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Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology. UFO Alien Sightings 1955 case Kelly Hopkinsville Encounter 83015. Earth Engine. Untitled. How to Make Weed Brownies Ever wonder how to make weed brownies?


Here is a step by step guide. The Planet, the Galaxy and the Laser. Furth and Fortune blog by Will Murray (Willscrlt) Back in 1994 when I lived on the Central Coast, I was the night auditor at an Embassy Suites hotel for most of a year.

Furth and Fortune blog by Will Murray (Willscrlt)

During most of the time I worked there, it wasn’t actually an Embassy Suites, but rather the “Pacific Suites Hotel”. From what I gathered, either the owner did not want to pay the association fees to be an Embassy Suites, or they were not up to Embassy’s standards and lost their accreditation. Shortly after new owners bought the hotel, they reinstated the Embassy Suites affiliation, and then proceeded to replace all the upper and middle management (including me) with their own people. (Oh well.) Funny Pictures, Funny Images, Funny Quotes - Just a funny websiteFunny Pictures, Funny Images, Funny Quotes – Just a funny website.

Paranormal, Ghosts, Cryptids and more. Dark Matter. Selected Wallpapers For Your Desktop. Advertisement If you can’t live without a nice wallpaper on your desktop you might need to invest many hours in the search for the perfect one – that fits to your resolution and has an appealing theme.

Selected Wallpapers For Your Desktop

The quality of the desktop images is often not the one you’d praise over and over again looking at your desktop. The best wallpapers aren’t cheap photos, but are works of art in their own right. In the third part of our collection you’ll find many different types of background images – beautiful wallpapers, devkits, Flickr pools, Widescreen and HD-monsters and even wallpapers-related social communites and wallpapers for gamers.

You might want to take a look at the previous collections of wallpapers we’ve already put together: Selected Wallpapers: For Desktop & Web-Design1 60+ selected posters, wallpapers, galleries and background images. Selected Wallpapers — Volume 3 c’t Wallpapers4 Hundreds of computer-related wallpapers and full screen illustrations in 240×320 to 1600×1200. It's done. The CUDDLE PLACE Testimonials. 5 Amazing Blue Holes [pics] Have you ever swam out in the sea and not been able to see the bottom?

5 Amazing Blue Holes [pics]

All you can feel is the freezing cold water beneath your feet; all you see is dark blue water extending to infinity. Imagine for one second descending into the blue, deeper and deeper with every kick and breath. The adrenaline kicks in and as the pressure builds, water compresses your chest. You’re scared, but there is something strangely inviting about the descent that makes it feel like you’re travelling to the center of the Earth. Looking ahead and all around you can see only a wall that drops for meters into the blackness below, and it is inviting, alluring. Effectively limestone sinkholes, or submarine caves, blue holes are given their name because of the contrasting deep blue of the hole and the lighter blue of the shallows around them. Overheard in advertising. My Plus Size Life. The Mary Sue - A Guide To Girl Geek Culture.

The Scole Experiment. A Slut's Memoir » by @iSlut_ The Pitch. Humanæ. Astronomical Answers! – The bright night sky paradox… Welcome to the second installment of Astronomical Answers!

Astronomical Answers! – The bright night sky paradox…

I can honestly say, you don’t like giving me easy questions to answer- this week I’m going to try explain why the night sky is dark. Or, more precisely, I was asked this- given that there are an almost infinite number of stars in the sky, in different positions and distances, why is our sky mostly black at night and not pretty much all stars with intense brightness? Now I’d imagine there are several of you reading this rolling your eyes and expecting this to be some easy answered question… that’s what I thought before I started thinking in detail about it. Oh how wrong an assumption could be. If all lines of sight end in a star, should the sky not look like this all the time? So, what is it that makes this such a controversial and hard to answer question?

Throughout the 190 years since it was first posed, there have been many attempts to answer the paradox. Like this: Like Loading... Black Holes: Gravity's Relentless Pull. You Are Not So Smart. Celestia: Home. Recovery Humor. The Most Brilliantly Pointless Street Flyers. Ateismo Brillante. Bunny love for art, music, animals, robots, science and such. Instagram Blog. Elif ayiter___citrinitas. 3d artworks by Curious3d. I believe the digital medium will find its place in the art world, and that artists should use, value and enjoy all available means of creative expression.

3d artworks by Curious3d

I hope that artists and art lovers everywhere continue to push the boundaries of what constitutes a fine art medium. Author’s website You might also like Comments Michael Dachstein Inspiration junkie :) Mark Peters (wordlust) Confidence Project Stories. Xah Lee Web 李杀网. Midamadesnuda (midamadesnuda) Madeleine diaz - The illusion of control. Google Earth Blog - The amazing things about Google Earth.