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MAADI - Mobile app development India presents customized mobile application for any type of business. Get app for iOS, Android, windows, blackberry etc. Experienced mobile app developers for every type of platform. We have developed 370+ application for our clients across the glob.

7 must-follow Mobile app testing practices. The present condition of mobile app market is such that, every single day hundreds and thousands of new mobile apps are being launched.

7 must-follow Mobile app testing practices

With so many advanced apps being launched, apps integration is now possible into drones, digital assistants, automated cards, wearables, etc. where millions of people download it on their smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, watches, vehicles, kitchen and home appliances, etc. This has resulted in an added pressure on every enterprise to meet the growing consumer demand regarding device compatibility issues, functional bugs, or bad UX of mobile apps that cause the users to switch to an alternative app. Performance, speed, and quality are turning into influential factors for every enterprise and consumer app in the industry. How are UX trends changing the designing aspect? Today, most of the people – be it adults or teenagers own a smartphone and this also affected the number of PC users.

How are UX trends changing the designing aspect?

People are shifting to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and desktops have taken a backseat. Ways to Integrate App Security in App development. Today, many app development companies spend an immense amount of money, time and resources to protect their network systems from hackers and other kinds of online-borne risks.

Ways to Integrate App Security in App development

But, most of the defensive efforts have not been solid enough to combat these threats as they turn out to be inadequate in dealing with some of the passivity at the application layer in the network system. The application layer is the most susceptible areas in a network system and according to a recent research, most of the negative effects of mobile insecurity are experienced at this layer only. Besides the lack of protection, this prospective damage can also happen through insider targets.

Role of UI and UX in Mobile App Development. Mobile apps are designed and developed to execute certain business objectives such as generating new leads and yields, increase brand equity, increase user engagement and beyond.

Role of UI and UX in Mobile App Development

Today, market conditions have turned into such a scenario that there are innumerable options to choose from and because of this, it has become quite a task to get a positive response from the target audience and encourage them to download your app as well as to use it frequently. 7 challenges of mobile app development that start-ups may encounter. Along with the escalated competition in the app market, developing a functional mobile app has become quite a crucial task.

7 challenges of mobile app development that start-ups may encounter

This greatly impacts the start-up's companies that are trying to set their foot down in the market – whether it’s their marketing or popularity. The audience out there is not at all interesting in seeing monotonous and identical apps. This leads to a fierce competition that creates many challenges for start-up companies when they decide to develop an application. In the current market conditions, whether you are a technical or nontechnical start-up owner, if you are planning to develop a mobile application then you should definitely reconsider.

6 Marketing tips to promote your mobile app. When it comes to developing a perfect mobile application it indeed demands lots of time, efforts, and resources.

6 Marketing tips to promote your mobile app

And if it’s specifically based on the requirements of the end-user, a developer might need to add more to it. Despite this, developing an ideal app is not the one and only requirement for being prominent in the mobile app market. It should also be unique and well-defined to the potential audience. Otherwise, it may get lost in the throngs of other apps in the app world. 5 major tips to measure Customer Satisfaction. When it comes to mobile app customers, there is no better friend and foe for a mobile app business, especially in the current market conditions.

5 major tips to measure Customer Satisfaction

Earn the customer’s trust and they would be devoted to your brand but if you treat them poorly then the tables can turn towards you. In addition, the major issue is that only 5% of unhappy customers really express their discontents. And sometimes it might happen that some of them won’t even come back. So what can you really do to determine the satisfaction of your customers?

Things to Consider Before Developing a Hybrid App. Hybrid Mobile Apps have become a major element for the mobile app development domain.

Things to Consider Before Developing a Hybrid App.

Instead of writing native code for each platform distinctly, hybrid app development enables developers to use web technologies like HTML, CSS, & JavaScript to target multiple mobile platforms from a single code base. Choosing the best cross-platform development tools. With the highly impulsive circumstances of today’s mobile app market, it is a backbreaking task to uphold your business’s stature in such market conditions.

Choosing the best cross-platform development tools

Even when only one out of four companies is going for cross-platform mobile app development, the competition is still stringent. Despite the fact that there are many development frameworks and tools available in the market, there is no seamless tool that includes every required element for cross-platform app development. In addition to this, companies don’t have any narrow category through which they can assess and choose the ideal cross-platform development tool for their business. Check out the below points that can help you in choosing an ideal tool for your cross-platform mobile app development. The company size and staff’s expertise. Xamarin : The Ruler of Cross-Platform Development. The application development domain is expanding at a remarkable pace and for which the extensive adaptability of mobility by the consumers is responsible.

Xamarin : The Ruler of Cross-Platform Development

Countless devices and software have directly or indirectly influenced the everyday life of people around the world. This mobile revolution has created a great opportunity for businesses and mobile application developers to reinforce their presence as promoters and facilitators. And when it comes to mobile applications, there is no point of debating on native applications because their advantages greatly overpower the hybrid or HTML5 apps. An in-depth analysis of the requirements subjected to the end-user is necessary, before deciding upon any platform type. This would help in determining a strategy for the established objectives. How is MBaaS powering up mobile app development? Applications today have been excelling due to the smooth user interfaces as well as due to their back-end services.

