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Tawan Daeng - Nightly Tawan Daeng ('red sun' in Isaan dialect) is a red hot Bangkok club that features live morlam music seven nights a week. Getting there's a bit of a challenge, but well worth it. The staff and patrons are incredibly friendly and hospitable to farang (foreigners), and are honored that you're visiting, for a taste of Isaan culture. The club is owned by an Isaan group, including Niwat "Mo" Luanthaisong, my gracious host for one evening. Tawan Daeng is one of the finest experiences in Bangkok, and shouldn't be missed. Tawan Daeng - Nightly
The best islands in Southeast Asia The best islands in Southeast Asia No photoshopping required Too many islands, too little time! Thailand has more than its fair share of islands, and for the first time visitor, picking the right Thai island can be a pretty daunting undertaking. The best islands in Southeast Asia
Visited Sept 2013 Lang Tengah is a small hilly rainforested island in north west peninsula Malaysia between the Perhentians (20km) and Redang islands (13km). The mainland access pier is at Merang (28km) and the nearest regional capital is Kuala Terrenganu (a bit over 30km from Merang - KT airport abt.25km). The beaches are found along the southern and western coasts. When I visited there were 4 resorts, D'Coconut, Lang Sari aka Lang Resort, Sari Pacifica and Summer Bay. Lang Sari is one of those traditional Malaysian package resorts that run like a summer camp, the others mid-range places although Summer Bay looked like it still had a less expensive package wing. Tezza's Beaches and Islands Tezza's Beaches and Islands
The Victory Executive Residence - Bangkok