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Touchwood BV, highgrade wood for mast and spars. Laminoak – L'expertise du Chêne. Timber suppliers - Vastern Timber - Hardwood suppliers. Lathams Limited. Norbord. Wood Beton S.p.A. - Costruzioni in legno e calcestruzzo per edilizia. Timber Engineering SCHAFFITZEL + MIEBACH Germany.

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Simonin Bois – Les solutions bois SIMONIN pour la construction et rénovation | Fabricant de charpentes en bois lamellé collé et de composants bois pour la construction. G-frame Structures – CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) and Glulam Frames. Cambria: innovations wood technology and construction method. Spécialiste en matériaux de construction sèche - Siniat France. SMARTPLY OSB Board Panel Sheets | Oriented Strand Board | SmartPly. - LB ligno. Home | Kingspan Timber Solutions. Timber Frame Houses & Timber Framed Buildings | Frame UK. Timber Building Systems | Prefabricated Construction.

Greenkub | Extension de maison et studio de jardin. DeckX - Bamboe, vlonders, vlonderplanken, terras, terrasplanken, gevel, gevelbekleding, brug, bruggen, brugdek, steigers, tafels, banken, hekwerken, stalplanken, olie en speeltoestellen - Bolsward - Friesland - Nederland. Bamboo Flooring & Bamboo Plywood Products | Plyboo. BEBamboo. Guadua Bamboo. Home · Derix. TICOMTEC. 7. August 2016 World Conference on Timber Engineering WCTE 2016. We are really looking forward to August 22 this year. The whole world of timber construction will be getting together in Vienna at the “World Conference on Timber Engineering”, or WCTE for short.

Running until August 26,... more 4. Halle and Hannover Sector Meetings in 2016. Architects and engineers are repeatedly confronted with the need to make projects more and more economical in all respects, in order to comply with the developers’ requirements. More 8. 10 YearsTimber Composite Technology. Dear Customers, Business Partners, and Friends, This year is a very special one for us, which is why we have decided to create a fresh new website for the exciting years to come here at TiComTec. More. Huber Engineered Woods - Superior building systems for roofs, walls and floors | Huber Engineered Woods. Ossature en bois, construction & structure en bois, norme DTU 31.2 : Techniwood. SIGA - Accueil. Hersteller von Holzfaserdämmplatten, Leimholz und Massivholz. Case in Legno - Costruzioni ecosostenibili con LignoAlp. Timber Frame Construction | Stewart Milne Timber Systems. Huber Engineered Woods - Superior building systems for roofs, walls and floors | Huber Engineered Woods.

HYBRiD Build Solutions | HYBRiD Build Solutions. Page d’accueil : Linzmeier Bauelemente GmbH - Linzmeier Bauelemente GmbH. Timber concept : Home EN. Home | Topakustik. The Premier Timber Bridge Company | York Bridge Concepts. Neue Holzbau AG. Bienvenue sur le site de Mivelaz Bois SA. Startseite | Sohm HolzBautechnik. WIEHAG Gruppe - Ihr Partner fürs Bauen! VASS Technologies. Home - Cygnum. Page d’accueil | Blumer-Lehmann AG. Ri-Legno - Ispezione, manutenzione e riabilitazione di strutture in legno. Informativa ai sensi dell'art. 13 del Codice della Privacy Ai sensi dell'articolo 13 del codice della D.Lgs. 196/2003, vi rendiamo le seguenti informazioni. Finalità del trattamento I dati possono essere raccolti per una o più delle seguenti finalità: 1)fornire l'accesso ad aree riservate del Portale e di Portali/siti collegati con il presente e all'invio di comunicazioni anche di carattere commerciale, notizie, aggiornamenti sulle iniziative di Ri-Legno S.r.l. e delle società da essa controllate e/o collegate e/o Sponsor. 2)eventuale cessione a terzi dei suddetti dati, sempre finalizzata alla realizzazione di campagne di email marketing ed all'invio di comunicazioni di carattere commerciale. 3)eseguire gli obblighi previsti da leggi o regolamenti; 4)gestione contatti; Modalità del trattamento I dati verranno trattati con le seguenti modalità: 1)raccolta dati con modalità single-opt, in apposito database; 2)registrazione ed elaborazione su supporto cartaceo e/o magnetico; Natura obbligatoria.

