XD1900 Pressure Care Assistant. BEST for Foot Pressure Sore Prevention. The Pressure Smart XD Pressure Chare Assistant(M103XD) is a soft pressure reducing pad of Merino wool (12" x 26") with linen flaps that wrap around the mattress to keep it in place.

Most often, it is used at the bottom of the bed to protect the feet and ankles. The soft wool surface provides protection and freedom to move ones feet at the same time. Most users have found using the Pressure Care Assist preferable to wearing Heel Posies. Nursing Care Bed Products. The Hospital Bed Nursing Fleece was designed specifically to fit the standard hospital bed..35" x 80" = 89cm x 203cm. This 550 gram/square meter Merino Wool fleece creates a comforting and protective environment for those who are confined to a hospital bed. The fine Merino Wool used in the The Hospital Bed Nursing Fleece provides pressure reduction, moisture absorption and reduced shear..the 3 major factors causing Pressure Sores, Bedsores and Decubitus Ulcers.

Best protection is provided when the patient lies directly on the wool. Or, if the user desires, can be covered with a fitted sheet. The Hospital Bed Nursing Fleece has an all mattress elasticised skirt to keep the Nursing Fleece securely in place. Shear Comfort Wrap Around Boot: SC203. The Shear Comfort Wrap Around Boot is made from HiTemp UR Australian Medical Sheepskin- the best there is. The Shear Comfort Wrap Around Boot has been designed for those who require protective footwear that is easy to put on, easy to remove and adjusts to accommodate changes in foot size due to swelling.

Place the foot snugly into the boot and secure with the 2 velcro straps as desired. Ideal for people with diabetes who are prone to foot swelling or oedema and are at risk of developing decubitus ulcers. A low profile rubber sole ensures the shoe can be worn outside as well as inside the home. The closed toe provides full foot protection and warmth. Sold in Pairs: Available in 5 sizes: Extra Small = XSSmall = SMedium = MLarge = LExtra Large = XL Extra Extra Large = XXL. Wool Pillow Cover: M129D.

Comforting Fleece for Mattress. Washable Wheelchair Pad. The Washable Sheepskin Wheelchair Cover is 18" x 36" - covering the seat and the back of most wheelchairs. Wool Pillow Cover: M129D. Medical Sheepskin Wheelchair Foot Plate Cover. Superior XD Bedsore Prevention Package: M200XD. Superior XD1900 Bedsore Prevention Package: M200XD This package offers whole body protection against the development of pressure sores. Lambswool Dialysis Chair Pad. Lambswool Dialysis Chair- Recliner - Pad: M118 The Lambswool Dialysis - Recliner- Chair Pad is 30" x 60"; with an elastic strap near the top, to keep it in place.

The fine Merino wool pile is very dense ( 1050 grams/square meter). Merino Woolly Footwarmers: M162. Foot Warmers originated in the shearing sheds of the Australian Snowy Mountains as a way for the shearers to keep their feet warm as they worked. Strapping a piece of wool to their feet became a perfect substitute for wet boots as the wool kept their feet warm and dry. Woolly Foot Warmers use the shearer's wisdom to create a fleecy woolen slipper that will keep your feet warm and comfortable while allowing them to breathe. Comforting Fleece for Mattress.

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