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Facebook's Website Just Crashed (Updated) Infographic / #Facebook reaches 500 million #mobile users. Facebook Has Gone Public in More Ways Than You Might Think. Facebook has just become a publicly traded company — and almost all its privacy settings are being switched to "public," too, in a trade-off Facebook is making for access to the stock market and potential windfall profits for its biggest shareholders.

Facebook Has Gone Public in More Ways Than You Might Think

As a private company, Facebook was free to keep plenty of secrets from the general public. It could hide away, for example, how much money CEO Mark Zuckerberg took home in annual pay ($1.5 million in 2011) or the intriguing details of the Instragram acquisition — both of which have become known only from the company's S-1 filing. Now that Facebook's selling stock to the general public, it's going to have to report to the federal government's agency for regulating public companies: the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC. Facebook will have to give the SEC three different kinds of reports: one quarterly, one annually, and one every three years. Professor James D. SEE ALSO: Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson Officially Steps Down James J. How Iraq is Using Reality TV and Facebook to Inspire a Generation of Peacemakers. Educational reality TV and social media are the drivers inspiring a group of Iraqi youth demanding a different future — one with peaceful resolutions and equality.

How Iraq is Using Reality TV and Facebook to Inspire a Generation of Peacemakers

Nareen, an 18-year-old Iraqi whose last name has been withheld for safety reasons, starred in Iraq's first youth reality TV show called Salam Shabab to compete for the title of becoming an "Ambassador of Peace" last year. Salam Shabab is a competitive TV show with the ultimate goal of uniting Iraq through peace building. The first step to peace building is getting Iraqis from different races, religions and geographical backgrounds to respect and understand each other and work together. Iraqis have immense local pride, but do not have a strong sense of nationalism. This could be due to the fact Iraq's regions are divided and traveling to different provinces is limited. This has cause a lack of cultural understanding and awareness in a nation full of a variety of identities. How Social Media Unites Iraqi Youth The U.S.'

Facebook Launches Crisis Tools for Military Service Members. A new Facebook program provides military personnel, veterans and their families with customized resources when their content is flagged as harmful or suicidal.

Facebook Launches Crisis Tools for Military Service Members

It is an extension of a suicide prevention effort Facebook launched in December, which lets friends alert the social network when other users express suicidal thoughts by clicking a link next to the comment. Facebook sends an email with suicide prevention resources to the author of the comment. "While this is helpful for a military family, there are several specific resources provided to our nation’s military that we wanted to make sure they were aware of at their time of need," military support organization Blue Star Families, which along with the Department of Veterans Affairs partnered with Facebook for the effort, wrote in a statement.

In a survey of 2,891 military family members by Blue Star Families, about 10% said they had considered suicide and 9% said they knew a service member who had contemplated suicide. How to Hide Pinterest Activity on Facebook. Pinterest's social integration is very well-done, and has contributed to the fast growth of the sharing service.

How to Hide Pinterest Activity on Facebook

However, you may not want to broadcast everything you do on Pinterest to your Facebook friends. Similarly, you might not be interested in every single thing your Facebook acquaintances pin. We can help you out. Facebook Launches App Center, Lets You Sell Apps. Facebook just got a little bit more like Apple and Google. The company announced on Wednesday that it is building its own app center. It will also enable paid Facebook apps for the first time. Users currently search for apps on Facebook using the same search bar they use to find people, groups and events. In the coming weeks, they’ll be able to search from a dashboard that looks much like Apple’s App Store or Google Play — complete with details and ratings for each app. Facebook will build access to the center into its web product, as well as its iOS and Android apps.

Though the new app hub looks similar to its Apple and Google counterparts, it will work very differently. “The App Center is designed to grow mobile apps that use Facebook – whether they’re on iOS, Android or the mobile web,” explained Facebook engineer Aaron Brady in a blog post. Study Says Facebook Privacy Concerns Are on the Rise - Is It Accurate? [STUDY] Consumer Report's annual State of the Net study found that people are increasingly concerned with their privacy on Facebook.

