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Averages and Range. I am going to look at resources for averages and range, including averages from frequency and grouped frequency tables.

Averages and Range

To start with I really like this PowerPoint from SMO17. It talks through the Average Life of the Average Person including some interesting averages about how many fish fingers you will eat, how long you'll spend doing your hair and how many toilet rolls you'll use. I've found this to be a different way to start the topic of averages, getting pupils talking about what average means. For ideas on how to teach averages, check out this chapter from Colin Foster's Instant Maths Ideas.

This includes some great resources including Impossible or Possible, where pupils have to decide if each statement is possible for each of the averages. Great Maths Worksheets - FREE resources NEW and differentiated. Access Maths - Home. Miss Brookes Maths. PrepFactory. CK-12: Math & Science Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Real World Examples & Teacher Resources.

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Puzzles. Probability. Dr Catherine Attard. Geometry.