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Hand Lettering: Scripts, Swirls, & Flourishes. 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Handwriting. Learn calligraphy online at

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Handwriting

You’ll learn the basics of pointed pen, flourishing, addressing envelopes and developing your own style. The course comes complete with a beginner kit of supplies and personal coaching from calligraphy experts Melissa Esplin and Erika Paulsen. Click here to find out more. I was on Studio 5 last week! It’s hard to convey everything I want in a short segment, so in addition to the little video (below), I have great tips on how to improve your handwriting. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s International Correspondence Month. With the rise of the digital age, good penmanship has gone down the crapper. Calligraphy and penmanship have very similar foundations. Handwriting, like any skill, won’t get better without practice. Spend at least 15 minutes a day writing out the alphabet, or writing your to do lists.

Handwriting isn’t as tool-intensive as calligraphy, but if you have crappy pens, you’ll have crappy results. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Modern Calligraphy 101. Modern Calligraphy Guide Sheets. Discover your hand lettering style with cursive. Cursive is a funny animal.

Discover your hand lettering style with cursive

While most schools aren't even teaching cursive anymore, hand letterers are scrambling to learn different styles in order to practice calligraphy and also help find their signature style. 3 FREE Hand Lettering Worksheets for Beginners - Printable Crush. Free Practice Sheets for different Calligraphic Styles. I’ve assembled these worksheets for anyone who wants to get started with modern calligraphy or who wants to learn a new calligraphic style.

Free Practice Sheets for different Calligraphic Styles

You can choose between 4 writing styles, each is a little bit different and has its own personality. All in all it’s a mixture of styles that I use in my own work and some fun variants. I’ve designed the practice sheets so that you can print them out and practice directly on the paper (if you use high quality printer paper that can be used with a calligraphy pen – I have assembled some tips here) or you can just print them off and use them with a lightbox and a sheet of layout paper.

For each style there’s a whole alphabet, caps and lower case, as well as numbers and basic punctuation. No. 1: A basic round, classic style Get it hereNo. 2: a bit fancy, more dramatic style Get it hereNo. 3: a very elegant style, with a few flourishes Get it hereNo. 4: an informal upright script style. How to: Calligraphy Flourishes + Free Printable – Pretty Prints & Paper.

Once I got some basics down, watched a few tutorials from the wonderful Pieces Calligraphy and Postman’s Knock, I became intrigued by the idea of flourishing.

How to: Calligraphy Flourishes + Free Printable – Pretty Prints & Paper

I’ve been dreamily staring at different artists’ work and I wondered how I could get there too – it just seemed so effortless in their videos where I felt super awkward and unsure of where these lines should go! After some playing around, I gathered some of my tips and tricks as a beginning flourisher. As a University instructor, I found that the Master Teachers I learn from have been pretty removed from these beginning stages of learning, which made it incredibly difficult for them to articulate to me how to navigate certain scenarios in the classroom.

I found myself being a decent trainer of new instructors because I was closer to the learning experience. In that spirit, these are some of the things that helped me, so hopefully they help you too as a fellow learner. Google SketchUp - Google SketchUp Showcase. Homestyler Free Home Design Software - Design Your Home Online with Autodesk Homestyler. Bring Your Dream Home Project to Life One of the biggest challenges to a decorating or home remodeling project is envisioning how everything will look. Now that’s easier than ever before with Autodesk Homestyler. Quickly create layouts with drag-and-drop rooms, doors, and furnishingsEasily experiment with styles, colors, and finishesInclude specific products from manufacturers’ catalogsVisualize your home design ideas in 3D with one clickShare your designs and get input from family, friends, and professionalsIncrease your confidence in your design and product selection decisions Start Designing NowExplore Features.

FREE HOME PLANS AND APARTMENTS FOR SALE. Free program to design plans.


Need a home plan and want to do it yourself? This time we will see programs that can help you design your home easily, since people has been asking me for them on Home Plans Facebook page, I hope they serve you: 1) Floorplanner is an online application that lets you create plans of home interiors for free. Floorplanner is the easiest and most attractive to create and share interactive house plans online. With simple tools as "drag-and-drop" you can make accurate scale plans in minutes. 2) Google SketchUp is the best tool and the most innovative for anyone who wants to design anything from a coffee pot to a skyscraper, make models of everything you can imagine. 3) QCAD QCAD is a computer aided design application in two dimensions. 4) Microsoft Office Visio lets you create your own solutions to embody different guides, such as office charts, databases, program flow, etc.

3D Home Design software - free version.