Study Says Facebook Privacy Concerns Are on the Rise - Is It Accurate? [STUDY]

The report breaks down social privacy into a handful of categories: over-sharing by users, underuse of privacy controls, over-collection of data, over-sharing of data by apps and cyberbullying or harassment. 2,002 online households were surveyed, including 1,340 Facebook users. Based on those numbers, Consumer Reports extrapolated its results upon the rest of Facebook's 188 million North American users. Facebook Launches Two-Filter 'Instagram' on 'Facebook for Every Phone' Facebook Organ Donation: How Does It Work? Facebook today offered users the option to designate themselves as organ donors and as one friend commented (on Facebook, naturally): "Wait, this isn't an Onion article?

Facebook Organ Donation: How Does It Work?

" At first glance, it might seem like an odd choice. Given all the privacy issues with which Facebook has had to contend over the years, does it really want to be delving into its users' health records? Facebook App Fosters Community for Breast Cancer Patients. A new Facebook app, Circle of Support, provides a rare support community for people living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC).

Facebook App Fosters Community for Breast Cancer Patients

This secure Facebook community allows people suffering from MBC to share their struggles and receive support from their friends and family. Recent research by Genentech, the company that created the app, shows many MBC patients feel their needs are not met and others around them do not understand what they are experiencing. "The Facebook app was designed as a part of this overarching program to provide additional support for people with MBC," Susan Willson, a spokeswoman for Genentech told Mashable. "As a company, we felt there was more we could be doing outside of the lab to support people with the disease. We wanted to match the innovation inside the lab with innovation outside of the lab. " Women's Rights Advocates Demand Facebook Appoint Women to Board. Facebook and Romantic Relationships. Facebook Partners With 'Apps for Good' to Teach Unemployed Youth to Code. Facebook Meets Instagram: What It Means for Your Brand.

Joshua Teixeira heads up the strategy discipline at Big Spaceship, helping shape engagements for active projects and prospective clients alike.

Facebook Meets Instagram: What It Means for Your Brand

Recent projects include work with clients like Crayola, Chobani, Google, Wrigley, General Electric, Urban Daddy, and Gilt Groupe. Kred Adds Facebook to Its Influence Score. People who spend more time on Facebook than Twitter might find themselves with more Kred.

Kred Adds Facebook to Its Influence Score

The social influence site announced this morning that it will now include Facebook activity in its scoring system. Launched in 2011, Kred has been using the Twitter firehose to track and analyze tweets from all over the world. The service is more transparent than its competitor, Klout, because it shows the content of individual tweets. Unlike Twitter, where information like bio data, hashtags and keywords are publicly available, Facebook is a closed network. ”On Twitter, it’s a little easier to understand,” said Kred CEO Andrew Grill over the phone. Blackberry Messenger Integrates with Facebook, Twitter Apps. Research in Motion, creators of the Blackberry, have had a tough run for the last few years. The stock is down to $13 from $80 in 2010 and even higher before that, and Blackberry market share has taken a big hit.

Just recently, one of the co-founders stepped down and the company appointed a new CEO to help the company reverse its ailing fortunes. Part of this turnaround is to enhance the customer offering, and RIM has announced a series of new social apps that leverage BBM in their social applications, and it may help strengthen the Blackberry offering. The new applications integrate BBM functionality directly into the social applications, so that your BBM contacts and functionality is available directly from within whatever social application you choose to use.

An example is the new Facebook for Blackberry 3.0, where you can share a status update as your BBM message. Facegram FTW! How Facebook Could Improve Instagram. No doubt you'll hear or read this phrase a hundred times Monday: Instagram is over. Facebook bought it and now it's going to ruin it, right? It'll never be the service we knew and loved again. Not so fast, Instagrammers. Before you all rush over to or any one of a dozen other apps that will let you download your photos from the service, consider this: the $1 billion Facebook purchase might actually be the best thing that's ever happened to Instagram. I'm not just talking about the nine Instagram employees who suddenly became very wealthy at this morning's surprise all-hands meeting in South Park, San Francisco. If you use Instagram, you know that its evolution has been maddeningly slow.

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