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Kumihimo tutorial: flat braid with hearts. I got the pattern for this braid from a friend of mine, who found it here: . It makes a flat braid, with a heart pattern running up the center. I am using 10/2 Uki red cotton weaving yarn for the background of this braid. The hearts are in an unlabeled cream colored cotton from my stash, that is about twice the thickness of the red. The finished width is about 1/8", which makes for a cute little delicate braid. I'm picturing using this as friendship bracelets, as necklace cording, as drawstrings, or as trim on a little bag.

Here's the finished braid: And here's the process on my foam disk. Here's the starting position. We'll start with the threads at the top of the disk. Take the right hand, inner thread on the top. Take the left hand, inner thread in the top position. Take the two remaining threads in the 12:00 position, and move them closer together. That is the end of the first sequence. That is the end of the second sequence.

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