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You are here: Home ▶ Java EE Spring Data: Modern Data Access for Enterprise Java Posted on July 11th, 2012 “Spring Data: Modern Data Access for Enterprise Java” is a “in-progress” book which you can read online for free from O’Reilly Media’s Open Feedback Publishing System. Free Offer of the Day! Free Java EE eBooks and Online Books Free Java EE eBooks and Online Books
Museums and the Web Florence Early Registration Closes Monday Jan 20th! Early Registration for Museums and the Web Florence Closes Monday January 20th! Register Here Museums and the Web Florence is a three-day event conceived by Laura Longo, Stefania Chipa and Ilaria D'Uva in collaboration with Museums and the Web. Bibliography Bibliography


Each year, the Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports® (JCR) examine the influence and impact of scholarly research journals. In the new June 2012 reports, IEEE journals again rank as premier scholarly publications across all three methods of citation measurement, including Impact Factor. According to the JCR, IEEE publishes:
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JavaScript Essential Training (2011) – Free Video Tutorial In JavaScript Essential Training, Simon Allardice shows how to use JavaScript to add new features and a richer, more compelling user interface on web pages. This course keeps current best practices and practical uses for JavaScript in mind, while covering syntax, working with the DOM, and developing and debugging across multiple platforms, devices, and browsers. It also shows how to progressively enhance and gracefully degrade web pages, and take advantage of the world of JavaScript libraries now available. Exercise files are included with the course. KnowFree 2.0

KnowFree 2.0

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Elsevier: Home R.R. Hawkins Award Winner: Alan Turing, His Work and Impact Winner of the this year’s R.R. Hawkins Award, as well as 2 PROSE Awards, this book presents the most significant original works from the 4-volume set of A.M Turing's collected works, along with key commentary from the great scholarly leaders in the field, providing interested readers with unique insight into the context and significance of Turing's impact on mathematics, computing, computer science, informatics, morphogenesis, philosophy and the wider scientific world. About the editors: Barry Cooper (top) is Professor of Mathematical Logic at the University of Leeds. Jan van Leeuwen (bottom) is professor at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences at the Utrecht University.
This WWW page is intended to serve as a comprehensive collection of algorithm implementations for over seventy of the most fundamental problems in combinatorial algorithms. The problem taxonomy, implementations, and supporting material are all drawn from my book The Algorithm Design Manual. Since the practical person is more often looking for a program than an algorithm, we provide pointers to solid implementations of useful algorithms, when they are available. Because of the volatility of the WWW, we provide local copies for many of the implementations. We encourage you to get them from the original sites instead of Stony Brook, because the version on the original site is more likely to be maintained. Further, there are often supporting files and documentation which we did not copy, and which may be of interest to you.

The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository

The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
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This site lists free eBooks and online books related to programming, computer science, software engineering, web design, mobile app development, networking, databases, information technology, AI, graphics and computer hardware which are provided by publishers or authors on their websites legally. We do not host pirated books or we do not link to sites that host pirated books. VB.NET Programming [PDF] Posted on January 4th, 2014 This ebook is a quick introduction to Visual Basic.NET programming language. OnlineComputerBooks




What's Inside? This site lists free online computer science, engineering and programming books, textbooks and lecture notes, all of which are legally and freely available over the Internet. Throughout this site, other terms are used to refer to a book, such as ebook, text, document, monogram or notes.
eBook for Software Engineer , ZIP eBook File "206 MB" , eBook Downloads [6] Pluralsight – Scrum Development with Jira & JIRA Agile English | .MP4 | h264, yuv420p, 1024ื768, 15.00 fps(r) | aac, 44100 Hz, 127 kb/s | 206 MB Genre: E-learning A great idea is great but execution is key! Improve your chances of success with Scrum and JIRA Agile. eBooks Online

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PHP Reference: Beginner to Intermediate PHP 5 PHP programmers need of a quick reference book. Beginner and intermediate PHP coders with some experience in PHP, includes code using procedural PHP and standard syntax.

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