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Free Online Astrological Chart Calculator. This generous gift from Astrotheme website allows you to quickly and easily calculate your, or someone else's horoscope.

Free Online Astrological Chart Calculator

Free Astrological Calculators. The following is a list of the top and most accurate (and free!)

Free Astrological Calculators

Astrology calculators for generating your astrological chart whether you are looking for just a quick and simple horoscope or a more detailed and advanced astrological chart. You will need to input some basic information and your chart results will be generated online available for you to view or print immediately. There are various systems used in calculating astrological charts. The most popular systems are the Placidus method and the Koch house system. Your unique natal chart is based on your Ascendant (also called the 'rising sign').

You'll need the exact time and location of your birth in order to get your correct ascendent. If you believe you know the general time frame of your birth (within 2 hours), then go ahead and input your best guess. *Please note that the Vedic ascendant (Eastern Sidereal astrology) may be different than the Western or Tropical ascendant. Religious Dissection Comparative study of religions. The Zodiac. By John P.

The Zodiac

Pratt Published as "The Constellations Tell of Christ," by Meridian Magazine (15 Jun 2005). ©2005 by John P. Pratt. All rights Reserved. Confidential Consultation by Eugenia Last. Do you wish you could get more out of reading your daily horoscope column?

Confidential Consultation by Eugenia Last

Does your Sun sign caption not give you enough information? For years now I have been teaching people how to read my horoscope column properly. Your natal birth chart is made up of all twelve signs. LightNews  Astrology Dragons through the Ages. Sir Isaac Newton wrote "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction".

LightNews  Astrology Dragons through the Ages

We are what we think, having become what we thought. This statement emphasizes that for every thought or action, there will be an effect. Draconic Zodiac & Readings. Free Facebook Layouts, Facebook Themes, Facebook Skins, Facebook Backgrounds. Completely serious astrology *strokes wise beard* - Table of contents! A Critical Review Of Reincarnational Astrology. The following was abstracted from the complete article, "Silent Night: The Ethics of Reincarnational Astrology," which is available in Issues and Ethics In The Profession of Astrology.

A Critical Review Of Reincarnational Astrology

A Critical Review OfReincarnational Astrology By Glenn Perry It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. ~ Aristotle One of the more intriguing aspects of natal astrology is the possibility that information about past lives might somehow be implicit in the birth chart. For those who believe in reincarnation, it seems a natural fit. All of this is certainly possible. Despite the complete lack of evidence for such claims, numerous astrological books and computer-generated reports are written from these points of view.

First, however, I would like to state at the outset that I believe in reincarnation and karma. Moon in Scorpio. A person with the Moon in Scorpio has a deep and instinctive understanding of others.

Moon in Scorpio

All of their emotional experiences strike at the heart and soul with great intensity, and they have a probing nature that plumbs the depths of any situation. Those with the Moon placed here tend to express their feelings in indirect ways which conceal a powerful and passionate nature. The subjects which interest Moon in Scorpio may be of an esoteric nature and they enjoy pursuing the secrets of the universe and investigating unsolved mysteries. The forbidden, taboo and subconscious are other pursuits that appeal to their dark nature.

Scorpio never takes a situation at face value and understands that there is always more below the surface that others do not see. Sun in Zodiac Signs - Sun in Scorpio. Astrology A very strong character.

Sun in Zodiac Signs - Sun in Scorpio

Always gives the impression of a special power of attraction, though often frightening. At the same time revived, and mysterious, is viable, but also full of premonitions of death. Tends to self-improvement. Various Articles. Μία από τις πιο ενδιαφέρουσες μορφές του Δωδεκάθεου είναι σίγουρα η Ήρα.

Various Articles

If you want to be a . .. what sign should you be? Astrology Facebook Statuses, Astrology Facebook Profile Headers, Astrology Headers for Facebook. Mercury Retrogrades for 2013 - The Dates for Mercury Retrograde, 2013. Shadow and Release The shadow period is before the retrograde, when Mercury is in degrees that will be part of the cycle.

Mercury Retrogrades for 2013 - The Dates for Mercury Retrograde, 2013

The release period is when Mercury is out of retrograde degrees completely. The shadow time is one of foreshadowing; the days up to the release bring many ah-has. February 23 to March 17, 2013Shadow: 6 Pisces, February 9th Retro Station: 20, Pisces 23rd Direct Station: 6 Pisces, March 17th Release: 20 Pisces, April 7thJune 26 to July 20, 2013Shadow: 13 Cancer, June 10th Retro Station: 23 Cancer, June 26th Direct Station: 13 Cancer, July 20th Release: 23 Cancer, August 4October 21 to November 10, 2013Shadow: 2 Scorpio, October 1st Retro Station: 18 Scorpio, November 6 Direct Station: 2 Scorpio, November 26th Release: 18 Scorpio, November 27thTrue Feelings All three of the Mercury retrograde zones in 2013, are in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

This is one way to see how a retro recovery, can enrich our lives. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. The Daily Astro!