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Four Healthcare Professionals That Treat Children. Ear, Nose & Throat Care - WebKu. Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) are essential parts of the human body.

Ear, Nose & Throat Care - WebKu

The Best Fertility Treatment Options. In the UK, infertility is one of the most common health problems.

The Best Fertility Treatment Options

Studies suggest that one in seven couples has infertility. It can induce a lot of stress in a couple, resulting in depression. Before being officially diagnosed with infertility, doctors run a series of tests. They go through patients’ medical and sexual history. Both men and women undergo tests like sperm analysis, blood tests, and ultrasound.

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) IVF is one of the most common fertility treatments around the world. Why IVF is the preferred fertility treatment. Modern medicine has made massive strides in the development and improvement of fertility medication and treatments in the last few decades.

Why IVF is the preferred fertility treatment

People exp Modern medicine has made massive strides in the development and improvement of fertility medication and treatments in the last few decades. People experiencing difficulty conceiving naturally now have several options to choose from to help make their dream of having children come true. So many alternative methods of conceptions and fertility treatments like hormone therapy, intrauterine insemination (IUI), high tech reproductive technology (ART) and surgery have revolutionized the field of infertility and recorded high success rates but none more than in vitro fertilization (IVF). Five Types of Surgical Doctors in Your Hospital. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) - What You Need To Know. Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS affects about 10% to 15% of the global population.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) - What You Need To Know

This means that there are about 753 million to 1.13 billion people in the world who are affected by it. Speech and language therapy service at Guy's and St Thomas Private Healthcare. Reasons for Oral Surgery Need. Dental pain is often excruciating and sometimes requires that you see an oral surgeon.

Reasons for Oral Surgery Need

There are many reasons that your tooth/jaw might be in pain, and you may need to visit the surgeon sooner rather than later, to prevent the pain and possible infection from getting worse. If you go to a hospital like Guys and St Thomas, they may suggest that you will need oral surgery. Here are some reasons you might need it. Your Tooth Needs To Be Removed Depending on the nature of the oral emergency, your dentist may determine that your tooth needs to be removed. Your tooth may have experienced some previous issue which may have required some minor surgery like a filling. What to Know Before First Visiting a Fertility Doctor - BusinessTelegraph. Deciding to visit a fertility doctor shouldn’t be something decided overnight.

What to Know Before First Visiting a Fertility Doctor - BusinessTelegraph

If you’re actively trying to conceive, you’re under 35, you’ve been off birth control for over a year, and still not able to conceive then it’s time to make an appointment. For those over 35, the time should be up to 6 months. 4 Neonatal Screening Tests that Parents Should Know. A Quick Guide to In-Vitro Fertilization. Activities You Should Not Do After Cataract Surgery. November 10th, 2019 by Diana Ross Cataract surgery is a big deal.

Activities You Should Not Do After Cataract Surgery

How to Recognise Food Allergies in Children. Food allergies seem to be getting more and more common in the UK.

How to Recognise Food Allergies in Children

Currently, over 5% of children in the UK have a food allergy, according to the UK Food Standards Agency. It is estimated that as many as 21 million people are living with allergy in Europe. It is now the most common chronic disease in Europe. One in five patients with allergies lives every day with the fear of going into shock, having an attack or dying from a reaction. Most food allergies show up in infants as they are weaned onto solid foods.

4 Easy Tips For Newborn Care. Most parents describe having a child as one of the most fulfilling experiences anyone can ever go through.

4 Easy Tips For Newborn Care

No matter it is your first child or second, the excitement is of bringing in the new member in the family is same. However, as high and fulfilling as caring for a child can be, it can also be one of the most stressful endeavours you will ever undertake. The first few weeks could sometimes be the most chaotic and confusing period of the entire experience, especially for first-time parents. Most of these parents are happy with their newborns, but also considerably overwhelmed because it generally feels like everything is happening all at once. Short Guide On How To Take Care of Elderly Parents. Elderly people deserve to have good care.

Short Guide On How To Take Care of Elderly Parents

Since ageing is a definite part of life and can’t be avoided, there are a few things we can do to ensure that the senior citizens have a good quality of life. Understanding basic daily activities Not every person is equally equipped to handle old age. Many elderly persons might have difficulty undertaking regular tasks. 4 Common Eye Defects You Should Know bout - Market Business News. The human eye is a very complex organ and also a delicate one. It is complex because normal eye function requires all its intricate parts to come together and work in harmony.

However, it is fragile because it can very easily be damaged, even from the slightest impact. The eye is made up of several parts including the cornea, tear ducts, iris, lens, retina, optic nerves, and more. Although research seems to vary, there are statistics that suggest nearly half of the world’s population lives with some kind of eye defect. For some people, these defects are temporary and will either go away on their own or can easily be treated without any extensive procedures.

Others are, however, not so lucky. What To Expect With An Iui Treatment. If you are undergoing intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatment, it is obvious that you may feel anxious. The two weeks of waiting to find out if the pregnancy is a success after insemination can be nerve-wracking. In any case, there are a few things to look out for after you’ve gotten your treatment.

