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Pushkar Camel Fair Photography Tour 2013 - Rajasthan | Photography Tours & Photography Holidays | Travelshooters. Pushkar Camel Fair 2015 photography tour | Photography tours Rajasthan 2015 | India photography tours This 15-day Rajasthan photography tour is designed by British creative directors and Indian Pushkar shoot veterans to take you further and deeper into the real Rajasthan.

Where many Rajasthan photo tour itineraries take an off-the-shelf tour-bus circuit and tack on a pro photographer, this, in complete contrast, is a custom-designed photographer's itinerary created by professionals who genuinely know the land, the languages and the culture and spend many weeks each year researching Rajasthan's myriad photography opportunities.

The result is a two-weeker that marries the must-see elements of this princely state with hand-crafted, off-the-beaten-track photo opportunities that simultaneously astonish the eye and enrich the portfolio. This tour will bring you photographic opportunities and encounters on three distinct levels. Radiohead and Ballet at 1000 Frames Per Second. Simon Iannelli, a German photographer, posted this beautiful video called “Le vent” that he helped direct, to YouTube recently. In the video, Marina Kanno and Giacomo Bevilaqua, two ballet dancers from the Berlin State Ballet, do a series of precise jumps while being filmed at 1000 frames per second. The fast filming allows the video to be slowed down, and the slow-motion ballet is entrancing. Especially when backed with Radiohead’s “Everything in Its Right Place.” Its really amazing to see how accurate these two dancers are with their timing, and it’s easy to see the time they’ve put into mastering dance.

See for yourself in the video below, and check out Iannelli’s other projects on his website. Radiohead and Ballet at 1000 Frames Per Second. Throughtheeyes. HOME : Jen Davis Photography. Bike Fancy. Freddy Cerdeira | COTW Surf Photographer. Riding the Rickshaw. Wordle : Create Fancy “Word Clouds” from Text. Wordle is a simple and lovely art tool for generating “word clouds” from text. If you have no idea what word clouds are just see a sample screenshot below. To create a word cloud Wordle asks you to enter some source text. There are two options here, you can either generate a cloud from the text you provided it with or tell Worlde to use your tags instead. Pretty simple.

As you would expect from a tag cloud, the words that appear more frequently in the source text get a greater prominence in the cloud. Additionally, you have an option to customize the cloud further using different fonts, layouts, and colors. When you’re done with the cloud, you can print out, save it to the Wordle gallery, or grab a screenshot of it and save it on your PC. Features: Check out Wordle @ Textorizer: Create Artsy SVG Images Made of Words. Textorizer is a cool online tool for creating Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images. If you have no idea what this means don’t bother, all it does is takes some picture and creates a similar one that is made of text and words. See example below: To get started simply enter the web address/location of the original image, type in the list of words that you want to be used when generating the image, customize settings and you’re good to go.

Click “Textorize”. Done. Textorizer can be both used online as well as on your desktop. Features: Create artsy SVG images made of words.Generate as many images as you like. Go to Textorizer @ Kaleidocycle: Make and Print Cool Photo Kaleidocycles. If you are looking for a whole new different way to show off your pictures, then you should bookmark Kaleidocycle. This online tool generates ready-to-fold pictures and provides a quick three-step instruction for making kaleidocycles. You can start creating a kaleidocycle by uploading four images or choosing from their gallery. Then submit your picture choices so that you can download and print the final results. Now all that’s left to do is cut, fold, and glue it accordingly from the instructions in the website. Kaleidocycle is one of the many paper-art resources featured in this website. In addition, Foldplay teaches you how to make origami and paper models.

This website is an ideal avenue for creative and DIY types who need a simple project to kill time while being productive. Features: Lets you make your own full color kaleidocycle from your own pictures.Free; no sign-up required.Three-step instructions helps you make kaleidocycles easily.Similar Tool: Kalender and Origami-Club. Gray Wolf Page. E.J. Peiker, Nature Photographer Gray Wolf Home Page Back to Wildlife Gallery Index. Animal Safari: Wildlife that makes you say WOW! [40 PICS] While on Safari in Africa, the photographer snapped a shot of this female leopard up in a tress and in heat.

The male approached on the ground, but she “made an even louder racket and let out a loud bark at him.” So the male turned away and sauntered off. She jumped down and followed him. Photo #1 by Steve Jurvetson Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa, is renowned as perhaps the best wildlife reserve in Africa due to its density of predators and prey. People come from all over the world to watch the annual migration of over 1.5 million white-bearded wildebeest and 250,000 zebras. This male lion is relaxing on a rock, soaking up some sun. These Elephants were seen during a safari at Kruger National Park which is one of the largest game reserves in Africa.

This giraffe was also at Kruger National Park, but this time the photographer noted, “Sometimes traffic gets a bit congested when you are on safari.” Lioness sitting next to a dead tree at Masai Mara. Beautiful photography | Only HD Amazing Photos, Creative Images, Cool Pictures. People of Nepal on the Behance Network. Digital Cameras: Digital Photography Review, News, Reviews, Forums, FAQ.