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Widest Range of Designer and Luxury Lightings at Affordable Prices Interior Design Lightings Shop Singapore

Vintage Lamps for Floor & Table - Light Atelier. Industrial LED Lighting & Pendant Lighting - Light Atelier. Industrial lightings are where these lightings showcases neutral tones, utilitarian objects, and wood and metal surfaces.

Industrial LED Lighting & Pendant Lighting - Light Atelier

These are explicitly designed to deliver maximum light output with low energy consumption. Used in the past for industrial purposes, hence explaining the open lamp shades and very raw finishing. The lighting solutions for industrial use are straightforward, no-frills, efficient, and economic in nature, best suited for industries which heavy duty work is carried out. Scandinavian design Lighting, Lamp & Pendant - Light Atelier. Minimalist Lighting Lamp For Floor & Living Room - Light Atelier. Minimalist lighting is to create a moment with simplicity infused into structural lighting designs which are simple to integrate into your living space – where less is more.

Minimalist Lighting Lamp For Floor & Living Room - Light Atelier

Minimalist ceiling and pendant lights are effortlessly charming and are trending in interiors as they blend together both function and simplicity, yet looking effortless in doing so. From wall sconces to hanging lamps, Light Atelier Singapore offers a wide range of minimalist lighting schemes which will give you a minimalistic yet attractive feel to your space. We offer a wide range of minimalist light fixtures with different designs, such as from using open lamp shades to dome lamp shades, from built-in LED to using light bulbs, from decorative crystal light bulbs to Edison light bulbs, from minimal sconces to ceiling lights, and many more.

Our lightings suits many different spaces, such as minimalist lighting for kitchens, living rooms, table tops, study, and more. Modern Pendant & Ceiling Lights For Bathroom, Kitchen & Outdoor Area. The most trendy and pursued style of lightings in today’s day and age are modern light fixtures.

Modern Pendant & Ceiling Lights For Bathroom, Kitchen & Outdoor Area

With regards to modern standards and practices of architecture, modern lighting designs features creative sensibilities that make them gel well with modern home settings while also bringing an extensive oomph component to every space. At Light Atelier Singapore, we have curated modern lighting designs into one collection to help you get the perfect modern lightings for living rooms, lounges, dining rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, outdoor light fittings or any other area/space you need to deck up! Contemporary light fixtures are implicitly must-have for homes that are designed in a modern contemporary interior design themes. The style-vibes which modern styled lights including such as crystal light fixtures that can add to any space is unmatched; no other sort of extravagance lighting can come close to it. Luxury Ceiling & Outdoor Lighting.

Luxury lightings is one of the most important components of luxury themed interior decor that can accentuate the whole vibe of any room you create.

Luxury Ceiling & Outdoor Lighting

Light Atelier is committed to do it with perfection in a way which everyone will envy and identify easily. Luxury lighting fixtures features stunning designs and are often associated with high end lighting fittings like modern luxury chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, high end floor lamps, luxury lights for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, expensive ceiling lights, luxury wall lamps, floor lamps, extravagant pendant lights or any luxury outdoor lighting fixtures that tends to increase standards in your house – except that we do it at reasonable prices which offers you the best value for money.

Smart & Energy Saving Light Bulb – Light Atelier. LED Lighting - Light Atelier. Modern & Designer LED Table Lamp For Study & Dining – Light Atelier. Designer, Modern & Wooden Floor Lamps & Lights Singapore. Shop - Light Atelier. Filter by price Filter by Size Filter by ColourBeige (24)Bronze (18)Brown (46)Dark blue (1)Light blue (1)Rose gold (19)Silver (69)Silver chrome (6)Black (445)Blue (31)Clear (52)Gold (310)Gold-bronze (12)Green (25)Grey (54)Orange (11)Pink (11)Purple (4)Red (23)White (276)Yellow (15) Product categories Recent Posts.

Shop - Light Atelier

Online Lighting Company Singapore, Designer lightings Singapore. Light Atelier is a Singapore lighting brand specialising in designer lightings and lightings that inspire.

Online Lighting Company Singapore, Designer lightings Singapore

As design enthusiasts, we truly believe that lighting is integral and central to creating stunning interior designs. Our Mission: To provide homeowners and interior designers with easy access to the widest range of top lighting designs at affordable prices. At Light Atelier, we provide affordable designer lightings for residential and commercial interiors. We see ourselves as an interior designer’s lighting catalogue, providing the best and widest variety of lighting designs in the market. We carry lightings with great aesthetics, at a competitive price point, and with quality we trust from selected suppliers and factories. Ceiling Lamps Singapore– Light Atelier.

Designer, Crystal & Wooden Pendant Lights & Lamps– Light Atelier. Light Atelier has come up with extensive luxury range of Pendant lights and lamps in Singapore to create a softer atmosphere with a contemporary aesthetics.

Designer, Crystal & Wooden Pendant Lights & Lamps– Light Atelier

Just like spotlights, modern pendant lighting is a perfect option drawing focus to a particular area of a room. Such contemporary pendant lights nicely translates a softer feel similar to a pool of light encompassing the area of focus. These unique pendant light fixtures are best suited to lit up spaces like study areas, workshops or ever lighten the areas with hanging lights over dining table, hanging lamps or dining room pendant light fixtures. Buy Modern & Crystal Chandelier Lights & Lamps – Light Atelier.