App data is accessible through different devices through these cloud-based, back-end services. As mobile apps are getting more and more complex, the modern app development is getting more complicated. Developers spend more than 50% of their time for the back-end development and hence they need an improved way of meeting the market demands. MBaaS (Mobile back-end-as-a-service) is designed for the purpose of giving mobile app developers the potentiality of developing quality apps quicker, without overlooking security or availability. And this can be done by reusing recognized back-end services through unified integration methods. How do iBeacon apps help to expand customer base? Recently, iBeacon received much attention on the global platform and iBeacon’s BLE low sensing technology based on the universally unique identifier has immensely influenced the business industry.

Apple developed iBeacon – a beacon concept based on Bluetooth which makes sending or receiving of data possible within a defined limited distance through Bluetooth devices including a Smartphone and a beacon device. Apple’s devices with iOS7 and further versions consists a feature that can receive signals from low energy Bluetooth devices in the close vicinity through apps which can detect such devices. And the apps will be able to perform a unique activity like sending out push notifications even when the app is not active and the device is in the pocket or bag. This feature is great for businesses and retailers because customized messages can be sent out and information can be derived about what and where the users are shopping. Personalised experience Users Feedback Virtual Seller.

Mobile App Development: with NodeJS and JSON. For those who are not much familiar with the application development, former technologies such as PHP and SQL were used to build web based applications based on databases. These technologies were validated by a dearth of scalability and often needed a comprehensive redevelopment so as to expand the platform. The advent of JavaScript and linked libraries and frameworks has implied that as software applications have become more data sensitive and real-time updates have appeared then technologies have been developed accordingly to enable the increase of the use of these technologies. What is JSON? 6 Key Testing tools for mobile app developers. The accelerated growth of mobile devices poses a certain testing challenge for mobile app developers. As there are so many browsers, operating systems, and devices in circulation, it is close to impossible to ensure a quality experience across all combinations, especially when you have limited number of accessible devices.

Moreover, the more you expect from your apps, the more crucial app testing gets. As applications are getting more and more complex, testing has now become a vital part of the development lifecycle. So, to help the developers in finding bugs and to check how their applications will function in the real world, an array of tools and services has surfaced, including cloud-based options that allow the developers to access thousands of devices and software combinations.

Important Factors Before Building An Android App. Android apps are continuing to dominate the app market as the alleged difference between the earning potential of Android and iOS has continued to reduce. However, the majority of Android apps fail to earn as much as they are intended to because they are often developed with drawbacks or non-user centric design. How can you make your app go viral? Four Tips for Enterprise Mobile App Development. 6 Best Tips to Resolve Mobile App Testing Issues. Enterprises are being enforced to give more priority to mobile apps with amazing UX. Along with error free apps, they also have to deliver these superior quality apps before their adversaries do while dealing with the constantly evolving technological aspect. These expectations and pressures of such situations generally strain the relationship between Testing and QA teams.

And this is where Continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) methodology comes in. CI is a testing practice where isolated changes are instantly tested and reported before they are added to the code base. CI provides rapid feedback and in case any error is introduced into the code base, can be identified and corrected at earliest. 5 Crucial Mobile App budgeting Mistakes to avoid. 6 Important Facts About Mobile App Development. 6 Vital Tips For Developing Reactive Mobile App. Improve User Engagement with Push Notifications! 5 Tips to market your mobile app on a low budget. 4 Things to consider before becoming an Appreneur. The breakthrough development in the IT field has literally brought the world at our fingertips. Today, we can find innumerable advanced and interactive apps for almost everything, due to upsurge in the utilization of smart phones.

The smart phones are dominating our lives in such a way that they have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Before 10-20 years no one knew enough about phones or computers but today almost everyone is familiar with the mobile applications. Before getting into the business of mobile app development, there are certain things that should be considered by the businesses and the very first thing is to decide upon the “right” platform. Let us look at some pointers that you have to consider when you decide that you need an application for your business.

Based on the category it comes under, it is important to plan out so that when it comes to the launch of your application there are no to minimal blunders. Mobile app development lifecycle guidelines for every Developer - Maadi. 8 Benefits of cloud computing for your business - Maadi. Mobile App Development India's practices of Agile Software Development. Take your business to the next level with mobile applications. 6 Tips to improve your mobile app security - Maadi. How to identify when your app needs a major update? - Maadi. 6 key fundamentals to develop bug-free mobile applications. How Mobile App Development benefits a small business? Top 7 Advantages of Hybrid Mobile App Development. How can you protect your app idea? How can you protect your app idea? 5 Ways to Increase your app's visibility on the play store. 5 Features you should Consider Adding in your Health & Fitness App. Six ways to boost your Mobile App Development Timeline.

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