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Insight. Science Affirmers In this blog and in my book Reality Check, I’ve frequently complained about science-denying politicians pushing policies which are in direct conflict with scientific evidence and reality: the creationist agenda in public schools, distorting history to serve the religious extremists, or acting on behalf of their energy industry donors to deny the reality of climate change and attack the EPA, NASA, NOAA, the NSF, and legitimate scientific organizations.


So it gives me great pleasure to praise public figures who stand up for science and science-based policy, and pass laws that benefit people and the environment, rather than powerful special interests and the science deniers of every stripe. Nowhere is this more apparent than my home state, California. Immunizing Children Last week, the state legislature passed, and Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a no-nonsense measure that made childhood vaccinations mandatory except for extraordinary medical circumstances. Dr. Sandwalk. Skeptical Science. The Panda's Thumb. Godzilla Skepticism on Wikipedia. Real Clear Science. Debunking Denialism. Skepticism Advert: The New Miracle Life-Cure!

The Sceptics' Book of Pooh-Pooh. Skeptoid. InFact with Brian Dunning. Truth A skeptic and a believer take some tumbles for science while discovering the truth behind something you probably believe in.


In this pilot episode, Brian & Shira test binaural beats, audio files that claim to scientifically affect your brain waves and induce a desired mental state, like a digital drug. Does being on a digital drug affect your performance at the amusement park as much as the real thing? One of them will discover that Truth Hurts. Doubtful News: Can you really believe this stuff? James Randi Educational Foundation.

Some people see human tragedies as a time for empathy, sympathy, or charity.

James Randi Educational Foundation

Then there are those who see it as an opportunity. It didn’t take long after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing on March 8, 2014, for Uri Geller to take to the airwaves and claim that he was asked to help in the search for the plane. There should be nothing surprising about this. The most dangerous place on planet earth might be trying to stand between Uri Geller and a TV camera. What is perhaps surprising is how many people believe his claim. I don’t. Consequence - True Stories About False Things. Consequence is a biweekly podcast from the James Randi Educational Foundation.

Consequence - True Stories About False Things

Each episode, regular people share their personal narratives about the negative impact a belief in pseudoscience, superstition, and the paranormal has had on their lives. From the thrilling to the uplifting, Consequence brings you true stories about false things. Episode 4: David McCarthy vs Ramtha's School of Enlightenment Channeler J.Z. Knight claims to be a conduit for the spirit of an ancient warrior named Ramtha. Randi Foundation. Project Alpha. Project Alpha was an elaborate hoax that began in 1979 and ended with its disclosure in 1981.

Project Alpha

It was orchestrated by the stage magician and skeptic James Randi. It involved planting two fake psychics, Steve Shaw (now better known as Banachek) and Michael Edwards, into a paranormal research project. During the initial stages of the investigation, the researchers came to believe that the pair's psychic powers were real. However, more formal experiments, as well as criticism from both the parapsychology community and Randi himself, led them to dismiss their initial trust.[1] The hoax was later revealed publicly.

Following Project Alpha, Randi went on to use variations of the technique on several other occasions. Peter Phillips' experiments[edit] In 1979, James S. Throughout the early phases of the project, many people claiming to have psychic powers presented themselves to the lab. Steve Shaw and Michael Edwards[edit] Revelation and aftermath[edit] Project Alpha. The Skeptical Inquirer Summer 1983 The Project Alpha Experiment: Part one. The First Two Years What would happen if two young Conjurors posing as psychics were introduced into a well-funded university parapsychology laboratory? Generous funding doesn’t make scientists smart . . . Nor are they able to detect trickery without help. James Randi.

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