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Production of Goods

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Products - Te Ara. Resources - Te Ara. Water resources New Zealand ranks in the top 10 countries in the world for water quality and quantity, with its abundant rivers, lakes, underground aquifers and good rainfall.

Resources - Te Ara

But water resources still need to be carefully managed to deal with competing demands from agriculture, hydroelectricity schemes and … Industry - Many Answers. Manufacturing - Many Answers. Library Books on Industry. Library Books on Manufacturing. Industry Statistics NZ. Industry - Te Ara. A quick, easy summary Read the Full Story Primary industries – farming and forestry Primary industries provide raw materials like wool, meat or coal.

Industry - Te Ara

Manufacturing - Te Ara. A quick, easy summary Read the Full Story Early manufacturing Māori made their clothes, houses, fishing nets and everything else they needed from the plants, shells and stone they found around them.

Manufacturing - Te Ara