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W3Schools Online Web Tutorials. Creating a new tiddler template - TiddlyWiki. > This both adds the procedure as an instance, and adds a checkmark > which will tag the tiddler "done" (or "búið") - I'd really just like > to add that clicking the checkbox also saves the TW as I'm using CCTW > and need to manually save after checking the box.

Creating a new tiddler template - TiddlyWiki

Did you try my update to CheckboxPlugin, yet? *IF* you can invoke the CCTW save processing via a javascript function, then you can define an 'onClickAfter' handler for the checkbox, so that checking "done" (and setting the tag) also saves the file to CCTW. Getting started with custom macros - TiddlyWikiGuides. From TiddlyWikiGuides [edit] Introduction In this guide we will create a basic custom macro.

Getting started with custom macros - TiddlyWikiGuides

Macros in TiddlyWiki look like this in a tiddler's markup (ie unformatted contents): <<myMacro>> [edit] Macro parameter formatting. TiddlyWikiTutorial - Learn the Basics of TiddlyWiki. Trac. Note, we are phasing out the use of trac and subversion. The TiddlyWiki community wiki is now at TiddlyWiki source code is now on github at Bug can be reported as a github issue The source code for TiddlyWiki tranlations is at The TiddlyWiki google groups are still active. History - TiddlyWiki - Trac. Release 2.6.2 ¶ Usability ¶ CamelCase macro names show up in missing tab (Ticket #1241) TiddlyWiki's plugin manager displays when wiki is readonly (Ticket #1249) <<view text wikified>> crashes my TiddlyWiki (Ticket #1254) persistent options (without cookies) (Ticket #756) When editing tiddlers the default selected text is wrong (Ticket #1248) tiddler slice references show up in missing list (Ticket #1250) tabbing into and out of the search box causes a search to happen (Ticket #1262) sorting in list macros should be case-insensitive (Ticket #1244) Hackability ¶ simplify saveTiddler API method (Ticket #1014) global option to disable evaluated parameters (Ticket #1251) getTiddlerText for shadows tiddlers (Ticket #1259) Enhancement: upgrade filters to support limit keyword and field filtering.

Connect Firefox to TiddlyWiki with TiddlySnip. November 05, 2007 (8:00:00 AM) - 6 years, 2 months ago By: Dmitri Popov If you're using TiddlyWiki as your note-taking tool, you ought to give TiddlySnip a try.

Connect Firefox to TiddlyWiki with TiddlySnip

The idea behind this Firefox extension is simple: it allows you to add the currently viewed Web page or selected text snippet to your TiddlyWiki as a new tiddler. But TiddlySnip adds a few clever twists to this basic idea, which turn the Firefox/TiddlyWiki combo into a powerful and extremely useful tool. TiddlySnip installs as a conventional Firefox extension, but you need to point it to your TiddlyWiki file to make it work. Thinkerlog. Recently, I was talking with someone who has trouble with writing.


She’s great at talking and is very articulate. Somehow, when it comes to writing, she has issues. MonkeyGTD - gtd inspired task manager powered by tiddlywiki. Novakid:tiddlywiki. Tiddler Toddler - an absolute beginner&#039;s guide to TiddlyWiki. MonkeyGTD - gtd inspired task manager powered by tiddlywiki. Asdf config.options.chkHttpReadOnly = false;\n <!

MonkeyGTD - gtd inspired task manager powered by tiddlywiki

--{{{-->\n<div class='toolbar' macro='toolbar +saveTiddler -cancelTiddler deleteTiddler'></div>\n<div class='title' macro='view title'></div>\n<div class='editor' macro='edit title'></div>\n<div class='editor' macro='edit text'></div>\n<div class='editor' macro='edit tags'></div><div class='editorFooter'><span macro='message views.editor.tagPrompt'></span><span macro='tagChooser'></span></div>\n<! --}}}--> <<tiddler MainMenu>>\n\nAuthorMainMenu\nMainMenu\nDefaultTiddlers\nPluginManager\nPresentationIndex\n.

TiddlyWikiFAQ - a collection of frequently asked questions about tiddlywiki. TiddlyVault - An index of TiddlyWiki extensions from.