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700 Free Online Courses. Advertisment Take online courses from the world’s top universities for free.

700 Free Online Courses

Below, you will find 1,700 free online courses from universities like Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Oxford and more. You can use this collection of online courses to learn everything you want–from history, philosophy and literature, to physics, biology, psychology, and computer science. Our site also features collections of Online Certificate Programs and Online Degree & Mini-Degree Programs. Note: This page includes a lot of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Humanities & Social Sciences Art & Art History Courses Classics Courses Communication Courses Economics & Finance Courses. Free Online Courses. Advance your College Education & Career.

Best Online Courses. Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills. Teaching Tree. MIT OpenCourseWare. Learn For Free (Full Curriculum and Learning Resources) SkilledUp: Search the World’s Online Courses. Online video tutorials & training. 300 Free MOOCs from Great Universities (Many Offering Certificates) 40 websites that will make you cleverer right now. The indexed web contains an incredible 14 billion pages.

40 websites that will make you cleverer right now

But only a tiny fraction help you improve your brain power. Here are 40 of the best. – Learn about our awe inspiring past all in one wonderful place. – Watch thousands of micro-lectures on topics ranging from history and medicine to chemistry and computer science. Teachlr: Online courses for everyone. 18 ways to educate yourself every day (because nerds are sexy) “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80.

18 ways to educate yourself every day (because nerds are sexy)

Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” Henry Ford At the start of this year I made a decision that I want to commit to myself to a pursuit of intellect. I’m already a bit of a nerd, so this wasn’t really an alien concept for me, however I quickly realized that in order for me to make educating myself a priority in my life – I would have to make it into a daily habit. Wow, I did not just say that. 1. “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.” 2. They are quick, easy, informative, and give you a glimpse of a subject that you may decide to do more research on later! A lovely reader recommended the podcasts “Stuff you should know” and “Stuff mom never told you” which can be found on the website. 15 Free Learning Tools You've Probably Never Heard Of. Pop Rocks Death. Claim: Little Mikey of LIFE cereal fame died from the explosive effects of mixing Pop Rocks candy with soda pop.

Pop Rocks Death

Example: [Collected on the Internet, 1994] A kid ate 6 bags of pop rocks at a party. He then proceeded to drink a of Pepsi. The two substances combined in his stomach and exploded, killing him horribly. That's why pop rocks were taken off the market in the early eighties. Origins: Invented in 1956 by General Foods research scientist Mitchell and introduced to the general public in 1975, Pop Rocks were a form of carbonated candy made from sugar, lactose, corn syrup, and flavoring.

Though the confection had been extensively tested and found safe, the combustive candy still alarmed residents in Seattle. Nevertheless, among kids, wild stories about the perils of eating Pop Rocks abounded. Mixing the candy with carbonated drinks would cause the stomach to explode, was the popular whisper. Why Little Mikey, of all people? Oh, and one more thing: He is most certainly not dead. 5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Intelligence. Your brain needs exercise just like a muscle.

If you use it often and in the right ways, you will become a more skilled thinker and increase your ability to focus. But if you never use your brain, or abuse it with harmful chemicals, your ability to think and learn will deteriorate. Here are 5 simple ways anyone can squeeze a bit more productivity out of the old gray matter. Interesting Stuff. Top 5 Unsolved Brain Mysteries" "Sweet dreams are made of this," sang Annie Lennox during her stint in the Eurythmics in the 1980s.

Top 5 Unsolved Brain Mysteries"

But you might notice that Lennox is suitably vague about what exactly "this" is. And really, no one knows what sweet dreams are made of, why we have them or even what we're doing sleeping our life away anyway. Can you believe that? Every night we carve out a few hours of shut-eye, and scientists don't even know why! They do know that it's extremely damaging if a person doesn't get enough sleep, and it's possible that sleep once served some sort of evolutionary benefit. There are a few theories as to why we need so much sleep. Some of these studies may have real implications for students. So let's say these students actually go to sleep, as opposed to engaging in more nefarious behaviors.

Or, it's possible that life is but a dream, as the song "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" taught us. Let's row our boat over to the next page and investigate the mysterious case of human memory.