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Duties of a Baker. Job Description/Duties Summary: Bakers mix and bake ingredients to produce breads, pastries, and other baked goods. Some bakers work in kitchens in restaurants, grocery stores, and bakery shops. Other bakers work for companies that manufacture large quantities of baked goods. These packaged goods are then sold through establishments such as grocery stores. How to Start a Bakery. Considerations Before Starting: Before opening there are several important decisions to make. First, you should determine how you want to start. City of Elizabeth City, NC. Home. Starting a Bakery - Your Bakery's Target Market. When you start thinking about the bakery that you are desiring to open, you can probably see the way the bakery looks, the way it feels, and even the types of employees you will have, but have you considered your bakery's target market yet?

Starting a Bakery - Your Bakery's Target Market

A target market is the customer base that you are interested in selling to, and when determining your bakery's target market, it is always important to research who you want to serve to pinpoint their needs. Who does your bakery want to serve?