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The previous discussion becomes a little clearer if you understand how memory addresses work in a computer's hardware. If you have not read it already, now would be a good time to read How Bits and Bytes Work to fully understand bits, bytes and words. All computers have memory, also known as RAM (random access memory). The Basics of C Programming" The Basics of C Programming"

There are many people out there complaining about the Firefox RAM Memory Bug. Lets get it straight. It’s not a bug. It’s part of the cache feature. This ‘feature’ is how the pages are cached in a tabbed environment. 3 Hacks for Firefox That Will Double Your Internet Browsing Speed - 3 Hacks for Firefox That Will Double Your Internet Browsing Speed -
10 sites developers should have in their bookmarks Mysql Format Date MySQL Format Date helps you to format your dates using the MySQL DATE_FORMAT function. Just select a common date format and then change it to your suit your needs. The MySQL DATE_FORMAT code will be generated at the bottom of the page which you can then copy into your query. Visit site: 10 sites developers should have in their bookmarks
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Gartner predicts that by 2014, "50% of Global 2000 organizations will experience technology, cost and security challenges due to a lack of open source governance," and through 2015, "less than 50% of IT organizations will have effective open source governance programs in place." Learn how your organization can ensure compliance and avoid these challenges, while improving development efficiency. In this Webinar with Kellan Ponikiewicz, IP Counsel of Nuance Communications, we discuss: About Koders | About Koders |
Embedded software often runs on processors with limited computation power, thus optimizing the code becomes a necessity. In this article we will explore the following optimization techniques for C and C++ code developed for Real-time and Embedded Systems. Many techniques discussed here have roots in the material we covered in the articles dealing with C to Assembly translation. A good understanding of the following articles will help: Premature optimization is the root of all evil Donald Knuth wrote, "Programmers waste enormous amounts of time thinking about, or worrying about, the speed of noncritical parts of their programs, and these attempts at efficiency actually have a strong negative impact when debugging and maintenance are considered. Optimizing C and C++ Code Optimizing C and C++ Code
10 free Linux e-books 10 free Linux e-books Posted in Tech blog on February 24th, 2012 by Pingdom Who doesn’t like free stuff? We put together a selection of free Linux e-books that you can read, in many cases download, and use as references, or simply to learn something. The topics range from advanced programming to Java, from GNU to Emacs, from device drivers to the kernel, and much, much more. You don’t have to pay anything to take part of the wealth of knowledge and information available in these e-books.
A Quick, Painless Tutorial on the Python Language A Quick, Painless Tutorial on the Python Language Norman Matloff University of California, Davis June 17, 2008 ©2003-2008, N. Matloff Contents
Welcome to the Programming Games Wiki - Programming Games Wiki Welcome to the Programming Games Wiki - Programming Games Wiki Welcome to the Programming Games Wiki, a community site for programming game addicts. In a programming game players write programs to compete against each other. Feel free to add anything on-topic or just chat about the games on the discussion page. Edit
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How to Unlock a Computer Without a Password Reset Disk

Top 10 Ways to be Screwed by "C" To get on this list, a bug has to be able to cause at least half a day of futile head scratching, and has to be aggravated by the poor design of the "C" language. In the interests of equal time, and to see how the world has progressed in the 20-odd years since "C" escaped from its spawning ground, see my Top 10 Ways to be Screwed by the Java programming language, and for more general ways to waste a lot of time due to bad software, try my Adventures in Hell page. A better language would allow fallible programmers to be more productive. Infallible programmers, of the type unix' and "C" designers anticipated, need read no further. In fairness, I have to admit that the writers of compilers have improved on the situation in recent years, by detecting and warning about potentially bad code in many cases. Non-terminated comment, "accidentally" terminated by some subsequent comment, with the code in between swallowed. Top 10 Ways to be Screwed by "C"
Archive of Interesting Code The Archive of Interesting Code is an (ambitious) effort on my part to research, intuit, and code up every interesting algorithm and data structure ever invented. In doing so, I hope both to learn the mathematical techniques that power these technologies and to improve my skills as a programmer. In case you're curious what I'm someday hoping to having implemented on this page, you can check out my TODO list. If you're interested in using any of this code in your applications, feel free to do so! You don't need to cite me or this website as a source, though I would appreciate it if you did. Archive of Interesting Code
Introduction to Java Programming Java is a simple and yet powerful object oriented programming language and it is in many respects similar to C++. Java originated at Sun Microsystems, Inc. in 1991. It was conceived by James Gosling, Patrick Naughton, Chris Warth, Ed Frank, and Mike Sheridan at Sun Microsystems, Inc. It was developed to provide a platform-independent programming language. This site gives you an Introduction to Java Programming accompanied with many java examples. Its a complete course in java programming for beginners to advanced java.
I think this question was asked a while ago (though QATO doesn't seem to give the year with the date), but in case anyone comes across it: To round floats to arbitrarily decimal places without converting to strings (as in Eric5h5's solution), you can use (as a general solution): function round(x, decimalPlaces) { return Mathf.Round(x * Mathf.Pow(10, decimalPlaces));} If you specifically only ever want one decimal place: rounded = Mathf.Round(unrounded*10)/10; Or two: How to limit calculations to one decimal place?
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What’s on this page? I’m interested in producing complexity out of simple parts. This page contains bookmarks that I collected while working on games; I did not write most of the content linked from here. As a result the set of links here reflects the types of things I needed to know: only a few specific topics (not everything related to game programming), general ideas instead of platform-specific information (graphics, sound, compilers), and ideas and designs instead of source code (I find it easier to go from an idea to code than from code to an idea). Other sites, like Gamedev Tuts+, Gamedev, and Gamasutra, cover lots more topics than mine does. Amit’s Game Programming Information
Best Linux Software On this page, you will find the best Linux applications that have been carefully tested and selected for all your needs. We've taken the effort to categorize these Linux applications and picked only those we believe to be the best, and which will most likely be useful to you. Of course, since we're talking Linux - these are also all free. This page updates frequently, so check back often!
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