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The Digital Camera. A photo book by Michael B. Karbo. Copyright Michael Karbo, Denmark, Europe.

The Digital Camera. A photo book by Michael B. Karbo

Previous chapter. Photography is defined as . the art of producing images with the help of light. , and it has been an art form for a long time. As early as in the 16th century, devices have existed, which have gathered light through lenses. In the eighteenth century it was discovered that silver chloride is light sensitive. In the 19th century it became possible to record light on plates of one kind or another. Tutoriales de fotografía y diseño gráfico. Manuales. Dentro de la nueva era digital, tanto en el campo de la fotográfia cómo en el diseño gráfico, cada vez se utilizan más las nuevas tecnologías, la informática, los ordenadores y los equipos digitales en general.

Tutoriales de fotografía y diseño gráfico. Manuales

Para hacer un diseño, o el retoque de una fotografía, o bien un efecto especial, o una composición artística, se hace uso de una serie de programas informáticos específicos. Para llevar a cabo esta labor, tanto dentro del ámbito del diseño gráfico como en la fotografía digital, en esta sección se publicarán una serie de tutoriales relacionados con la técnica digital, que facilitaran su aprendizaje. ShortCourses ON Library of Digital Photography. ShortCourses The On-line Library of Digital Photography. LIFE Photos | Classic Pictures From LIFE Magazine's Archives | La primera foto de un ser. Exhibitions of the Royal Photographic Society 1870-1915. Moonlight Reflections La Jolla, California. Sentir es un pensamiento extravagante. Fernando.

FILE Magazine - Unexpected Photography. PEDRO MEYER :: PHOTOGRAPHER. Barcelona Panorama - Las fotografías más grandes de Barcelona. Daguerreotypes: Home. Introduced by Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre in 1839, the daguerreotype was the first publicly announced photographic process.

Daguerreotypes: Home

A daguerreotype is made by treating a silver-coated copper plate with light-sensitive chemicals, exposing it in a camera, and developing it with a mercury vapor. The result is an exquisitely detailed image. » Famous Photos - Famous Photo - World’s famous photos. Photonica. Creative.


Bold. Powerful. Photonica stock photos surprise, challenge and commands attention – elevating the everyday with fresh perspectives. Aviation Photos: Photo of the Week photos.


TOOLS. ME GUSTAN. Gigapan: The GigaPan(SM) process allows users to upload, share, and explore brilliant gigapixel+ panoramas from around the globe. FOTOGRAFOS. ZOO.