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One Nation of Minorities, Too. #CBAnthology
“This original spoken word music video is created by 12 young Chicago youth from Open Youth Networks. We envision technological networks as potentially non-commodified sites of vibrant imagination that tool free expression and dissent rather than manufacture political indifference and compliance.” Check Out More Poetry & Poetics w/ Charles Bivona CLICK ON#CBAnthology And please remember, Sang Lee is dead. If You Need a Mental Health Break The Revolution will be YouTube-sized The Revolution will be YouTube-sized
.. and then I broke her heart .. #CBAnthology
Places where the scars will be. #CBAnthology
All donuts have names that sound like prostitutes .. #CBAnthology
Misery in the sound of the wind, in the sound of a few leaves .. #CBAnthology
In my life the furniture eats me .. #CBAnthology
Wherever I am .. I am what is missing .. #CBAnthology
Worn Out w/ Looking #CBAnthology
A Dumb Love. #CBAnthology
Hip-Hop Poetry via @SageFrancis
.. for this frightened thing we call love .. #CBAnthology
These Faces in the Crowd #CBAnthology
That smile so wide it wraps itself around the waist of the universe .. #CBAnthology
Orange into GRAPE and Grape into ORANGE .. forever .. #poetry #video
Underwear with bulges .. very shocking! #poetry #video
Said the Right Wing Skeleton: “Forget About Your Heart.” #CBAnthology
Science is the poetry of reality. #CBAnthology
What is Now Proved Was Once Only Imagined #CBAnthology
Jack Kerouac Reads His American Haiku #CBAnthology
If I had a soul .. I sold it for pretty words .. #poetry #video
Poet Professor in Autumn Years via #CBAnthology
All Language is Poetry. All Movement is Dance. #CBAnthology
The long road of it all .. #poetry #video
I have not lost my mind.. I recognize our disastrous human kind .. #CBAnthology
But America is an Excerpt on Television #CBAnthology
America Mistaken for White People #CBAnthology
How everything turns away quite leisurely from the disaster.. #CBAnthology
Dear America: I’m Nobody.. Just like you.. #CBAnthology
Hey! Why Don’t You Become a Journalist, They Say. for @MJalonschi #ff
by Richard Wolff, Cornel West, The Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, Rabbi Michael Lerner , James Vrettos and The Rev. Stephen H. Phelps. Occupy the Mind: Progressive Moral Agenda for the 21st Century Occupy the Mind: Progressive Moral Agenda for the 21st Century
The Access Code From Hell
A New Wave of Truth Telling
Leonard Cohen - There Is A War (live 1985)
Dimon Joins Billionaires to Debunk Attack on Top 1% - Video Dimon Joins Billionaires to Debunk Attack on Top 1% - Video Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Your next video will start in
5 Proven Steps to Relieve Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Stress with Mark Sing
My voice tried to find the wind to touch her hearing. #CBAnthology
Occupy Wall Street: What’s Really Going On? #ows
How do I love thee? Wait! Let me count… #CBAnthology
Sex Goddess of the Western Hemisphere #CBAnthology
We circle silently about the wreck .. #CBAnthology
The world is ugly and the people are sad .. #CBAnthology
Who wants to buy it .. sell it .. make it disappear .. #poetry #video
I pour words over empty space .. #CBAnthology
Withdrawn to our determined and appropriate distance .. #CBAnthology
Boyhood Crush: Her rhythms are shifting and subtle .. #CBAnthology
You will hardly know who I am or what I mean .. #CBAnthology
#OWS: A cry from the heart of the world. Don’t be
Who did you exploit today? #ows
Charles Bivona
Why the rich corporations and wealthy individuals can and should pay more in taxes
Freedom is never voluntarily given by the
#MustWatch | The Internet Generation of #OWS is | She read my #memoirs and suggested I make the
Athens riots video: New round of clashes, stones & tear gas in Greece‬‏
Zen Cat - Kitties Learn to Meditate‬‏
Why I Say ‘Word’ So Much: a video confession
If Sang Lee Haunted Charles Bivona
The Truth About The Economy In 2 Minutes
Oohh! Sarah Palin! We love the mobster in ya! #JerseyAccent
Poem for the Twitter Community from @Charles Bivona via #CBAnthology
Poetry & Poetics w/ Charles Bivona
Cannes 2011: Re-winding A Clockwork Orange with Malcolm McDowell - video | Film
Music for a Rapture Party: Video 4
Anti-Gay Bill Says Teachers Can't "Say Gay," Another Allows Anti-Gay Discrimination
Plant A Row To End Hunger
Drive to End Hunger YouTube Contest Survey
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