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15 Gorg New Wallpapers on the New iOS 9 Update. Are you getting a little bored of looking at that same cute background photo of your S.O. or your pup?

15 Gorg New Wallpapers on the New iOS 9 Update

It might be time to retire that old pic (or maybe just print it out and put it in a frame). There’s a hot new feature with iOS 9’s new beta update that was released yesterday that’s gonna make you squeal. Two words: smartphone wallpapers. Yup, we’re talking lock + home screen. Aside from revealing their brand new Wi-Fi Assist feature, iOS 9 also adds 15 brand new wallpaper options that really show off the photorealistic and super vivid image rez capabilities of iPhone’s Retina display. (h/t 9to5Mac) Kimberly Wang is the Freelance New York Editor at Brit + Co. Download Now:’s Brand New Desktop and Smartphone Wallpapers!

Like many color-loving creative gals out there, we are in love with

Download Now:’s Brand New Desktop and Smartphone Wallpapers!

Their brand of BFF-ness is legit, and their aesthetic is fun, girly and sure to brighten your day. No idea what is? is an online shop that sells what we think are some of the best gifts ever, especially for yourself and your besties. They make us long to go back to school so that we can buy super cute pens, agendas and notebooks for days. Luckily, we’ve decided that going “back to school” no longer needs to be taken so literally — and we are totally going school supply shopping come September. And on that note, we’re always on board with giving our tech devices a colorful makeover.

How gorgeous is this floral pattern? >> Download Stickers Desktop Wallpaper >> Download Dreams Desktop Wallpaper >> Download Florabunda Desktop Wallpaper Sometimes, you need to take a chill pill. Download Now: 5 Sweet and Summery Desktop and Smartphone Wallpapers. When’s the last time you changed the background of your laptop?

Download Now: 5 Sweet and Summery Desktop and Smartphone Wallpapers

What about your phone? Don’t tell us — it’s still all about Yosemite? We told you to change that ‘ish up weeks ago. It’s time to add a summery vibe to the digital devices you use on the daily. And we’ve got five gorgeous designs to help you do just that. Created by Brit + Co visual designer (and general badass) Rosee Canfield, these wallpapers are all about diving into summer headfirst — and with an ice cream cone in hand ;) 14 Sunny Desktop Wallpapers to Bring on the Summer Vibes. Summer days are all about picnics, lounging by the pool and endless road trips… unless you’re an adult with a job that keeps you indoors, that is.

14 Sunny Desktop Wallpapers to Bring on the Summer Vibes

We feel your summer longing, and we’re bringing you the summer vibes with these bright wallpaper downloads that will make your warm-weather work hours a little better. Just don’t blame us if you start making 5pm ice cream runs every day! 1. Find the Balance: Just because the days are longer doesn’t mean you need to work harder. Take a deep breath, switch the tech off a little earlier and go do something fun. 2. 3. Download Now: 5 New Wallpapers for Abstract Art Lovers. Your laptop background is in dire need of a makeover.

Download Now: 5 New Wallpapers for Abstract Art Lovers

Even though the image of Yosemite that came with the latest Apple update is pretty boss, it’s the same as everyone else’s and… it’s time to change things up. And that pixelated photo of your parent’s pup on your smartphone? Yeah, that’s gotta go too. Lucky for you, our featured maker of the week My Friend Court has not one, not two, but FIVE pretty and painterly options for you to choose from. Scroll on to download your favorite one! Getting lost in a sea of brush strokes is totally acceptable in the summertime. >> Download Abstract Wallpaper >> Download ARTY Hard Wallpaper >> Download Brush Strokes Wallpaper.

28 Desktop Wallpapers to Inspire Your New Year. Starting off your new year on the right foot means ridding your life of messy distractions.

28 Desktop Wallpapers to Inspire Your New Year

Clean out your closet, purge your fridge and organize your computer. That last one tends to get overlooked, but it’ll make you feel so much better to take account of what’s on your computer, trash what you don’t need and re-organize what you do. After that, with your shiny, new clean desktop screen, you’re going to need a motivational wallpaper to give you an extra bit of inspiration to accomplish those resolutions. Even if you don’t make resolutions, having your computer on your side is just the kind of teamwork that could help you succeed in 2015. Take your pick of these 28 inspiring wallpapers that are dishing out more uplifting one liners than Tony Robbins.