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Camping & BBQ Recipes Week: Potato Boat Dinner with Ham, Cheese & Bacon. Hi there & welcome to Day 3 of Camping & BBQ Recipes Week!

Camping & BBQ Recipes Week: Potato Boat Dinner with Ham, Cheese & Bacon

Today's tin foil packet recipe is for a Potato Boat Dinner with ham, bacon & cheese. My son loves this dinner because it includes 2 of his favourite food groups...ham & bacon. {Be sure to visit 2 of my popular posts ever on camping here and here.} This meal is so, so easy but it does require some planning and a bit of's a great idea to bake the potatoes before you leave home and wrap them in tin foil to take on the camping trip..and keep them chilled.

For this recipe, you will need: Large potatoes, baked Sliced ham Cooked bacon slices cheese slices {we like marble} Sour cream for topping Green Onion for topping Directions: Slice baked potatoes like shown: Between the cuts, stuff a slice of cheese, bacon and ham. Add small dabs of butter on top of each of the slices. Wrap potato in double layer of tin foil lightly sprayed with cooking spray.

Top the Potato Boat dinner with sour cream and green onion if you like. Three-Cheese Potatoes Recipe. Camping Haystacks Recipe. Camping & BBQ Recipes Week:Super Easy Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Are you ready for dessert?

Camping & BBQ Recipes Week:Super Easy Pineapple Upside Down Cake

I think it's for time for some about a delicous Pineapple Upside Down Cake? All of this week's recipes have been easy-to-make in tin foil packets...very family friendly! And today...behold the Pineapple Upside Down Cake. For this recipe, you will need: Pineapple chunks, fresh or canned Poundcake, cubed {you can also use plain cake donuts, or donut holes} Butter Brown sugar Whipped Cream or ice cream, if desired Cinnamon or nutmeg, if desired Tin foil Cooking Spray Pineapple Upside Down Cake Directions: Spray a double layer of tin foil with cooking spray.

Add a handful of pineapple chunks. Add pound cake cubes on top of the pineapple. {Pound cake can usually be found in the bakery section of the grocery store, or there is a great Sara Lee frozen pound cake found in the frozen foods section.} To the top of the pineapple and cake, add a good dollop of butter and brown sugar.

Open up the packet for the last few minutes to brown up the cake a little. Serve! Amazing! Campfire Cones. Over Spring Break a few weeks ago, I took the kids camping.

Campfire Cones

I'll be honest, we weren't totally roughing it ~ our cabin had heat and electricity (and even a little fridge and microwave). Despite those "luxuries", I knew I wanted to do most of our cooking over the campfire. We cooked hot dogs and chicken and roasted TONS of marshmallows (seriously, like 2 whole bags between the four of us!). However, for a more "gourmet" dessert, I decided to combine the ingredients of our Campfire Bananas with the recent post I saw on Quirky Momma making Smores in a Cone!

( The original idea that inspired this yummy recipe came from Chef Jessica. Let me tell you, they were AWESOME! Here's what we used: * Sugar Cones * Peanut Butter * Mini Marshmallows * Chocolate Chips * Bananas * Aluminum Foil (to wrap them in) Here's what to do: 1. 2. 4. The combination of the melted peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallows with the warm bananas was just awesome. Sharing the ooey, gooey awesomeness at: Camping & BBQ Recipes Week:Lumberjack Breakfast. Hello everyone!

Camping & BBQ Recipes Week:Lumberjack Breakfast

Welcome back to Day 2 of Camping & BBQ Recipes Week. Today I am sharing a recipe for a hearty Lumberjack Breakfast made with sausages, hash browns, eggs, cheese and whatever other toppings you desire. This camping recipe made in a tin foil packet is easy, fun and takes very little time. {If you missed yesterday's post, it was a delicious tin foil recipe for Warm & Melty Cheesy Dip...a great appetizer or snack to serve anytime.}

{Be sure to visit 2 of my most popular posts ever on camping here and here.} Twice a year I allow my kids to have junky, sugary cereals as treats...Christmas and Camping. On a typical camping morning, after the Captain Crunch & Cinnamon Toast Crunchies consumed early in the morning have worn off, the kids come looking for a 'real' breakfast. This is what we make for a change from the typical bacon and eggs. Lumberjack Breakfast Packets. For this recipe you will need: Sausages or Canadian bacon Frozen hash browns, or leftover cooked potatoes, diced Eggs.