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The name columbarium comes from the resemblance between the burial chambers and the boxes for domesticated doves.

Religious Perspectives On Cremation. The practice of cremation is becoming more common in North America.

Religious Perspectives On Cremation

Although some religions forbid cremation, others have accepted the concept and today refer to cremation in their canon. Various religious denominations are adapting to these changes and integrating the practice into their funeral services. Some eastern religions have been cremating their dead for centuries and continue the practice today. The following brief summaries and references focus on a select religious perspectives towards cremation. • Anglican. Special Columbarium Designs For Church. The traditional Church Cemetery with the white picket fence surrounding the perimeter exemplifies how churches have been providing for their community for centuries.

Special Columbarium Designs For Church

As churches continue to expand and grow they are seeking new ways that they can support families during their darkest hour while meeting the needs of their faith community. Statistically, cremation in North America is almost surpassing traditional casket burial. According to the Cremation Association of North America, in 2015 over 48.6% of Americans preferred cremation to in ground burial. (Where those cremains are interred is another blog.) Many still remain in the homes of loved ones waiting to find that perfect place for interment. Modern Columbarium Design For Your Family. Have you ever had a conversation with your family about death and how you wish to be interred?

Modern Columbarium Design For Your Family

Are you interested in following traditional burial practices or are you leaning more towards the idea of cremation? Have you ever considered purchasing a family columbarium? The family columbarium is a new concept in many North American cemeteries. Like a traditional family crypt or tomb (which is designed for full body burial), the family columbarium is designed to inter family cremains in a smaller more personalized niche structure. Some families prefer this cremation interment option to in-ground burial or the larger commercial columbaria now offered in many cemeteries. Columbarium Installation and Shipping - Why Distance Doesn't Matter. If you have concerns about choosing a columbarium manufacturer that is not located within close proximity to your cemetery, rest assured that most cemeteries in North America aren’t located anywhere near a columbarium manufacturer.

Columbarium Installation and Shipping - Why Distance Doesn't Matter

Quality columbarium manufacturers never worry about the shipping distance, because all of their products eventually have to be loaded on a truck and delivered to the cemetery. Whether it is thousands of miles away or across the street, all experienced North American columbaria manufacturers know how to load their products onto flatbeds and ship them across the country. Therefore the most important thing to focus on when selecting a columbarium manufacturer, is to choose the company with a solid reputation in the industry for quality, craftsmanship, great designs and excellent customer service.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Columbarium. 1.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Columbarium

Move the real estate vertically. Some cemeteries are facing land shortages. The columbarium can provide an innovative solution for cemeteries concerned with running out of interment space. 2. Is Your Cemetery Adapting to the Growing Cremation "Trend"? The trend towards cremation as a method of disposition of decedent is proving to be less of a “trend” and more of a growing change in attitude across North America.

Is Your Cemetery Adapting to the Growing Cremation "Trend"?

The word “trend” implies that it is fleeting and that it will change, but perhaps we need to revisit this term when referring to cremation and see this change for what it truly is, a “transition”, implying permanence. Perhaps then, cemetery boards and management will be able to plan with greater confidence creating alternative interment options as cremation fast becomes “the new normal”. Columbarium Foundation Preparation: Why Soil Testing is Important! If you are considering pouring a columbarium foundation without a getting proper soil test done first….. think about the Leaning Tower of Pisa before you even consider skipping this phase.

Columbarium Foundation Preparation: Why Soil Testing is Important!

Shored up under a bed of shifting sand, silty clay and soft topsoil, The Leaning Tower of Pisa has been on a trajectory of collapse from the moment the foundation was set. Little did the 12th century builders know at that time that their beloved tower was doomed to fall. Throughout the course of building this structure, the Pisans sadly realized the weak soil properties and subsoil layers that lay beneath the foundation a little too late. There is no doubt that prayers from the adjacent Cathedral were finally heard as solutions were eventually devised that would save the Tower from collapse.

