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Engineered Timber and Architectural Products. Laminated Timber Supplies “The Specialists in Engineered Timber” Products at Vicbeam Laminated Timber. A timber beam does two things – it’s a structural member that has a set of design values attached to it and secondly, has varying aesthetic features depending on the source material.

Products at Vicbeam Laminated Timber

What is a Glulam beam? Glulam, short for glued laminated timber, is an engineered wood product manufactured by gluing together pieces of timber, known as laminates. This process produces larger size and longer length members, which can be curved, cambered or straight. Willkommen - Fagus Jura. Holz Schiller - Laminated beams (Meranti, free of knots / few knots) - tiene MLE de meranti. ...for conservatories and facades.

Holz Schiller - Laminated beams (Meranti, free of knots / few knots) - tiene MLE de meranti

Certified by MPA Stuttgart with quality class BS 11, laminated according to DIN 1052 melamine glue, weather-proof and heat-proof, humidity 12 % +/- 2 %, only lamellaes in principle free of knots are laminated. Structure: - outer and central layers: 20-24 mm - annual rings vertical grain - surface planed - chamfered on 4 sides Timber species: larch, spruce, oak*, meranti, pine * not MPA certified Applications: - conservatories - facades - posts / bolt constructions - interior finishing - equipment for sports and play. Vom Eichenstamm zum Leimholzbalken mit allgemeiner bauaufsichtlicher Zulassung DIBt.

Engineered Hardwood « Venturer - Especie utilizada: merbau. Venturer’s innovative Architectural and structural, hardwood glue laminated range of construction products.

Engineered Hardwood « Venturer - Especie utilizada: merbau

Lamintsia is a first in Asia, one of only a handful of of hardwood glue laminated systems produced worldwide. Lamintsia is suitable for a variety of applications suitable for exposed structural members to internal architectural applications. Lamintsia allows designers the liberty to create curved, lightweight yet strong and durable structures: breaking new ground for timber engineered structures. Hardwood laminated components are relatively recent and were first introduced in 1995. It is more difficult to successfully laminate hardwood than softwood as hardwood fibers are much denser and therefore require very strong adhesives often heat and pressure processes to meet glue lam bonding standards.

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Willkommen auf HESS HYBRID. HESS HYBRID is an innovative product by the company HESS TIMBER.


The perfect symbiosis of two different wood species that generate an economic product of high quality: The core’s cross section of the glued laminated timber beam generally consists of spruce – a standard wood species that has been granted technical approvals up to GL 32c The 1 - 2 cm thick coating can be made of precious and firm wood species e.g. Oak, Western Red Cedar or Accoya® The proportion of the beam’s layer with regard to the total cross-section is approx. 10 to 12 % depending on the cross-section’s size and thus constitutes one of the key elements for the technical and economical effectiveness of HESS HYBRID.

Positive side effect: Due to the production process a considerable increase of strength can be achieved. New possibilities for architects regarding the visual appearance, durable solutions for engineers HESS HYBRID is a protected product. Holz Schiller - tiene glulam de alerce. Sarum Hardwood Structures - Especie utilizada: Ekki. Ventajas y normativa sobre la madera laminada encolada. Glulam timber laminated beams international and New Zealand Phone:64-9-2539349 engineered timber structures. Nordlam GmbH. SACBA, bois lamellé collé, contrecollé, panneaux CLT. Laminoak – L'expertise du Chêne.