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Hawaiian surfer breaks world record by riding 78ft wave off Portugal. The Guinness World Records has recognised a 44-year-old professional surfer from Hawaii for catching a 78ft wave off the coast of Portugal, saying the November feat beats a 2008 record for the biggest ridden by more than 12 inches.

Hawaiian surfer breaks world record by riding 78ft wave off Portugal

Garrett McNamara of Haleiwa, on Oahu's north shore, has admitted that the ride of his life was a fluke, however. He said he originally did not want to attempt the waves that day after wiping out numerous times on even bigger swells in the same spot, above an undersea canyon known as one of the biggest wave-generators in the world. "I was really beat-up that morning," he said. "This day, I did not want to get out of bed. " He changed his mind at the urging of friends.

Video of the run shows the 5ft 10in McNamara against a wall of water as he lets go of a tow rope and begins riding down the wave at Praia do Norte. The official record comes after McNamara was awarded $15,000 (£9,309) for the ride at the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards in California. Benjaman Kyle. Incident and post-amnesia[edit] Benjaman Kyle believed he was passing through Richmond Hill, Georgia on either U.S.

Benjaman Kyle

Route 17 or Interstate 95 in late August 2004. He may also have been on the road because of Hurricane Charley, which had hit earlier that month.[6] On August 31, 2004 at 5:00 am, a Burger King employee found him unconscious, sun-burnt, and naked behind a dumpster of the restaurant.[7][8] He had three depressions in his skull that appeared to have been caused by blunt force trauma and he also had red ant bites on his body. After discovering him, employees called 911, and EMS took him to St. After waking up, when he was asked for his name by hospital staff, he remembered that it was Benjaman, but could not recall his last name. In 2008 he was invited to appear on the Dr.

In March 2011, Benjaman was approached by Florida State University's College of Motion Picture Arts graduate student John Wikstrom. Search for identity[edit] Recorded memories[edit] Identification[edit] Marriage Proposal with an Android App On November 2nd I proposed to my girlfriend of over 2 years, Meghan.

She's very perceptive and extremely difficult to surprise, so I knew I had to do something really clever to catch her off guard. I knew I had to first distract her with something she's obsessed with so that she'd lower her defenses... and that led me to "Her Android Phone" and "Harry Potter". As luck would have it I had just gotten an invitation to the beta of Google's "App Inventor", which allows people to quickly and easily create apps with little or no programming. In several hours (including the initial learning curve) I was able to create an app that would achieve my goals. I created an app that appeared to be an official application promoting the new Harry Potter movie.

We went to dinner and I casually mentioned to her that a co-worker told me about an app she could win free tickets to Harry Potter with. Here's what she saw: This application was created with Google App Inventor.