The tremendous cost and engineering talent required to correct this tower from certain calamity, highlights, that a little testing in advance can save a fortune in repairs later. Untitled. Is Your Cemetery Adapting to the Growing Cremation "Trend"? Custom Columbarium Manufacturer Company in USA. Exceptional design demands sound engineering, innovation and skill.

Custom Columbarium Manufacturer Company in USA

Sunset delivers as it meets the creative vision of architects and cemetery management across the continent. As cemeteries strive to distinguish themselves from others, the columbarium is fast becoming the focal feature. Our talent is working collaboratively with Landscape Architects and Cemetery Management across North America in order to create a unique columbarium that attracts attention and comforts families with a peaceful setting for their memorial. As a custom manufacturer and over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Sunset is turning heads in the industry as it meets the latest in columbaria design. Matching exceptional quality and craftmanship with innovative form is our forte. Quality Columbarium Manufacturer Services in USA. Sunset has a solid reputation in the industry for sound engineering and the finest of manufacturing techniques.

Quality Columbarium Manufacturer Services in USA

Our exclusive access to cutting edge industries and the latest in technology enhances our quality and design, setting us apart from our competitors. Sunset’s 100% granite exterior columbaria are created to stand the test of time. Joints — perfectly flushed edges making for clean lines and a perfect, chip-free joint.Corners — sleek, natural and sculptured qualities that add elegance.Polishing — we do not use chemicals in the polishing process that might yellow the stone over time. A Lifetime Warranty on all granite and core components that cover fundamental flaws in the stone 10 Year Warranty on workmanshipOver 30 years of engineering expertiseOver 22 years of manufacturing experience. Considering The Purchase of a Columbarium? Key Considerations. Columbarium for Cremated Remains - Columbarium USA.

At Sunset Memorial & Stone, we believe we cannot achieve full customer satisfaction until we are assured that you are making a profit from your columbarium purchase.

Columbarium for Cremated Remains - Columbarium USA

To this end, we try to provide prospective customers with as much supporting information as we can, to help them create a realistic and persuasive plan that they can present to their boards, organizations, or communities to turn concept into reality. The process is composed of 5 simple steps as shown in the figure : Sunset recognizes that many of our customers excel at serving people, but may not have the financial background to be able to create a strong financial assessment of their columbarium proposals.

To assist potential customers with this skill, we have created the Sunset Memorial & Stone Financial Calculator that leads customers step by step through a spreadsheet that does all of the financial calculations for them. After inputting the required information, the calculator will tell potential customers their: Funeral Pre-Planning. Why a Columbarium Memorial is Important? Columbaria- Bring Your Families Back To The Cemetery. Setting the Stage: How Beautiful Columbaria & Landscapes Can Bring Families Back to the Cemetery By Susan Johnstone When I was a young girl I always marvelled at my mother’s fascination with cemeteries.

We would be on holidays somewhere in the middle of nowhere and if an opportunity presented itself she would steal away from the tribe and wander off into the local cemetery. I can still picture her meandering through the grounds with her hands behind her back reading each tombstone with intense interest and reverence, clearly wanting to know each individual story. Today, changes are being thrust upon cemeteries due to new cremation trends. 22 of Hilside’s 354 niches have been sold as of Feb. 15, 2015. As the Baby Boomer generation begins to plan their funerals, they are seeking ways to be special and unique. Columbarium - Honour The Life and Memory of Your Loved Ones. A family estate cemetery section offers a considerable increase in burial yield over traditional single casket lots. A cemetery section consisting of 21 family estate suites (shown below) offers at least 453 interments in a variety of casket lots, cremation lots and columbarium niches and requires 0.15 acres of land.

This is the equivalent of 100-130 casket lots based upon a typical yield per acre. The family estate suites are designed to allow for easy grave site access for funeral activities, visitors and a variety of cemetery operations, including opening/closings, installation of monuments/columbaria, general site maintenance and snow removal for seasonal grave site access. Each suite contains reasonable space for low maintenance native ‘softscape’ elements such as woody plant material (small trees and shrubs) and herbaceous plant materials (annuals, perennials, and ornamental grasses). How to Use Unused Sections of A Cemetery. Selecting Designs for Granite Memorial Stones. Deciding on a memorial for a loved one can be a tremendously emotional experience for families. Describing and defining a life through the permanence of stone can be overwhelming when compounded with the experience of deep loss. At Sunset Memorial and Stone we focus on helping families through the process with compassionate care.

