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Mish mash eg. things to buy

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Find local recommended tradesmen - Shoes and bags. Pike Place Market - Home. Method Putkisto - deep-stretching, Pilates, better posture. Welcome. Fashion Confections for the Passionate Individualist We love to assist you with all of your chapeaux desires!


Please contact us at All About You UK Shop Homeware, Gifts, Jeweller & Outdoor Items. The man who hears colour. 15 February 2012Last updated at 15:37 Artist Neil Harbisson is completely colour-blind.

The man who hears colour

Here, he explains how a camera attached to his head allows him to hear colour. Until I was 11, I didn't know I could only see in shades of grey. I thought I could see colours but that I was confusing them. Used Stamps For Charity - Used Stamps for Charity. Postcode Finder. Free eCards, Online Greeting Cards, Birthday eCards, Holiday Cards. Home at Paperchase.