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Often complete with heartfelt stories and vibrant photography, today's cookbooks have evolved into carefully curated works of art, full of recipes for modern lifestyles. Join us on a culinary tour led by world-famous chefs, award-winning restaurateurs, and acclaimed food writers. ›Learn more Browse for Books Browse All Subjects <div id="abe-bestsellers-noscript" style="display:none"><h3>AbeBooks' Bestselling Books - April 2013</h3><ol><li><a href="/servlet/SearchResults?
Christianbook Christianbook Briefly covering the most significant points: - Don Piper contradicts himself, showing his dishonesty. He clearly says at 13:22 of the attached video that he saw God. However, in page 30 of his book, Don Piper clearly says "I did not see God". - There is a litany of issues with what Don Piper describes of what he saw in heaven - mansions and such. - Don Piper gives a very detailed account of what he saw in heaven.