We respect the individual needs of our families and do everything in our power to assist them during this very difficult time. We recognize that every family is different when it comes to the timing of when to choose a monument. There are some families who need closure and want to see the monument immediately after the interment.

Sometimes it’s hard to think about aesthetics when facing the loss of a loved one. Provide Value by Purchasing Exceptional Columbarium Designs. Columbarium Ascension Design. Cemetery managers have confirmed that the striking Ascension design converts the hardest selling bottom niche into the most desired and the most profitable. The larger niche and granite shutter inscription area, combined with the angled orientation that faces up towards the visitor, conveys clear and tangible value. Every Ascension niche can be marketed as either an individual, or an extended family option depending on your choice of configuration.

Standard Features: 100% granite exteriorPowder-coated, marine grade aluminum coreIndividual niche – 4 urnsExtended family niche – 8 urnsProprietary water tight, key-locked inner security doorChoice of granite colour combinationsAttractive angled and polished top and front moldings Optional Features: Removable inner partition to convert individual niches into an extended family niche. Cemeterians in San Francisco. Traditions are familiar, intensely personal and comforting rites that are passed on through the generations, and nowhere is tradition more powerfully observed as in the rituals of burial. The practice of commemorating life is the one rite of passage that people feel a duty to honor, in part because the death of a close one marks a passage within their own lives. But as times change and the Baby Boomers start to leave their mark on interment practices, they are beginning to fundamentally change how society looks at what is considered a tradition worth keeping and what is no longer of value.

So the question is, “Are cemeteries effectively moving with the times?” We can go back a couple hundred years in North America and wander through the formal cemeteries of the past. As we proceed towards the more modern sections of these areas, one notices that very little has changed. “There is always a strategy to meet this challenge.” says Gordon Leaf (MBA, P. Religious Perspectives On Cremation. Easy Steps to Grow and Build a Perfect Lawn. How To Purchase A Family Columbarium. Discovering New Orleans' Cemeteries and Its Floating Coffins. How Beautiful Columbaria & Landscapes Can Bring Families Back to the Cemetery. How to Clean and Maintain a Granite Memorial Stone. We always want the best for our loved ones, even when they have passed away. Columbarium: It’s More Than Just A Resting Place. Design Specifics: What Every Memorial Marker Needs. Losing someone we love can be quite a traumatic experience.

How to Improve the Appeal of the Bottom Tier Niches. Redesigning The Ground Floor Planning a new feature columbarium for Sarnia Ontario’s Lakeview Cemetery required some “thinking outside the box”. Columbarium - Convey a Sense of Remembrance. Cleaning and Maintenance of a Memorial Stone. Modern Techniques to Maintain New Granite Columbarium. North American Columbarium Manufacturer. There is a quiet buzz on the North American trade show circuit. Columbarium Ascension Design. Unique Garden Suites for Cremation Memorials. Columbarium Heritage Model. Choose The Best Custom Columbarium Designs.

Sunset Memorial & Stone is a leading North American supplier of custom-designed and constructed columbaria. We specialize in architecturally designed granite columbaria and offer a wide range of engineered products from single niche units to large projects integrating thousands of niches. Our columbaria are custom-engineered and expertly designed to your specific needs. We work collaboratively with cemeteries and architects to create noteworthy designs that attract attention. How to Clean and Maintain a Granite Memorial Stone. Custom Columbarium Manufacturer. Columbaria Legacy model. Concord Columbaria Benefits. Columbarium's Memorial Walls.

Sunset’s 100% Granite Exterior Columbaria. Curved Columbarium Models Available. Columbarium- Memorable Places of Remembrance.