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Temple Jewellery Pendants Collection. TYPES OF PENDANTS - Fashion & styles. Pooja Mantap. My Tanjore Journey A small city in Tamilnadu, TANJAVUR/TANJORE, Known for one… The two-tone jewellry at Madhurya made from pure silver and gold plating .You… Elegant royal blue paithani saree with narayan border in dark blue now in Madhurya #paithanisaree #paithanisilksare. Silver filigree jewellery. Mosaic Lamps. Tanjore Paintings. CHANDERI DUPATTAS. Flower Crowns. Beauty of Banarasi Sarees. For some time now Banaras has caught the fancy of fashion designers.

Beauty of Banarasi Sarees

Of course, the splendid Banarasi sarees with its fine silk and opulent zari has always been our favourite but the interest in reinterpreting the famous Banarasi weaves has been recent. Known as a spiritual site, Banaras is equally famous for its cotton silk brocade weaving. For long Banaras epitomised the essence of India but its emergence as a destination for designer wear has brought cheer to fashion fraternity. Its pluralistic traditions reflected through cotton silk brocade weaving were recently decoded in a modern avatar by top designers in Mumbai. The Right Buddha for Your Home – Artisera. How often have you walked into someone’s home and spotted a beautiful Buddha statue or painting?

The Right Buddha for Your Home – Artisera

In fact, many of us already have a Buddha, in some form, in our own homes. But not all of us have dug deep into the hidden meaning of Buddha’s different postures and positions. At a glance, most Buddha depictions seem alike – a robe covering one shoulder to show his simple way of living, a bindu on his forehead that symbolizes the meditative third eye, and long ear lobes and top knotted hair to show he was once a Prince. (Brass Buddha Statue Depicting All His Princely Features) But the similarities usually end here, with Buddha statues having been illustrated in over 100 different poses. Not just this, the different mudras also play a big role in helping you decide which part of the house to place a Buddha in. Michelangelo: The story of the bronze riders. MICHELANGELO is arguably the world's best-known sculptor of marble.

Michelangelo: The story of the bronze riders

He also worked with bronze, yet none of his bronze sculptures are believed to have survived to the present day. Now, experts at the University of Cambridge and the Fitzwilliam Museum (also in Cambridge) are disputing that assumption. They have presented two sculptures of muscular male nudes as being the work of Michelangelo himself. The figures, one young and the other older, both ride on panthers and have raised arms. If the attribution is endorsed by scholars round the world, the 500-year-old, one-metre-high bronzes would become this century's second-most spectacular Renaissance discovery after Leonardo da Vinci's "Salvator Mundi". The scholar linking the bronzes to Michelangelo is Paul Joannides, a professor of art history at Cambridge. The professor saw other corroborating elements.

"Michelangelo is a dangerous attribution to make," explains Professor Joannides. Available at Madhurya are paithani sarees with elegant borders. #paithanisarees. New York’s Fashion Forecast for Thursday, July 7th, 2016. Welcome to Fashion Forecast, where you can find out what New York City’s weather will be like today — and most importantly, how to dress for it.

New York’s Fashion Forecast for Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Good morning! Today is Thursday, July 7th, 2016. According to, the temperature is 83 degrees in Midtown Manhattan right now, but it really feels like 87 — yup, that humidity’s still going strong at 73%. The city’s looking at a high of 88 today that’ll be more like 95 when you factor in the real-feel. Thunderstorms will start rolling in after 2pm, so be extra-careful if you’re planning on a rooftop happy hour post-work run around your local park today that you don’t get caught in a downpour.

Photo: Jono Bernstein So how do you dress for a day like today? How to drape Bengali Saree: - Fashion. Bengali sarees are well famous for the royal religious look, depicting the royal ethnic look of their Bengali culture.

How to drape Bengali Saree: - Fashion

Sarees in white and red border is the origin in the culture of Bengali puja rituals. Untitled — How to drape Gujarati Style Saree: Steps to Drape A Saree: - Fashion & styles. Fashion. Being inspired from the on-trend fashion appearance by Deepika Padukone in Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani with a blue saree, which brought lots of attention to the stylist who draped the saree looking sensual and simply yet innovatively.


The saree had the curves out at the hip by the top border and a narrow drape at the front bodice. Eye catchy parrot green paithani saree with reddish orange border. The saree… The 22 Best Fashion Blogs of 2016. Kanchipuram Silk Guide. Kanchipuram Silk Buying Guide.

Kanchipuram Silk Guide

How to Select & Buy Silk Saree according to your... Evolution of Paithani Sarees. Art of Paithan is more than 2000 years old, developed in the the city of Pratishthan ruled by the legendary Satavahanas ruler Shalivahana now Paithan by the river Godavari in Marathwada, about 50 km from Aurangabad.

Evolution of Paithani Sarees

In the far past it had been an international trade centre for silk and zari. Evolution of Paithani Sarees. How to Dress up in a Saree with Fashion Style. Styling up for every women, leads many options, regarding the occasion, the look, attire all combined to get a perfect styling up theme.

How to Dress up in a Saree with Fashion Style

Styling with sarees, is something all women wearing sarees need expert help or need more time to exactly figure out the right styling sense to do to look stylish and authenticated. The most ravishing Indian attire which can be worn to give a desired attire fit to all women, variety of outfit choice, in sense of fabrics, embroideries, concepts, colours, designs and patterns all for different purposes like events, business look, casual dress up and much more, to view an inspiring collection of saree click here. Now let’s discuss about the styling in some basic Looks, with 4 main elements, Makeup, Jewellery, Hairstyles and Nailart. Make-up to do with Sarees Wearing makeup for most women to look stylish is the main basic, a simple touch up can really transform her 1min ago look, to look refreshing and presentable.

Top 11 Saree Trends for 2016. From Manish Malhotra to Ritu Kumar, from long train to pre-draped, silk to georgette, here are the top & latest designer sarees and 11 saree trends for 2016.

Top 11 Saree Trends for 2016

Sarees are one of the oldest Indian outfits and yet they never cease to innovate more and more. This versatile nine yard fabric can be suited to any occasion – weddings, formal office parties, college farewells or even the important day in your life. So we’ve made a list of the hottest and latest saree trends for 2016 – for every occasion and for every type of woman! Latest Saree Trend #1: Cape Sarees Capes are the hottest thingg on the saree market!

Latest Saree Trend #2: Color Pleated Sarees Color pleats!! How to Select & Buy Silk Saree according to your... Types of Stains and their Removal Tips on Silk Saree. Stains and their Removal Tips on Silk Saree To preserve your Kanchipuram silk saree, first and foremost ‘Wear Your Saree. Maintaining your silk saree is a tedious task, especially when you want to preserve the shine and luster. Silk sarees are washable; even at home, though dry cleaning is the best available option. Your aim while cleaning your saree must be to maintain the shine and luster along with the crispness of the design. Remove stains from Silk Saree at home in less than 15 minutes maximum. Read on How to Buy Silk Saree according to your Body Shape and Size. Madhurya-aol - Madhurya. Kanchipuram Silk Guide. Make you Home: Maintain And Preserve Silk Sarees well.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.