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Headers and Footers - the way you want them One of your biggest requests… Headers and Footers - the way you want themOne of your biggest requests (especially those of you who use +Google Docs to write academic papers) is to be able to customize how headers and footers appear on the first pages of your documents. With today’s updates, you can now use different headers and footers on the first pages of your documents, which comes in handy for:- Following academic formatting guidelines (e.g.

MLA, CMS, APA)- Starting page numbering on the second page- Making a title page without headers or footers After inserting a header or footer in your document you’ll see a new checkbox--just tick it and you’ll be able to set a different header and footer on the first page. There’s also a new Insert > Page Number menu that lets you customize how and where you start your page numbers--like on the bottom of the second page, for example.

Copyright & Copyleft - What can I copy and communicate? PracTICE: Learning To Learn-Example 1 – Education: Digital CitizenShip, CyberSecurity by Gust MEES. With ALL that mass of information which WE get on each day in OUR technology driven Digital World, with the messages from Social Media through OUR PLN (Personal [Professional] Learning Network), there is a MUST to organize OUR LEARNing! WE MUST unlearn the OLD and learn to learn differently as that was the case twenty years ago! WE are lucky, Social Media has emerged a lot of different tools which WE can use to organize OUR learning and to have access to it in the cloud, no need to have the learning stuff with us.

WE find everything ONLINE and WE can build OURSELVES learning space, ALSO! ALL we need to do is to tinkering a bit around with different tools and merge them together to build ONE tool from whom WE will profit to learn at our own pace! I will present to YOU a way who makes it very easy to organize YOUR learning and ALSO to provide YOU the way how you can learn on a very effective and efficient way. Learn more: Like this: Resources by Topic | Instructional Technology. 300+ Awesome Free Internet Resources You Should Know. Ali Mese is a freelancer, wanderer, and contributor to few startup projects. Say hi on Facebook or Twitter.

This post originally appeared on his Medium blog. I’ve prepared a list of 300 web resources that are not only awesome, but free to use. Please let me know if I am missing any other useful resource! Business + Marketing HTML5 UP: Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 site templates.Bootswatch: Free themes for Bootstrap.Templated: A collection of 845 free CSS & HTML5 site | Create your new website for Domain: Free website resources for domains.Withoomph: Beautiful logos designed instantly.Hipster Logo Generator: It’s Hip, It’s Current, It’s Stylish, It’s Hipster.Squarespace Free Logo: You can download free low-res version for free.Hive: First free unlimited cloud service in the world.Invoice to me: Free Invoice Generator.Free Invoice Generator: Alternative free invoice generator.Slimvoice: Insanely simple invoices.

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