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Strive For. Galerie Nouveautés. Calligraffiti. India ink on concrete, done at the Dutch pavilion during art week in Maimi.


Yes, this shot was taken by a drone. Shoe would rather hold a broom than a mic. In this case he was holding both; a mic was taped to the broom for live sampling by Tim Exile. Video registration here. Acrylic, sumi ink and pearlescent paint on linen, ± 180 x 110 cm. Acrylic, sumi ink and pearlescent paint on canvas, ± 180 x 110 cm. Acrylic and sumi ink on canvas, ± 60 x 70 cm. Welcome in my House. Battle Graphic - Battle Graphic. Secrets de Graphistes. Yoocasa - Le site pour la famille. Créez votre espace sécurisé, gratuitement ! J'affiche...! L'actualité en affiche par Geoffrey Dorne.

Bouts du monde, carnets de voyageurs. Vous voyagez ?

Bouts du monde, carnets de voyageurs

Participez ! Envoyez-nous vos récits, photos et carnets Il est peut-être grand temps de sortir les molesquines des tiroirs de vos bureaux, les photos de vos disques durs d'ordinateurs. Ils se porteraient bien mieux dans les colonnes de Bouts du monde. Ne croyez pas que vos souvenirs n'intéressent personne. Le bloc-notes. HDR Photography – All about HDR. HDR Photography About HDR Photography HDR is a great, fun, new way to take photos and capture the world around you.

HDR Photography – All about HDR

This page will answer some of the basic questions and tendrils will drift off to other areas of the site that may interest you. A sample HDR Image that shows off the sort of vibrancy and sense of living texture you can achieve with this technique. How to HDR photography “Anyone can do this!” What is HDR Photography? HDR is short for High Dynamic Range.

An HDR image is commonly made by taking three photos of the same scene, each at different shutter speeds. I would say that about 75% of my images use the technique, and if you are new to it, then you may notice a slightly different “look and feel” to the photographs. To me, the HDR process helps the photos look more… let’s say… evocative. I can talk a little bit more about the philosophy behind the photography style here for a quick moment. Tourisme equitable et solidaire, tourisme durable, et ecotourisme avec Rencontres au bout du monde. Café du Bout du Monde. A Brief History of Type. Part Four: Modern (Didone) In the previous installment of this series, we took a closer look at Transitional style typefaces, so-called because they mark a transition from the former Old Style types—epitomized by Baskerville—and the subject of today’s brief history, the Moderns, also known as Didone (the terms Modern and Didone are used synonymously throughout this article).

A Brief History of Type

Baskerville’s types, compared with their Old Style (or Garalde) predecessors, are marked by high contrast between thick and thin strokes, so much so that one commentator declared Baskerville was “blinding the nation.” The Moderns or Didones take this contrast to further extremes (just about as far as one can take them). The first Modern typeface is attributed to Frenchman Firmin Didot (son of François-Ambroise Didot), and first graced the printed page in 1784. His types were soon followed by the archetypal Didone from Bodoni. Zeum: San Francisco's Children's Museum, a hands-on, multimedia arts and technology experience for kids. Contact/info. We all know that San Francisco is going through aches and (growing?)


/ shrinking artist pains these days as San Francisco property values sky rocket due to the tech infestation going on around the entire Bay Area. Maybe you work in tech and love it, but since this is an art website, we're interested to how this is affecting artists trying to make ends meet. Some galleries have been forced to close due to 300% rent hikes. Many artists have fled to Oakland, LA and NYC in search of affordable housing and a more vibrant art scene... But we wanna know what you think of how it's going here in San Francisco. The Rena Bransten Gallery is packing up their 77 Geary space to make way for tech company MuleSoft Nikki McClure at Needles & Pens, Friday 4/11 Wednesday, 09 April 2014 09:42. The Writing Center. Build, Share, Download Fonts. Symbollix. Quand j'étais petit, je croyais... My Mintfolio.

How to make your own. ‘Dead Drops’ is open for participation!

How to make your own

Your are free to go for your own Dead Drop! If you want to install a Dead Drop in your city/neighborhood please follow ‘how to’ instruction below and submit the location and pictures when you are done in the form at the bottom of this page. How to install a Dead Drop Read the Dead Drops manifesto! Get a USB flash drive of any size.Dismantle the plastic cover. Optional check also the instructions by frenzy on Submit Submit your Dead Drop location, pictures, description and authorship/credits info at the Dead Drops database. ( This is a first straight forward version, the Data Base will be updated with more features etc soon)

ELMÖ. Typographie et valeurs sémantiques, décryptage des courants graphiques et typographiques. KIT DE SURVIE DU CREATIF /// Sites internet . design graphique . developpement web. [Ze]Blog La Parenthèse Graphique Anthony Rojo Photographe Bordeaux. Analog life. Fotoautomat France : photomaton vintage au palais de tokyo, maison rouge, point ephemere cinematheque. Le rêveur, Toile acrylique et resine - 16173 Art disponibles - ALittleMarket.