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Sexual Compatibility Libra and Sagittarius. Libra and Sagittarius: Libra is ruled by Venus and is very seductive and classy. Libra’s charming beauty and positive outlook are what Sagittarius seeks in a love/sexual relationship. These two will share lots of laughter together and may even share a home. Love Match - Libra and Sagittarius. Upside: Bright minds; tell it like it is; culture lovers; traveling companions; intellectually ambitious; healthy, social ease. Downside: commitment vs. freedom; a mate for life or one of many; a thinker and a doer (experiential) serial monogamy and a player. Quality and Element: Cardinal Air (Libra) and Mutable Fire (Sagittarius) Libra and Sagittarius is passionate air meeting dancing fire.

Both are playful and flirty, and this starts them off on a note of exhilaration. Sadge comes bounding in with ideas, and Libra balances this out by quickly weighing the options. As the relationship moves forward, Libra may expect Sadge to settle down a bit. Libra likes to hold a big picture of how things are going, while the Archer seeks momentary truths that fit in with the whole. The Libra- Sagittarius pairing thrives when they keep each other inspired. The Libran instinct for knowing when to act makes them wise advisors for the impulsive Sadge. Sign Compatibility: Libra And Sagittarius. Sagittarius and Libra Love Compatibility. Searching for deeper meaning in your life? Get the answers you've been looking for with a Psychic Reading. Call 1-800-922-0774 right now! The merging of Libra and Sagittarius can be paradise found for both Signs; this combination is a harmonious one, to say the least. Signs that are two positions apart in the Zodiac tend to have a very deep, special connection and understanding of one another.

Sagittarius, the journeyer, is constantly in search of wisdom. Ask-oracle. Libra and Sagittarius are usually very compatible, and this is certainly a relationship in which both partners appreciate each other. With the union of Air and Fire, and much enthusiasm, positive energy is generated between them. Why Alpha Females Should Choose Alpha Males. Becoming the ultimate Alpha male is one of the hottest topics there is. Countless e-books exist which purport to teach a submissive Beta male how to develop Alpha traits. However, there aren't enough books that teach an Alpha female how to work with her Alpha male? How do you mesh the personalities of two people who are both dominant and bossy and who like to get their way?

Why would an Alpha male want an Alpha female when he wants to be in charge? Why would an Alpha female want an Alpha male when she needs to be in control? In order to understand why this apparent oxymoron exists, one has to understand biology; in fact, one needs to understand wolf biology because the whole tagging of people as Alphas and Betas is based on observance of wolf pack behavior. In the jungle, wolves live in packs. I'm discussing wolf behavior simply to point out an obvious fact. No matter how much we, as women evolve, there are still parts of our female psyches that seek the protector. We are not wolves. Basic Steps to Becoming a Dom. How To Get Started: Questions asked by the Novice Dominant Woman: Q. Hi Elise, I first learned about this "female supremacy/domination" from a guy I met. He was upfront about the fact that he is a submissive male looking for a dominant female that he would share his life with.

We became intimate and that was the first time that I assumed the dominant role. And guess what, I enjoyed it. A. The thing you must remember is that it was a man that has introduced this lifestyle to you. The other side of this dynamic is that women who embrace the dominant role and who allow their dominant nature to come out, end up absolutely loving this lifestyle. As far as the D&S stuff goes, that depends on each woman and on each relationship. The most important thing is that each couple must keep the lines of communications open, as honesty and openness are crucial in a female domination relationship. Above all, relax and enjoy the journey.

Q. Teensix. Sixteen. D/s: Help me be a good dominant - ds dominant domination. D/s: Help me be a good dominant. I only recently discovered this part of myself (never knew how far I leaned in this direction until I met someone who's probably just as submissive). So far I think I've done well going by instincts and imagination - she is very turned on, and I'm enjoying myself. But we're still learning about ourselves, and while I'd like very much to lead, I confess I don't really know that much.

Can you give me any tips, advice, wisdom from experience? Recommendations for books and websites to learn from? 1) Does being dominant mean you can no longer really show significant weakness or vulnerability to your submissive partner? I'm sure I have more questions, but that's the specific ones I can think of right now. What Makes A Good Dominant. We often hear people in the scene talking about this Master or that Mistress, this Dom or that Domme, we hear good things and bad things, things to make our hair stand on end, things to make us laugh and things to make us cry.

What Makes A Good Dominant

Of course believing everything bad you hear, is not a good idea, as many statements come from rumours and hearsay. It’s not only bad things we hear though, word of mouth recommendations are usually accurate, and so if someone tells you that Master X or Mistress Y is a good Dominant, then you could reasonably expect that to be close to the truth.