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Bible Crossword Puzzles. "CHURCH": From God or From Man? | Dusty Owens. Language is made up of words which carry ideas from one mind to another. It makes communication possible, even between God and man. According to the Genesis ac­count, the first recorded words God communicated to Adam and Eve were, "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it...

" (Gen. 1:28). You can be sure that God chose His words carefully to keep from being misunderstood. When God commanded them not to eat of "the tree of knowledge of good and evil," the record indicates that they fully understood the order and its dire consequences (Gen. 2:16-17; 3:1-3). All through the ages God communicated His will to the people, sometimes directly and sometimes in a dream or vision.

Jesus chose twelve men, plus Paul, who was "untimely born" (1 Cor. 15:8). Paul understood the importance of using proper words to communicate the ideas of God to others. CHURCH comes from a Greek word meaning the Lord's house. Derivation of "Church" According to G.W.H. William Tyndale (1492? Ex-CoC Blog. Ex CoC Support Forum. Is the CofC a Cult? Kindle Daily Deals. Occasional Opinion. Shafter CoC Letter ... Grandpa Smith. Should You Sign a Church Covenant? Is your church asking you to sign a covenant? I certainly hope not because being required to sign a covenant in your church is supported no where in scripture.

As a matter of fact it is forbidden. This saddens me because my former church is now requiring those involved in ministry to sign a covenant if they want to continue to be involved in any ministry. This is a covenant between man (the church member) and man (the church leadership), not between man and God as are the covenants conducted in the bible.

Needless to say a lot of the members of this church are very upset with this, and rightly so. I thank God for that. However, many others have no idea that doing something like this is forbidden in the bible––James 5:12. Contained in some of the sections of the church's covenant are things such as: #4. Just what does this mean "to work towards the fulfillment of the purpose and vision of the church"? I guess the next obvious question is 'what is God's purpose for the church'? Soldier On ~ Garrett. The Clergy System. The Clergy System W. Carl Ketcherside [Please Note: I post this article not as a condemnation of the organized church but as a critique of the present clergy system which, in many cases, endorses pastoral dictatorships in many churches thus stifling the growth of believers within that congregation.]

No class or order of men that ever appeared on earth have obtained so much influence, or acquired so complete an ascendancy over the human mind, as the clergy. In this article I am going to discuss what I believe to be one of the gravest errors into which the religious world has ever fallen. Historians search in vain for the date of its birth, and analysts are just as puzzled about the motivation which foisted it upon an unsuspecting world. I refer to the rise of the clergy system with its unwarranted and unscriptural distinction between "clergy" and "laity.

" A good example is found in the book Body Life by Ray C. A special priesthood must draw its support from those for whom it officiates. The Palmer Perspective. Unity In Diversity. The Mission and Message of This site is designed to extend the mission and message of W. Carl Ketcherside through his books, essays, sermons, and journal articles, the focus of which is reflected in the theme Unity In Diversity.

While the author characterized himself in his earlier years as a "wing commander" of a little sect within the Restoration Movement, his latter years were devoted to being "a peacemaker instead of a piecemaker. " In his foreword to a 1992 edition of Carl's book, The Twisted Scriptures, Leroy Garrett wrote: He committed the second half of his life to restoring peace, unity, and love between people long separated by the scourge of schism. Multiplied thousands whose lives he touched through his long years as an editor and lecturer are thankful for what happened that night in Belfast 40 years ago.

As he himself put it, when Christ enters sectarianism has to leave.