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What is Your Water Footprint?
vizbox/startup-universe/ The Startup Universe displays and explores the relationships between startup companies and their founders and investors (Venture Capitalists) since 1990. Startups are grouped into 19 categories, based on the type of products or services they deliver. Each category is represented by an unique color. In addition to that, startups are visually sized according to the amount of financing they have raised, with each individual round displayed as well. Startups are positioned within the main interface on a horizontal interactive timeline, based on the year they were founded. Details about each company are provided below the timeline. vizbox/startup-universe/
Daily chart: Cities and their millionaires
Grupo PMI, descubre el Libro blanco de la subsidiaria. También revela la creación de otras dos compañías “privadas” con recursos públicos. Con el esquema PMI, cada año la paraestatal maneja más de 1 billón 200 mil millones de pesos fuera del presupuesto público. Pemex amplía negocios privados con recursos públicos Pemex amplía negocios privados con recursos públicos
The good news is that each one of us can also make the world a little more water secure, ready to face the needs of our peak population future. How? The answer lies in our shopping baskets. Virtual Water - Discover how much WATER we EAT everyday

Virtual Water - Discover how much WATER we EAT everyday

America's Cancer Clusters
Mapa de la guerra contra el narcotráfico
Bomb Sight - Mapping the World War 2 London Blitz Bomb Census Bomb Sight - Mapping the World War 2 London Blitz Bomb Census With Bomb Sight you can discover what it was like in London, during WW2 Luftwaffe Blitz bombing raids, exploring maps, images and memories. The Bomb Sight web map and mobile app reveals WW2 bomb census maps between 7/10/1940 and 06/06/1941, previously available only by viewing them in the Reading Room of The National Archives. How to use the Map Use the search box to find a street or postcode of interest You can move around the map by clicking on the pan controls Use the zoom controls to change the detail on the map: Click the plus (+) to see more detail and click the minus (-) to see less map detail Use the layer button in the top left to explore the different types of map information that is available Click on individual bomb icons to find out more information Click on the to have a look at the map legend (this button is not available when viewing the website on a small screen)

A Handsome Atlas: Wildly Awesome Data Visualizations from the Nineteenth Century

Code Imitating Art It’s all well and good to love visualizations from the past, but it’s another thing to bring them into the present. With the Ultimate Power of the Web! (and I’m not talking about A Handsome Atlas, either.) check it out A Handsome Atlas: Wildly Awesome Data Visualizations from the Nineteenth Century
Generosidad Infografía
Wal-Mart World
Wood Dimensional Changes São Paulo. September 3, 2012. Wood is a hygroscopic material, i.e. it exchanges moisture with its surrounding environment. As a piece of wood loses moisture it shrinks and as wood gains moisture back it swells. Wood Dimensional Changes
ilovecharts: Effective Retirement Age vs.
Immigration Nation
Cómo accedemos a Internet y quién lo controla #infografia #infographic #internet « TICs y Formación
Affording Health Care Affording Health Care Even with health insurance, health care can cost an arm and a leg. The infographic below shows across geographies, income and education levels, between 1997 and 2006, a growing number of Americans avoided health care due to cost. About this data
Terrorism in Nigeria
Transparency: The Most Dangerous Cities for Walking - Transportation
PBS Frontline has published the interactive data visualization, NFL Concussion Watch 2013 to summarize all of the player concussions reported in the NFL. Every week in the National Football League, a player is sidelined by a head injury. In some cases, their symptoms are clearly visible and they exit the game. Other times, less obvious warning signs can mean a missed diagnosis and a return to the field. Either way, research indicates that the long-term health effects of such injuries — including memory loss, depression and even dementia — can pose problems for players long after retirement.Concussion Watch is an effort to monitor the NFL’s response to the persistent risk of head injury in professional football. To do so, FRONTLINE will track which players are being removed from games after a hit to the head — and which players are not — and keep score of how long they are kept from the field following a concussion. Cool Infographics - Blog Cool Infographics - Blog
Todos los tamaños disponibles | Envelhecimento molecular (2010) | Flickr: ¡Intercambio de fotos!

2012: The End Of The World?

2012: The End Of The World? Credits — Design & concept: David McCandless Skeptical Sources: Wikipedia, Associated Press, Astronomical Answers: University of Utrecht, The New York Times, John Hoopes on Tribe.Net, Skeptical Inquirer, GSA Bulletin, NASA, Nature Believer sources: Timewave Zero, 2012: Dire Gnosis,, 2012:TheBook,, Institute For Human Continuity (fake website for 2012 film). Explore the sources In this Google doc

2010: Deadliest for natural


Corporate taxes around the world
There’s hardly a more prominent financial product in America today than the almighty credit card. Nearly everybody has at least one — almost 80% of consumers in 2008, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston — and many use it on a daily basis. Without a doubt, there are also those consumers who know their credit card numbers by heart (makes online shopping and booking travel so much easier, if anything). Cracking The Credit Card Code

Cracking The Credit Card Code

Twitter Dots - Beautiful map rendering of realtime Twitter tweets