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Finding Elements In The DOM Using querySelector. As you saw in the JavaScript, the Browser, and the DOM tutorial, your DOM is nothing more than a tree-like structure made up of all the elements that exist in your HTML document: That detail is only sort of important.

Finding Elements In The DOM Using querySelector

What is important is that you have all of these HTML elements floating around that you want to access and read data from or modify. There are many ways to find these HTML elments. After all, these elements are arranged in a tree-like structure, and if there is one thing computer scientists like to do is figure out crazy ways to run up and down a tree to find something. I won't subject you to that torture...just yet. Let's get started! Meet the querySelector Family To help explain the awesomeness that querySelector and querySelectorAll bring to the table, take a look at the following HTML: In this example, you have one div with an id of main, and then you have four div and img elements each with a class value of pictureContainer and theimage respectively.

QuerySelector Share. Getting Literal With ES6 Template Strings   Strings in JavaScript have been historically limited, lacking the capabilities one might expect coming from languages like Python or Ruby.

Getting Literal With ES6 Template Strings  

Creating an ES6 DOM Library. I've been exploring what the new specifications of JavaScript have in store, and I have to say I'm pretty excited with the direction it is going.

Creating an ES6 DOM Library

A lot of the common problems that require a lot of boilerplate to solve (or a util library), now have simple methods (for example, creating an array out of an array-like object, like arguments). So just to expirement with ES6 (and maybe a little bit of ES7), I wanted to try to make a jQuery-like DOM library. Getting Classy jQuery sometime feels like it has a lot of magic going on, but the whole DOM library part of it is just some syntax sugar around the usual constructor function/prototype pattern. When you call the $ with a selector, it creates a new jQuery object. With ES6, we can do the same sort of thing, but using the new class. JavaScript Prototype in Plain Language. Prototype is a fundamental concept that every JavaScript developer must understand, and this article aims to explain JavaScript’s prototype in plain, detailed language.

JavaScript Prototype in Plain Language

If you don’t understand JavaScript’s prototype after reading this blog post, please ask questions in the comments below. I will personally answer all questions. The Falling Snow Effect. For most of my life, I grew up in parts of the world where you never really had snow.

The Falling Snow Effect

That wasn't fun. During Christmas, the images of wintery goodness you grew up expecting and the sunny and warm weather outside your window never made sense. To make up for the lack of snow in my real world, I simulated falling snow on my computer. Beginning JavaScript 5th Edition PDF Download Free. The bestselling JavaScript guide, updated with current features and best practices Beginning JavaScript 5th Edition shows you how to work effectively with JavaScript frameworks, functions, and modern browsers, and teaches more effective coding practices using HTML5.

Beginning JavaScript 5th Edition PDF Download Free

This new edition has been extensively updated to reflect the way JavaScript is most commonly used today, introducing you to the latest tools and techniques available to JavaScript developers. Coverage includes modern coding practices using HTML5 markup, the JSON data format, DOM APIs, the jQuery framework, and more. Exercises with solutions provide plenty of opportunity to practice, and the companion website offers downloadable code for all examples given in the book. Lesson Review Record Collection · Rafase282/My-FreeCodeCamp-Code Wiki. Author Created by Rafase282 Github | FreeCodeCamp | CodePen | LinkedIn | Blog/Site | E-Mail Details You are given a JSON object representing (a small part of) your record collection.

Lesson Review Record Collection · Rafase282/My-FreeCodeCamp-Code Wiki

Each album is identified by a unique id number and has several properties. Objects. Objects in JavaScript are kind of two-faced.


From one side, an object is an associative array (called hash in some languages). Get Started · React Hot Loader. React Hot Loader is a plugin for Webpack that allows instantaneous live refresh without losing state while editing React components.

Get Started · React Hot Loader

If you use Browserify, RequireJS or another JavaScript bundler, you need to switch to Webpack first. Webpack supports all popular module formats. If you know a good guide on migrating to Webpack, let me know and Iʼll link to it. Christianalfoni - The ultimate webpack setup. Note!

christianalfoni - The ultimate webpack setup

The repo created for this article has quite a few updates. That said, it is within the same domain. So please read through for inspiration, but make sure you use the latest repo version to get the latest implementations. Blog Archives - P3 Programmer. Setting Up a React.js Environment Using Npm, Babel 6 and Webpack. Facebook has really changed the way we think about front-end UI development with the introduction of React. One of the main advantages of this component based approach is, it is easy to reason about as the view is just a function of props and state. Though the learning curve of React is shallower when compared to that of its counterparts, one intimidating aspect for the beginners is the tools (Babel, Webpack) and libraries around it. In fact, these tools are not required to use React and but in order to get the most out of the features of ES6, JSX and bundling, we need them. In this blog post, we are going to see how to setup a React development environment without being sidetracked by the tools.

