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Archetcetera. Séminaire de recherche de master à l'ENSAPM. Apprendre la charpente. RESILIENT WOOD. Location: Maniwa, Japan East of Kyoto, in the Okayama Prefecture, is the small town of Maniwa.


The rural countryside is a drastic contrast to the bustling cities which I have already encountered, like Tokyo and Kyoto. Maniwa is positioned between the Chugoku mountains and covered in forests, and the wood industry is a major component to the region’s vitality. The reason for my visit to this area is because it is a central hub for the operations of the Meiken Lamwood Corporation. Meiken produces many different types of wood materials for building, but most notably, they are the foremost Japanese producer of cross-laminated timber panels.

Arriving in Maniwa, I was escorted by Chiaki Amanuma to the main office building. Home building in Vancouver. Home building in Vancouver Observations & Comments by Tomas Machnikowski Photo Journal of Home Construction Welcome to my online library of construction details.

home building in Vancouver

These images have been assembled over several years for the purpose of documenting architectural detailing, construction methods, and structural connections from custom residential projects in Vancouver. A while back I decided I needed a quick, online reference library of construction photos to better inform my design decisions, and to help convey design intent to the builders. The projects here presented have been designed by a number of leading design offices in Vancouver. Architecture, Design & Innovation. With architects turning their attention to timber as a favourite material for cladding, Steve Grimwood, Managing Director of OrganoWood®, the natural wood preservative specialist, explains the necessity for specifying a wood protection that offers more than just an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Architecture, Design & Innovation

Timber has always been a popular cladding material in many countries throughout Europe. This is due to timber offering a unique combination of both aesthetic and practical features. As a strong, reliable and attractive material, timber is a sought after choice from architects and end users, for both residential and commercial cladding applications. As with any natural material, wood requires treatment to provide sufficient protection to maintain its appearance and structure, and maximise the material’s potential.

For architects selecting a finish, it is important to ensure that the product will provide the right level of protection, as well as an aesthetically pleasing end result. BLOG - Vermont Architect - Robert Swinburne. MAISON BOIS D'ARCHITECTE ® & EXTENSION BOIS - Peut-on me refuser le bois. Même si le bois s'intègre de plus en plus dans nos paysages, les communes sont parfois encore un peu récalcitrantes devant cette nouvelle architecture, bien souvent par méconnaissan. Cut My Timber » Blog. Hooke Park. Architype / What We're Doing / The UK's Leading Passivhaus, Sustainable Architects.

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Weyerhaeuser. Independent solid timber consultancy. Open Joist TRIFORCE Blog - Triforce. Knowledge is power, as the saying goes.

Open Joist TRIFORCE Blog - Triforce

I was called into a jobsite recently and found a damaged joist. You can see by the picture that the bottom chord got an undue amount of downward force on it, resulting in a split. A joist repair... Read more When it comes to designing and installing a floor system, having strength as well as deflection and vibration performance at lowest possible cost is a natural objective.

Charpente Massive. The Panel Man. Transforming Old Barns Into Beautiful Historic Properties. Wood Times Blog. Traitons du bois » Blog Sarpap & Cecil Industries. Blog — BMK Design Services. This project was one of the most rewarding of projects to date.

Blog — BMK Design Services

The first part of the project was to design a beautiful New build timber frame barn/ garage along side the main building. Work was well underway carefully dismantling the existing structure of the main building which gave us some time to concentrate on the design of the barn. The barn was not your standard barn, great care went into the design of every little detail. Euan the owner/ Architect used his immense fountain of knowledge both in design and also modern technology and packed it all into this structure. From the outside the building blends in beautifully with the country side and looks as if it was there for years. Green building for a green future. Op weg naar een NUL ENERGIE WONING. LP Building Products. Recent Articles Engineered Wood Magazine: Summer 2016 Issue The latest issue of Engineered Wood Magazine is now available online and highlights the current developments in the building industry...

LP Building Products

Read More Architect, Nea Poole Shares How Women Are Transforming the Architectural Nearly half of the students in architectural schools nationwide are female, and a growing number are entering the field... Stewart Milne Timber Systems. LOW COST, LOW TECH, LOW ENERGY. FOR SLOW LIFE.

