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SWTOR Relics of the Gree achievement guide. SWTOR Relics of the Gree event achievements guide.

SWTOR Relics of the Gree achievement guide

Relics of the Gree will be returning for another two weeks starting on July 23, 2013. Navigation General Metal Achievement: Gray Perpendicular Reward: Legacy Title – Gray Perpendicular, 50 achievement pointsKill Gravak’k and Surgok’k 10 times, kill 1000 droids, and kill 25 creatures with Mini Gray Secant in 5 planets. SWTOR Bounty Contact Week event Overview. A guide to the SWTOR Bounty Contact Week, a monthly recurring event that will start off on Aug 13, 2013 with Patch 2.3.

SWTOR Bounty Contact Week event Overview

This event will run one week of every month. Quick Links to other pages Getting Started Once the event is live, players can find Captured Bounties at many key intersections between different sub-areas of the fleet. Clicking on them will start a short cutscene that will guide you to the Cartel Bazaar area of the Fleet (south/north most end of the Imperial and Republic fleet respectively) where players can find mission terminals that grant missions to this event.

You will want to be at least Level 45 with a character on the opposite faction that is at least level 15 if you want to get all the achievements. Henchman and Kingpin Missions. SWTOR THORN Rakghoul Resurgence event guide. A guide to the Rakghoul Resurgence event and the THORN reputation in SWTOR.

SWTOR THORN Rakghoul Resurgence event guide

The event will run from Nov 10 to Nov 17 on Alderaan. How to Start & Planet Dallies Rakghoul event now runs monthly on a different planet each time. From Nov 10-17 it will be on Alderaaan, Dec 15-22 it will be on Tatooine and from Jan 12-19 it will be on Corellia. SWTOR Festival of Splendor Event Guide. SWTOR Festival of Splendor event guide with walkthroughs and rewards.

SWTOR Festival of Splendor Event Guide

Festival of Splendor is a gambling event in SWTOR Nar Shaddaa from June 9 to August 25, 2015. The Basics When and where? June 9 to August 25, 2015. Nar Shaddaa Casinos. What Level? SWTOR 2014 Life Day Event Guide. A guide to SWTOR 2014 Life Day event running from Dec 16 2014 to Jan 6, 2014.

SWTOR 2014 Life Day Event Guide

Getting Started Head to Galactic Trade Market Section of the fleet and look for a Master of Ceremonies NPC near the GTN. He sells the following items Master of Ceremonies Vendor Snow-Covered Parcels Snow-Covered Parcels are the main currency used in this event. Tip: You can just throw it at your own companion and click off their debuff everytime. The first time you get a snow-covered parcel you will get a popup window and an achievement. Snow-Covered Parcels are tradeable but the ones brought do not count towards the achievement. Mounts Vectron J0-1Y – Cartel Market (2000 CC) Adaptive, Bind on EquipCosts 2000 CC Sleigh I – Master of Ceremonies Vendor Adaptive, Bind on Pickup24 Snow-Covered Parcels. Cyan Sphere – Master of Ceremonies Vendor Rank 3, requires Champion rank with Gree, Bound to Legacy16 Gray Helix Components and 36 Snow-Covered Parcels Pets Hoth Wampa Cub– Cartel Market (200 CC) Decorations.

SWTOR Patch 2.5 coverage guide. SWTOR Patch 3.0 Shadow of Revan Coverage Guide. SWTOR Fallen Empire Quest and Story Guide. A guide to the main quest in the Fallen Empire expansion and influence gain from conversations.

SWTOR Fallen Empire Quest and Story Guide

This post contains story spoilers. This a work in progress. General Info How to Start You will find the mission terminal on your ship. Cutscene Length Total cutscene length is around 200 minutes or 3.3 hrs. Chapter 1: 23 minutesChapter 2 : 11 minutesChapter 3: 15 minutesChapter 4: 27 minutesChapter 5: 19 minutesChapter 6: 22.5 minutesChapter 7: 18.5 minutesChapter 8: 30 minutesChapter 9: 26 minutes Choices and Influence Gain Some dialogues have choices that will give you influence gain with certain characters that are part of the conversation. Chapter 1: The Hunt Chapter 2: A Dream of Empire. SWTOR Star Fortresses Guide. A guide to SWTOR Star Fortress, a new type of solo and heroic content added with the Fallen Empire expansion.

SWTOR Star Fortresses Guide

How to Start Battle for the Stars You will find NPC Miot Dengd inside the Alliance War Room in Odessen after you have completed Chapter 9. Talking to him will start the story arc for Star Fortresses Speak to Lieutenant MarkloSelect one of the Star Fortresses (any will work, Alderaan for example since it is top of the list)Find a Turbolift to the Upper DecksDescend to the Skytrooper Production FloorDefeat the Skytrooper PraetorianFind the Turbolift Exit to this LevelEnter the EPHMERIS Data CenterDefeat EPHMERIS Destroy West Data CoreDestroy East Data CoreWait for Theron to Slice a LiftUse the Maintenance Life to Escape the Star FortressMeet with a Resistance Fighter (Use the Companions and Contacts window to respond to Alliance Alerts)

SWTOR Galactic Loremaster achievement guide. A guide to obtaining all the SWTOR lore objects and loremaster achievements on every planet for the Galactic Loremaster achievement which rewards The Loremaster legacy title.

SWTOR Galactic Loremaster achievement guide

Navigation General Information Requirements To get the Galactic Loremaster achievement and the legacy title, you must have the following characters Inquisitor/Warrior that have completed their class quest on KorribanTrooper/Smuggler that have access to Ord MantellConsular/Knight that have completed their class quest on TythonCharacters on both factions that can access and complete Corellia planet arc (level 47+)Level 50-55 characters on both factions with access to Makeb Rewards Achievements points: 10 per planet (20 for planets like Balmorra/Taris) and 50 pts for completing the Galactic Loremaster achievement.

Hutta Lore Objects Map of all Hutta Lore Objects Varl. SWTOR. SWTOR Datacrons – Complete List With Screenshot Guides. Untitled. Achievements Codex Maps - Melodie's Codex Maps Galactic Loremaster - Dulfy MCR-99 Droid Reconaissance - Dulfy Makeb "Making the Connection" - Dulfy Makeb "Well Connected" - Dulfy Cantina Tours.