Setting Up a React.js Environment Using Npm, Babel 6 and Webpack. JavaScript Modules: A Beginner’s Guide – Free Code Camp. JavaScript Modules: A Beginner’s Guide – Free Code Camp. If you’re a newcomer to JavaScript, jargon like “module bundlers vs. module loaders,” “Webpack vs. Browserify” and “AMD vs. CommonJS” can quickly become overwhelming. React Patterns. React Stateless Functional Components: Nine Wins You Might Have Overlooked – Medium.

React .14 introduced a simpler way to define components called stateless functional components. These components use plain JavaScript functions. Here’s the before and after in ES6: The differences above may seem subtle at first glance, but cutting the noise is a big win. Here’s why. No Class NeededFrankly, I think the drama around ES6 classes is overblown. No this KeywordAs you can see above, the stateless component is just a function. OnClick={this.sayHi.bind(this)}>Say Hi</a>onClick={sayHi}>Say Hi</a> Components and Props - React. Edit on GitHub Components let you split the UI into independent, reusable pieces, and think about each piece in isolation. Conceptually, components are like JavaScript functions. They accept arbitrary inputs (called "props") and return React elements describing what should appear on the screen.

Functional and Class Components # Account Dashboard. Head-First-HTML5/planet.html at master · bethrobson/Head-First-HTML5. A tutorial on binary numbers. A pretty damn clear guide to a quite confusing concept by Christine R. Wright with some help from Samuel A. Rebelsky. Table of Contents Basic Concepts Behind the Binary System To understand binary numbers, begin by recalling elementary school math. Such that "H" is the hundreds column, "T" is the tens column, and "O" is the ones column. Years later, we learned that the ones column meant 10^0, the tens column meant 10^1, the hundreds column 10^2 and so on, such that.

How to learn JavaScript. Since I’ve mentioned that I recently learned JavaScript, people have asked me how and what I recommend. So here’s my experience and best advice for 2016. Learn plain JavaScript. Repeating With For. jQuery Mouse Events: PageX/Y vs. ClientX/Y. jQuery-Calx jquery plugin - Create calculation form with ease, define the formula and Calx will do the magic : MyjQueryPlugins.

jQuery Calx jQuery Calx is powerful yet easy to use jQuery plugin for building a calculation form or calculation table, it parses provided formula and do calculation based on it, scan the form change and update the result automatically, format plain number into currency format, ordinal number, etc. jQuery Calx was designed to allow user to easily configure their calculation form or calculation table, you may define as simple as SUM(A1:B10) formula to the complex one such as LOOKUP formula like VLOOKUP(E1, A1:D10, 3) .

Implementation: Math-gammaln. Natural logarithm of the gamma function. Natural logarithm of the gamma function. Welcome to JavaScript: Strings: Split. Using the split method The split method is a handy way to "split" a string into two or more parts based on a character that divides the parts. The character that divides the parts could be many things-- a comma, a slash, a pipe symbol ( | ), or another of your choice. For example, look at the string below: C# .Net: Fastest Way to check if a Number is Odd Or Even - The Curious Consultant. This will benchmark many techniques to determine in C# .Net: Fastest way to check if a number is odd or even.

Eloquent JavaScript. Khanacademy. JavaScript: Loops. JavaScript performs several types of repetitive operations, called "looping". Calculus: Integration possible with Javascript? JavaScript console in Sublime Text. 3 Essential Sublime Text Plugins for Node & JavaScript developers - Scott Smith. 3 Essential Sublime Text Plugins for Node & JavaScript developers - Scott Smith. 10 Essential SublimeText Plugins for JavaScript Developers. Programming JavaScript Applications Paper & eBook Bundle – Learn JavaScript.

Computer Algorithms: Multiplication. 19 JavaScript Code Quality with JSHint. The JavaScript Encyclopedia. For, While, and Do...While Loops in JavaScript. Kevin Chisholm - Blog. Adam Khoury. Syntax Guidelines - JavaScript Fundamentals. ECMAScript 5 Strict Mode, JSON, and More. Build “Rock, Paper, Scissors” in JS. IntroToJavaScript and ModernWebDevelopment. Ericelliott/essential-javascript-links. at master · toddmotto/ JSLint:The JavaScript Code Quality Tool. Code School - Discover DevTools. Best of. Speaking JavaScript: An In-Depth Guide for Programmers. Writing. Reserved keywords in JavaScript · Mathias Bynens. Datakurser. Exploring ES6: Upgrade to the next version of JavaScript.

Speaking JavaScript: An In-Depth Guide for Programmers. Using AngularJS with a WordPress backend. Understanding Scope and Context in JavaScript. Understand JavaScript’s “this” With Clarity, and Master It.