Marlegno Srl | Accueil - IC2 Technologies inc. Bienvenue sur Groep Terryn | Groep Terryn. Prefab Passive House made in Detroit. Nordic Structures | | Engineered Wood. Lignalithe. Arauco Soluciones Chile | Ideas y Productos para tus proyectos con Madera. PopUp House | Making passive construction easy. Kingspan Unidek est un fournisseur de solutions novatrices pour une construction et une isolation rapides et efficaces. - Kingspan Unidek. Intelligent Wood Systems, Fire, Acoustic, Structural and Thermal solutions - Intelligent Wood Systems Ltd - Fast, Acoustic, Structural and Thermal.

Roof Cassettes. - Can be produced up to 22m in length. - Wide range of coverings available. - Coverings can be installed onsite or factory applied. - Fully functional, loadbearing and watertight when fitted. - Supports a rapid envelope construction. The standard version of the roofing cassette is used for a maximum single span of 7.50m and is 160-280mm thick - depending on the load specification, but cassettes can be produced up to 22m in length, double or even triple spanning across the structure. The design of the roofing elements allows for a wide range of coverings to optimally fulfil the specific requirements of the project team. Standard roofing cassettes are supplied with factory fitted external coverings which are finished and sealed onsite. L-Ments PrésentationRecticelinsulation | Recticel Insulation France. Isolation Thermique Extérieure Eléments autoportants et isolants pour toitures inclinées, système 5-en-1 Isolation Thermique Extérieure Toute nouvelle génération d’éléments autoportants et isolés thermiquement pour toitures inclinées.

Ces éléments peuvent être recouverts de divers matériaux de couverture (tuiles, ardoises, zinc, etc.). Les éléments de toiture L-Ments™ sont une réponse aux différents défis présents dans la nouvelle construction ou la rénovation. Grâce à ce panneau simple et léger, l’installation se déroule de façon étonnamment rapide. Recticel Insulation a mis tout son savoir-faire et ses nombreuses années d’expérience dans cet élément de toiture de haute qualité. Avec L-Ments™, vous optez également pour une isolation continue jamais interrompue car les raidisseurs en bois sont intégrés dans l’isolant. L-Ments™ panneau d’isolation thermique autoportant qui combine cinq composants en un seul système : Home | Lite Wood International. Extension agrandissement de maison en bois design.

RMJC - Precision Timber Fabrication. Züblin Timber - Willkommen. Microtec. WWL Houses. Arbonis, concepteur-constructeur de solutions bois - Home - Arbonis. Ossature en bois, construction & structure en bois, norme DTU 31.2 : Techniwood. Blokiwood : le bloc de construction 3 en 1 - BlokiWood. Welcome - Unity Homes. B & K Structures - Optimised Hybrid Solutions. Welcome to The Green Oak Carpentry Company Website | oak houses, oak conservatories, oak garages. Accueil - Rock'n Wood. Kielsteg GmbH. LAMBOO® Architectural and Structural - Engineered Bamboo Technologies. Loft Conversion | Modular Attic Conversion | Moduloft. Wood Products | Stora Enso. WholeTrees – Architecture and Structures.

Lucido Solar AG Solares Bauen - Home Lucido® ist eine Gebäudehülle zur Gewinnung von solarer Energie in Form von Wärme. COMPOMUR système constructif de murs Multi Performances. Bungalows económicos, modulares, prefabricados, ecológicos y de madera – Tetralar. Fiberglass Composite Summary - Guardian Fiberglass Composite Bridges, Bridge Decks, Abutments, Wing Walls, Approach Slabs. Just Swiss - Home LIGNES ET PROFILS BOIS - Accueil. CBS/LIFTEAM :: CBS-LIFTEAM. CREE BUILDINGS. Home – Daizen Joinery.