It’s nothing scary, but it’s wise to be observant. What To Do After The Treatment It is a common myth about IUIs that says women should take extensive bed rest after the treatment. Caring for the elderly. Paediatric Opthalmalogy treatment at Guy's and St Thomas Private Healthcare. Living with Pain. Top 3 Conditions Causing Infertility in Premenopause Women - Pink Is The New Blog. According to a study conducted on 15000 people in the UK, one in eight women are likely to be infertile, and it is generally expected that most of these women are likely to go undiagnosed until they start trying to have a baby. Premenopause is described as the time before a woman’s ovaries stop producing eggs, while infertility is commonly explained as a condition where a heterosexual couple fails to achieve conception after 12 months of regular unprotected intercourse. While there are different opinions on the definition of “regular intercourse”, most people in the medical community consider two times or more per week as a standard.

The type of female infertility treatment you may need premenopause will typically depend on your diagnosed condition and underlying root cause. The most common conditions, root causes and probable treatment type are outlined below: Ovarian Dysfunction This is the most common condition causing infertility in women before menopause. 4 Easy Ways to Manage Your Child’s Health - 6 Tips for Taking Great Care of Your Eyes. Eyesight is one of the most important functions, so it’s only natural that we need to take good care of our eyes.

A lot of people seem to take their eyes for granted, when they too require maintenance on our part. Maintaining sharp vision is extremely important, which is why everyone should focus on keeping their eyes as healthy as possible. Keep your hands clean Everyone instinctively rubs their eyes practically on a daily basis. However, that’s not an exactly healthy thing to do, first and foremost because hands tend to have dirt and plenty of bacteria that could potentially hurt the eyes. Best Ways To Keep Your Digestive System Healthy. Keeping the digestive system healthy and properly functioning is a must. It’s a system that requires proper care; otherwise, you might run into unnecessary issues later on in your life, which can be easily solved with a good diet plan and slight lifestyle changes.

This is especially important for people that have issues like IBS or have a generally sensitive digestive system. Don’t Skip Out On Fibre There are two types of fiber, both of which are incredibly helpful to the digestive system. Insoluble fiber, which is the one that absorbs water and is responsible for your stool, and soluble, which makes sure that there are no blockages in the digestive tract. Eating foods like legumes, nuts, and seeds are great for soluble fiber, while whole grains contain plenty of soluble fiber. What You Should Know About In-Vitro Fertilisation. Mabelcook20.kinja. What to do when your eyes are hurting. 5 Common Digestive Diseases. 7 August, 2019. How to Help Your Child Recover From an Injury - Unfinished ManUnfinished Man. Neonatal Care at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Private HealthCare. Neonatal care refers to the professional health care given to new-born infants from the moment they are born through the first 30 days of life.

The Importance of Cardiovascular Health Care. Female infertility Treatment In Guys And St. Thomas Healthcare. What To Expect When Staying In A Private Hospital - Fitneass. There is nothing more important in the world than personal health. Modern medicine has advanced quite significantly, and a private hospital is just the place to witness it. 4 Types of Doctors for Children. Eight Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. As we get older, the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle become more apparent and important. Some of those benefits include staying free from disease and having a strong, slim, and responsive body.

For many, this is easier said than done. 5 Reasons to Choose Private Healthcare. Finding the right healthcare institution is incredibly vital. Five Signs That You Need to Visit an ENT Doctor. Doctors who deal with disorders and conditions of the ear, nose, and throat (ENT), as well as connected areas of the head and neck, are known as ENT doctors or Otolaryngologists. Patients dealing with common problems like swimmer’s ear, tonsillitis, and Down’s syndrome are often referred to ENT doctors for treatment. Some of the Common Eye Problems in Children. Practical Reasons Why You Should Not Self-Medicate by mabelcook20. Importance of a Paediatrician in a Child’s Early Life. Frequently Asked Questions About Cataracts - VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE™ What to Expect in Artificial Insemination - UK Uncut. Causes of Infertility in Women Today.

Here are Several ways to Care for Your Heart - SourceFed. What You Need to Know About Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 7 Routine Health Checks Everyone Needs. Mabelcook20.kinja. Frequently Asked Questions about Glaucoma. Understanding Home Birth: The Pros and Cons - North East Connected. Frequently Asked Questions about Infertility. Signs Your Child Has Eye Problems - YEG Fitness. Benefits of online doctor consultations. The Merits of Private Healthcare.

Children’s Bladder Service At Guy’s and St Thomas’ How to Move Forward From an Accident. What You Should Know Before Trying IVF by Mabel Cook. Guy's and St Thomas — Know how Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Treatment... Healthyvoyager. What to Know Before Your Oral or Facial Surgery - Viral Rang. 5 Causes of Infertility in Women - My Press Plus. It is True 60 is The New 30 in This Century - The Xerxes. Latest Developments in Eye Care in Adult Life. Understanding Infertility and Medical Intervention. Things You Need to Know About a Pediatricians. Basic information about surgery. Elderly Medicine Services At GuysandStthmoas Healthcare. Cataract Surgery At Guys and St. Thomas Healthcare. ENT specialist At Guys and St. Thomas Healthcare. 5 Breakthroughs in Fertility Science. Important Tips to Take Good Care of Your Heart: Business Articles.

Prеvеntivе Mеasurеs to Kееp your Child Frее from Illnеssеs. 4 Signs You Might Need a Psychologist. Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease. What to Expect Inan Acute Medical Unit. How to Choose a Good Hospital and Maternity Unit - Over UC - Daily Updates and News. 5 Health Tips for Childcare. An Overview of the Neonatal Unit of Hospitals and Clinics by mabelcook20. 4 Reasons to Choose a Private Hospital – Mabel Cook. Maternity Service Support Throughout Pregnancy At Guysandstthomas.