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Atheism. Can Religion Justify Bullying Children? by Sean Faircloth. Food for The Eagle - Adam Savage's speech to Harvard Humanism Society. Good evening.

Food for The Eagle - Adam Savage's speech to Harvard Humanism Society

I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to read my speech from my new iPad. Yep. Enda Kenny Speaks Out. This man is the Prime Minister of Ireland, a politician who has the courage to make a forthright statement - to a sparsley-attended session of the Parliament - a speech that has now been published and distributed world-wide, one that I hope you will all choose to view, as well.

Enda Kenny Speaks Out

Members of the Irish Parliament knew in advance that this speech was to be made; look at the empty seats they provided so that they might profess ignorance of the importance of this address...! A cowardly refuge... Enda Kenny is the epitome of all things that are the best of the Irish. In this speech, he shows his intelligence, astounding courage, decency, fairness, and eloquence. Taoiseach Enda Kenny: Cloyne Report. The word God is the product of human weakness. In January of 1954, just a year before his death, Albert Einstein wrote the following letter to philosopher Erik Gutkind after reading his book, "Choose Life: The Biblical Call to Revolt," and made known his views on religion.

The word God is the product of human weakness

Apparently Einstein had only read the book due to repeated recommendation by their mutual friend Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer. The letter was bought at auction in May 2008, for £170,000; unsurprisingly, one of the unsuccessful bidders was Richard Dawkins. Translated transcript follows. (Source: David Victor; Image: Albert Einstein, via.) Translated Transcript. The Good Atheist. Atheist Alliance International. Common Sense Atheism. Council for Secular Humanism. Secular Web. Evil Bible Home Page. Skeptic's Annotated Bible. Skeptic's Annotated Quran. Skeptic's Annotated Book of Mormon.