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Maco InfoTech provides business solutions to S.M.E. (Small Medium Enterprises) and large enterprises. With a group of professional experts, we develop applications like E-Commerce applications; Web based Accounting, online hotel/ travel/ tour booking system.

Maco Online Travel Booking Management System. Maco Infotech Ltd. Fixed Asset Management System and Asset Management Software. Human Resource Management System for Better Business Workflow. Logdffo. Maco Infotech Ltd: Free Request to Quote. Travel Content Management System. Maco Infotech: Web Development, Branch Accounting System, SEO. Maco Infotech – Accounting, Travel Booking, SEO, Mobile & Web Development. Contact US: Maco Infotech Ltd. Maco Infotech Blog: Web Development,SEO,Sales, Accounts, Website Design. The online world is a great boon for businesses of all kinds and sizes.

Maco Infotech Blog: Web Development,SEO,Sales, Accounts, Website Design

Literally, it has eliminated the geographical barriers and turned the entire world in to one marketplace. Businesses, whether small or big, get connected with their customers and stakeholders through their website. The website becomes the medium of communication between the companies with rest of the world. Life and work become easier and business takes a smooth path.

Amongst so many players doing business within a single domain, it becomes necessary to be smart, fast, and, unique in the way you offer your services and products. Building your corporate website undoubtedly is your first step forward to a great online endeavor. Maco Infotech Ltd: Market Details. Social Media Marketing Company - Maco Infotech Ltd. Social Media Marketing (S.M.M) is a method of promoting and triggering the business on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter , YouTube, etc.

Social Media Marketing Company - Maco Infotech Ltd

The significance of this online advertising is to reach to the targeted audience through social media platforms. Social media marketing also refers to the process of attaining traffic on the website through spreading the awareness on the social media platforms. The idea is to create a content that encourages the people to share it socially, which boost the goodwill and spread awareness about the brand. Social media is a powerful instrument, which can reap fruitful results at a very low cost. Benefits Broadening customer reach Converting sales into revenue Spreading awareness among the target group Low cost Helps in improving customer service Improve SEO rankings Enhanced audience insights.

Quality Assurance- Maco Infotech Ltd. Software Testing is necessary because anyone can make mistakes, some of those are unimportant, but some of them are blocking, expensive or dangerous.

Quality Assurance- Maco Infotech Ltd

We need to check everything if we develop an application. Since we assume that our work may have mistakes, hence we all need to check our own work. If a developer or designer can check his own work, the issue might be skipped as because he done it by his own. To overcome this, we should get someone else to check our work because another person is more likely to spot the flaws. There are several reasons which clearly tell us that why software testing is important and here below are the major types of testing which are followed by Maco Infotech Ltd in its testing services for any product or application. Major types of Testing: Payment Getaway Integration Service - Maco Infotech. Custom Development Service - Maco Infotech Ltd. At Maco Infotech, we provide software development solutions practice, which focuses on highly qualitative, time bound and profitable solutions.

Custom Development Service - Maco Infotech Ltd

We are embedded with team rich experience in custom development applications, which ensures us to develop solutions that give your business upper hand over other competitors. We provide you the cushion of our technical expertise, multiple years of industry experience. Our task oriented development method helps in fulfilling your business objectives, eliminating the risk factor and providing time efficient solutions.

The work criteria of our experts are according to the target of the client's business. Once understood the target, our experts start working with a client in integration to formulate the most appropriate online based custom applications that are professionally and essentially developed, tested and then implemented. Best Professional, E-Commerce Website, Logo Designing Company - Maco Infotech Ltd. Website Designing and development is a principal element for any business to grow in the internet era.

Best Professional, E-Commerce Website, Logo Designing Company - Maco Infotech Ltd

An attractive web design acts as a magnet, which attracts the organic traffic on the website. Here at Maco Infotech, we understand the craftsmanship of web designing, which can turn all the business dreams into reality. We provide SEO friendly design solutions that are smart, professional and unique to attract most visitors to take a tour of your website. It is just like a packaging of any business, which presents the brand image in larger than life style, which attracts the traffic on to the website.

Transport Manager System Software - Maco Infotech. Maco introduces a completely web based fleet management system which is being user friendly comes at an affordable cost.

Transport Manager System Software - Maco Infotech

It is developed and customized keeping the needs of commercial fleet owners and organizations in mind. You do not require any specific training to use this software. You can maintain stock records of automobiles and spares, and also benefit from the facility of auto generation of invoices and reports which provides the complete administration and comprehensive information of the business and its operations at different levels. There are many benefits that you get like a general accounting package, purchase order, sales invoice, keeping track of all supplier and customer related activities with ease. You will be provided with a comprehensive user guide. The power of our software comes from how much knowledge it stores. Powerful Modules for Accurate Reporting In Real-Time: Features: Dashboard Reservation Receipt Car Out Car In Payment.

Hotel Property Management Software Service- Maco Infotech Ltd. Call Tracking System - Maco Infotech. Asset Management Module - Maco Infotech Ltd. CMS Development - Maco Infotech Ltd. Travel Web Application - Maco Infotech. Fixed Asset Depreciation Software - Maco Infotech. Travel Booking Website - Maco Infotech Ltd. Human Resource Management System - Maco Infotech Ltd. Providing Next Generation HR Software Demo Brochure Price Request a Quote Human Resource Management System Maco HRMS and Web Payroll Management System is a complete module based robust, scalable, full featured & centralized controlled HR system.

Human Resource Management System - Maco Infotech Ltd

Every company has required a customized solution to manage their most valuable assets: its people. This application is highly customizable & satisfies all the needs regarding human resource management. Introduction to HR Modules Dashboard The interface to access the desired information from multiple modules thus optimizing decision making. Company/ branch profile This module authorizes the user to create multiple companies/ branches within the same application. User Role & administration This module allows the Admin to create/ modify and active/ inactive the user. Masters Masters are the predefined values a user stores in the system and can retrieve it anytime. General Settings Employee Profile. E-Commerce Website Development Service, E-Commerce Application - Maco Infotech. In an electronic era, when online sales are booming more than the offline sale and the internet is deciding the business dynamics of offline sales too, every business wants to switch their business on E- Commerce website to generate maximum return on investment.

E-Commerce Website Development Service, E-Commerce Application - Maco Infotech

Accounting Depreciation Software - Maco Infotech Ltd. Travel Web Application - Maco Infotech.