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Blog « GFD Woodworking. Eligemadera. Blog - Daizen Joinery. “Kezurou-kai” is Japanese group with 15,000 members.

Blog - Daizen Joinery

Translation of this name to English means “Shaving – group” demonstrate the traditional Japanese hand tools, techniques and traditional method of building such as post and beam and stucco wall finish to the public. Exploring the world of prefabricated construction — Prefabitats. When people find out I work in prefab construction, I inevitably get asked the question: “I want to build an affordable green home and prefab makes so much sense!

Exploring the world of prefabricated construction — Prefabitats

So who should I build with?” Every time I hear this, my heart sinks in my chest because I know exactly what they want. A thoughtfully designed home with quality but not ultra high end finishes. A predesigned floor plan as a starting point, with the ability to make modest customizations. An airtight building envelope, energy efficient systems and fixtures, and sustainable materials. Simpson Strong-Tie Structural Engineering Blog - News, Notes and Discussion from the Simpson Strong-Tie Engineering DepartmentSimpson Strong-Tie Structural Engineering Blog. Das Aktuellste zur Leitmesse für Holzbau, Dach und Wand. Maderame, Ideas de Bricolaje Online y Decoración. Arauco Soluciones Chile. BLOG - WoodLab. Les experts de la couverture. Digital architectur portfolio news. Performative architecture and digital fabrication.

Blog protection bois - protection, traitement et finition écologique des bois. ITC-SA. English Woodlands Timber Blog. Our sticking team is busy in the yard putting together some gorgeous fresh sawn T&T boules, all sourced from sustainable managed British woodlands.

English Woodlands Timber Blog

We’ve got air dried Oak, Elm (both pippy!) Chestnut, Ash, Cedar of Lebanon, Yew, Sycamore, Plane & Beech jumping the queue straight to the kiln & into Peter’s shed ready for use. They’re a cabinetmaker’s dream! Our logs are carefully selected from well managed British woodlands, they are cut every autumn, winter and spring* by the best sawyer in the country (he really is!).

The Oakwrights Blog. Self build opportunities, a chance to double your money Find out how Oakwrights deliver far more than an incredible looking oak framed home.

The Oakwrights Blog

We can help turn your property into a true investment. WoodSciCraft2016(WSC2016) Kyoto, Japan. Construction bois et reglementation thermique RT 2012-2020. Le blog de Recanati - Knock-on-wood.over-blog. Posts - Unity Homes. Busting Headers with Dr. Joint Posted By Andrew Dey • June 14 2016 • Comments On Bensonwood’s former head engineer Ben Brungraber (aka “Dr. Joint”) enjoys breaking things. In fact, Ben’s alma mater Stanford awarded him a PhD. for research that involved breaking traditional timber frame joints to test their strength. As Unity continues to pursue lowering the cost of high performance homes, we are creating new building systems that are optimized both for our production system and for performance in our homes. Recently our team has focused on finding better solutions for framing and insulating the wall area over windows and doors.

In order to test the strength of this new header and to refine its design, Bensonwood engineer Taylor Buchalter worked with Ben to set up a testing apparatus. Four Unity Homes Near Completion at Dartmouth College. Modern House Plans by Gregory La Vardera Architect. Tedd Benson on Homebuilding. Bensonwood. Stewart Milne Timber Systems Blog. FBC - forum-bois construction - FRANCE. Blog. The Carpentry Way. BOIS SANS MODERATION, le blog de Boisphile - Conseils et assistance technique, aspects normatifs et réglementaires, Expert bois, Ophi Système.

Blog de PASSIVHAUS Y PREFABRICACIÓN. Holzbrueckenprojekte. Forum-HolzKarriere. Go Wood. Au service du matériau bois. Fachverband der Holzindustrie Österreichs - Multi-Story Wood Architecture and Design. Forum-HolzBau. Forum-Charpente. Woodsurfer - Le forum du bois et de la construction.