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Apps sobre la madera

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Lathunden tryckt och som app - Svenskt Trä. Lathunden app är gratis och ett smidigt arbetsverktyg för dig som arbetar med trä.

Lathunden tryckt och som app - Svenskt Trä

Med Lathunden får du direkt i mobilen veta vilka dimensioner som krävs för altan-, golv- och takbjälkar samt takstolar i olika situationer samt virkesåtgång för bland annat spontat virke, lockpaneler och reglar. Dessutom information om virkesdimensioner, träskyddsklasser med mera. Skriften "Lathunden" innehåller bland annat information om virkesåtgång, dimensionering, virkeskvaliteter, fuktkvotsklasser, träskydd, virkessortiment, limträsortiment, färgåtgång, skruv- och spikguide samt tabeller. "Lathunden" omfattar 76 sidor och är i A5-format. Detta är den femte utgåvan sedan den första gavs ut 1991. BuildCalc. – medición automática de troncos de madera. Concept App - Fast+Epp. Fast + Epp presents CONCEPT, a free iPhone app giving architects the tools to visualize their structural concepts at the early stages of design.

Concept App - Fast+Epp

A structural engineer at your fingertips, CONCEPT allows architects to explore theaesthetics of wood, concrete and steel, and determine each material’s feasibility and depth. Unlike other apps solely featuring project photographs or complicated structural calculators, CONCEPT combines the creativity of architecture with the practicality of engineering. CONCEPT’S unique tools: Browse the photo gallery for innovative ways wood, concrete and steel can beincorporated into your next project.Test the viability of a desired material and roughly determine beam, slab and joist depth with an easy-to-use calculator (using either metric or imperial measurement units).Quickly share the best results with clients and coworkers, giving your project a design head start. Watch the video to see how architects are using the app:

App Support Page. Accessible from any smart phone or tablet (Windows, Android or iOS based), the app provides static drawings of design details and animated sequences demonstrating the correct installation procedure.

App Support Page

The Finnframe Installation application works in conjunction with the Finnframe specification provided by Metsä Wood for our housebuilder customers. Detailed design drawings will identify specific details by code - eg M2a - and the contractor will simply cross reference the code with the app on their phone to watch the brief annotated video. This information is currently provided in the form of technical drawings on the reverse of detailed site plans. This guidance may not be readily to hand for all contractors, so the app provides immediate on-the-spot information.

Following extensive research with customer and construction site staff, the app has been developed in order to eliminate errors in the installation process. FREE Mobile App available to Design-Build Professionals. FREE Mobile App available to Design-Build Professionals Having difficulty determining whether walnut or hickory would be better for that flooring APPlication?

FREE Mobile App available to Design-Build Professionals

This should make it a little easier. To assist Design-Build professionals in their information search, the American Hardwood Information Center announces the availability of its FREE American Hardwood Species Guide Mobile App. Apple and Android mobile device users can visit; link to their provider’s app store, and then in minutes, have the ever popular Species Guide at their fingertips via iPhone, iPad, and Android. Apple mobile devices click here.Android mobile devices click here. The FREE Reference Guide application includes information about many of the popular American hardwood species, profiling appearance, physical and working properties, availability and typical applications of each.

Apps - BAUEN MIT HOLZ - BAUEN MIT HOLZ - Bauen mit Holz. Die praktische Application eignet sich für den Profi ebenso wie für den interessierten Laien: Der "BAUEN MIT HOLZ Objektfinder" ist für alle am Holzbau interessierten Menschen das ideale Werkzeug, um sich Holzbauwerke in einer bestimmten Region anschauen zu können.

Apps - BAUEN MIT HOLZ - BAUEN MIT HOLZ - Bauen mit Holz

Planer oder Handwerker nutzen es, um Kunden Ihre Referenzobjekte zu zeigen oder sich selbst ein Bild zu machen. Bauherren informieren sich über die Leistungen von Architekten und Holzbauern. In allen Fällen weist Der "BAUEN MIT HOLZ Objektfinder" den Weg und hält grundlegende Informationen bereit. Die erste Suchabfrage liefert ein Ergebnis mit einer Entfernungsangabe (Luftlinie). Anschließend ist der Wechsel in die "Google Maps"-Funktion des Smartphones und somit eine kilometergenaue Navigation möglich. Der "BAUEN MIT HOLZ Objektfinder" konnte dank der Hilfe starker Partner realisiert werden: Der Bruderverlag dankt dem Gipsfaserplattenhersteller Fermacell für seine Unterstützung.

TRADA. Using the search facility and a selection of filters you can find a particular wood by: The name(s) of the speciesAppropriate usesDurabilityColour Movement characteristics Or a combination of these factors.


The names of timbers matching your search will be listed alphabetically. Photographs of wood samples will also help you check whether the colour and pattern is likely to be suitable for your requirements. Each species of wood has specific characteristics which you need to understand in order to make an informed choice. For example, if you want to use wood for cladding purposes, it will need to be appropriate for external use. Select Cladding under the "uses" filter and it will return a list of species which can be used for that purpose. FletcherSpec Pro. Aneproma -