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Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube Gaming. Links – LuosArts. Youtube & Vimeo YouTube Slomo Slow down any video from youtube, great for exploring effects frame by frame.

links – LuosArts

ImbueFX Mostly UDK, but still relevant! Luos’s VFX Fav’s Self-made playlist with a big collection of vfx I gathered over the years. Twitter @Nerfgames Tweet the naughty brothers stylized vfx in this tweet are just adorbs. Resources. Importing and Detailing a Mesh in Zbrush 2. At this point, while in Edit Mode, you can begin using the Standard Edit Brush to push or pull details into the mesh, at any level of detail.

Importing and Detailing a Mesh in Zbrush 2

While Zbrush can simultaneously paint color, material values and depth, we're going to focus on just depth. If you look under the menu line at the top of the Zbrush 2 GUI, you'll see another line with many buttons. It's important to notice this line because it houses the Material, Color and Zadd and Zsubtract keys, among other tools. You can turn on or turn off these options by clicking on the buttons. The depth tools are amongst the most dramatically different tools available in Zbrush 2, allowing you an unprecendented level of artistic freedom to modify the surface of a model. Using the Standard Edit Brush combined with Zadd, Zsub or Smooth is the main workflow for creating the rough blocking stage of the mesh. NormalMap-Online. This website lets you create normal maps from height maps for free.


All normal map textures you create are your own. Textures are not saved on the server and all scripts are running on your Browser. Just drag & drop a heightmap in the specified field and adjust settings. Afterwards check the preview window and download your own normalmap. Additionally you can adjust and download displacement and ambient occlusion maps The preview window shows a 3D-model with several different maps. Page d'accueil.

iOS Human Interface Guidelines: Icon and Image Sizes. Every app needs an app icon and a launch file or image.

iOS Human Interface Guidelines: Icon and Image Sizes

In addition, some apps need custom icons to represent app-specific content, functions, or modes in navigation bars, toolbars, tab bars, and other areas. Table 45-1 lists the sizes required for these custom icons and images. With the exception of the App Store icon—which must be named iTunesArtwork—you can name your icons anything you want. Use image asset entries in your Xcode project for your app’s icon files. To add icons, assign the corresponding image files to the image assets of your project. For all images and icons, the PNG format is recommended.

The standard bit depth for icons and images is 24 bits. Sketchfab - The place to be for 3D. Calligraphic Fonts on like Fontin Sans Bold, ChowMein, Acid-Bold. Fonts » Calligraphic Free Fonts Download » (194) Select page: 123 [4] 5678...

Calligraphic Fonts on like Fontin Sans Bold, ChowMein, Acid-Bold

Customize preview ( A font by Jos Buivenga (exljbris) -> ) ( Fonts by ) The Art of KD Stanton. Discover the Art of KD Stanton, a Chinese Freelance Artist… KD Stanton Facebook Pinterest BarraPunto BlinkList blogmarks.

The Art of KD Stanton


Accueil - Chez 815 et Alex. Coolors - The super fast color schemes generator! Freelance_info. IHM-L3if-CM5-Web. Resource and Tutorials for Professional Digital Media Designers - Digital Arts. Video Game Concept Art - Characters & Pictures Galleries - Creative Uncut. Baten KaitosArt book source: Baten Kaitos Materials Collection BayonettaArt book source: The Eyes of Bayonetta BioShockArt book source: BioShock: Breaking the Mold (PDF Book) Bouncer, TheArt book source: The Bouncer Visual Arts Collection Bravely DefaultBravely Default Design Works The Art of Bravely 2010-2013, Bravely Default Art Album.

Video Game Concept Art - Characters & Pictures Galleries - Creative Uncut

9780470179840.excerpt. ArtStation. DrawCrowd. Dribbble - Show and tell for designers. Tokkun Studio. Free Fonts Download, Fonts for Free. The Gamut Mask - FREE Interactive color harmony tool for painters. The Gamut Mask is a great way to created harmonic color schemes.

The Gamut Mask - FREE Interactive color harmony tool for painters

It simplifies your color choices and saves you lots of time and paint in achieving unified color palettes quickly and easily. This Gamut Mask Tool was developed by me (Richard Robinson) and is provided to you free to use. The original concept of the Gamut Mask was developed by James Gurney (, artist and author of the fantastically illustrated Dinotopia books (

Below are some samples of harmonic color schemes achieved by using the Gamut Mask. First I designed an image with a limited value study. Hand Poses Galore! One of the most over looked parts of a character's body when animated are the hands.

Hand Poses Galore!

Our "phalanges" can convey just as much emotion and intensity as our faces. You can also think of hand gestures as the punctuation of a character's body language. That's why the hands need careful thought and consideration but remember...simplicity is key! Free textures for your next web project. Nothing like a field of beautiful flowers. Trianglify by @qrohlf. Ordinateur. Ordinateur acceptée 79 0 Il ya 3 semaines.


3Dフィギュアによるポーズ集サイト. Gravit – unlock your design potential. Animation tutorial trailer. Les Dimensions des Images des Réseaux sociaux. Guide 2019 des dimensions des images des réseaux sociaux : Quelle est la taille des images sur les réseaux sociaux ? Quelle sont les dimensions des photos sur les réseaux sociaux ? Quelle est la taille idéale des photos sur les réseaux sociaux ? Quelle est la dimension d’une photo sur Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat ?

Quelle est la taille des photos de couverture sur les réseaux sociaux ? Comment apparaissent les images postées sur Facebook ou Twitter ? Living Lines Library.

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Character Design References (characterdesigh) on Pinterest. Grospixels. Cet article propose une chronologie partant des origines supposées des jeux vidéo pour s'achever à une époque récente, au delà de laquelle on évitera d'aller pour l'instant faute d'un recul suffisant. La première version en a été écrite pendant les premiers mois d'existence de notre site, vers fin 2000. Au fil des années il a plusieurs fois été remanié en tâchant de corriger ses défauts de jeunesse. Les sujets évoqués ici le seront rapidement. A blog about art and visual ingenuity. Inspire Me Now. TheFWA. Fubiz

Matthew Humphreys.