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Happy Friday everyone! Guess who’s with me?! It’s Jean from Extrapetite! Jean and Nick had a layover at LAX for a few hours, so we decided to get together before their next flight. Jean and I have known each other for awhile now. Sunshine Paradise :: Warm weather & Great company : Wendy's Lookbook Sunshine Paradise :: Warm weather & Great company : Wendy's Lookbook
A:TLA Annotations A:TLA Annotations claxiotumbles asked: Hi, I saw your post with the guide to chinese names in ATLA and LOK, and was wondering if you knew any place that I could watch the chinese dubbed versions of either show, hopefully with Simplified Chinese subs (but if there are no subs it's okay). (I did see the link you posted but it just redirects back here) I checked Baidu and could only find the english dub which wouldn't even play for some reason (I'm in the US). Thank you!

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Romanic Wedding Hairstyles Ideas – Chignons, Updos, French Twists |
The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. We love a good DIY, and we particularly love a DIY that includes flowers. Saw one of these floral ribbons at a retail store the other day. It was way too overpriced for my liking so of course we decided to create a version you can make yourself for about $2.

The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope gave astronomers their most detailed view yet of a second red spot that emerged on Jupiter in 2006. For the first time in history, astronomers have witnessed the birth of a new red spot on the giant planet, which is located half a billion miles away. The storm is roughly one-half the diameter of its bigger and legendary cousin, the Great Red Spot. Researchers suggest that the new spot may be related to a possible major climate change in Jupiter’s atmosphere.Image: NASA, ESA, and A. Simon-Miller (NASA/GSFC) [high-resolution]Caption: Hubble Heritage Team Infinity Imagined

Infinity Imagined

Kowloon Walled City documentary (Part 1/4) + english subtitles
Did you know that you could save 100 animals per year just by adopting a meat-free diet? That's right—going vegetarian saves lives! And if that's not appealing enough, it's easy too! So, what do you say? Fill out the form below to receive a free copy of PETA's vegetarian/vegan starter kit, or view the online version or PDF version now. Order Your FREE Vegetarian/Vegan Starter Kit! Order Your FREE Vegetarian/Vegan Starter Kit!

Grocery stores carry an array of great-tasting vegan options, including some items that you might not know are vegan. Many products, including fantastic faux franks; veggie burgers; chicken-free chicken patties; flavored soy, almond, and rice milks; nondairy ice creams; and other sensational snacks, are marketed to vegetarians and vegans. There's also an abundance of chips, dips, cookies, candies, frozen pies, soups, and other mouth-watering items by mainstream food manufacturers that are also vegan.* Accidentally Vegan

Accidentally Vegan

Everyday Flexitarian | Whitecap Books Everyday Flexitarian | Whitecap Books More and more people are choosing to eat less meat. It is estimated that 30 to 40 percent of the population of the United States and Canada is flexitarian. But what is a flexitarian? Is it a vegetarian who occasionally eats meat, or is it a "mindful meat eater" who occasionally seeks out vegetarian meals?
sukekomashi-gaijin - Tonari No Totoro Please be aware that this is only a translation and collection from various Japanese websites (most of which are linked to below), and not my personal theory. Feel free to offer any responses, but don't make it personal like some have!Well, it's been a while since I wrote something, but now I feel like I can actually write a full article about something slightly interesting. 隣のトトロ tonari no totoro is a great movie that all really should see. It's a rare type of movie that can be seen and appreciated by children and adults alike. sukekomashi-gaijin - Tonari No Totoro
Environmental Defence Environmental Defence inspires change by connecting people with environmental issues that affect their daily lives in their homes, workplaces, and neighbourhoods. our mission We are Canada's most effective environmental action organization. We challenge, and inspire change in government, business and people to ensure a greener, healthier and prosperous life for all. Environmental Defence
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