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We offer a wide range of advice for your problems. Be it relationship advice, sex advice, confessions, and talking about your fantasy, we are there for you. We understand your problems intimate and provide tailor-made solutions for you.

How To Make Out Without Creating Any Noise. How To Make Out Without Creating Any Noise – Quiet Sex Tips Having silent sex without disturbing all or your kids can be equally satisfying and fun in the run.

How To Make Out Without Creating Any Noise

However, sex without screams, moans, rattling headboards does not seem to be complete, but when there are paper-thin walls between you and kids than to your resort, it is either quiet sex or simply no sex. While the latter cannot be the option as we all have needs and the urge, so the former option has to be considered. It does not imply that quiet sex means slow and steady boring sex, but it could be vice versa also, here are a few satisfying orgasmic and quiet sex ideas as well as tips: Construct a fort of blankets- Use some extra pillows on the bed and dig inside the covers, the logic that when behind or under them is that the sound waves with higher frequency enter the blankets, and turn into tiny vibrations that get trapped between the fibers.

7 signs to know that if you are in a bad relationship. A relationship will be beautiful when two people understand each other, know each other’s plus and minus points.

7 signs to know that if you are in a bad relationship

There is a difference between true love and bad love. While true love brings the best in you, bad love will make you go into depression, suffer anxiety, lose interest in life, and much more. So how will you know whether you are in a good or bad relationship? The daily activities itself show the true nature of love between couples, and you often tend to ignore them. Relationships - Grass Always Seems To Be Greener On The Other Side. We are a happily married couple, and ours was a love marriage.

Relationships - Grass Always Seems To Be Greener On The Other Side

But, things were not that great always. Let me tell you the patchy part of my life! We met during our class 12 coaching; he always used to admire me, or let’s say, could never take off his eyes from my face. Age is just a number! - Read interesting stories on Luvlifehacks. An incredible story, with the caption “Love Thy Neighbor,” holds full essence in it.

Age is just a number! - Read interesting stories on Luvlifehacks

My firstborn child and my neighbor’s secondborn are of the same age. The age gap between her two children is around 16 years, and I delivered my first child when I was only 21, surprisingly, and fashionable quite early. As the kids turned 4, they were to be dropped to school and many activity classes; as a hand down mother, I enjoyed every bit off, and all my energy was diverted towards the kid. I was often neglecting myself and also my married life. Life is so complicated yet beautiful, and the journey of my life was so fast.

The Biggest Goof Up Of My Life. Looking good, dressing up beautifully, and apt for the situation is just what any girl wants in her life.

The Biggest Goof Up Of My Life

I am the one who would go shopping if there is any themed party for which I have to dress up. Friday was just like any other day at the office, but after the office, I had to go to a party where I needed to dress up in a retro style. As there was a meeting on Friday, so I decided to carry my attire to the office and get ready in the office changing room without wasting time while travelling to home and then to the party. That way, I will reach the party venue on time. I was super elated when I arrived at the office with shampooed and conditioned hair, freshly scrubbed skin, and had applied layers of mist so that in spite of having a hectic day, I remain fresh for the evening.

I immediately headed towards the washroom. I Still Regret What I Did & Lost You! I Still Regret What I Did & Lost You!

I Still Regret What I Did & Lost You!

We never understand things until something big happens. Similarly, I also had to bear the consequences of my sins by losing my boyfriend. It was around 6 years in the relationship, and he only had me by his side. Both his parents died a few years back only, so he trusted me the most. He loved me from the core and had blind faith in me.

It started with a dating app when I started checking out other boys. Are Relationships Worth Fighting For? Nowadays, relationship status changes as people change their display picture in either Facebook or Whatsapp, it take no time from going complicated to committed and from committed to single ready to mingle again.

Are Relationships Worth Fighting For?

Love is different in all phases of your life, and as love changes, you can change with it. Only you can know whether your relationship is worth fighting or not because you know your relationship better than anyone else, you know yourself better, and every relationship is unique and have its own story. Love cannot be constant; it should be like a shark as it has to keep moving or else it will die.

There are different phases of love. 7 Relatable Thoughts Every Couple Who Lives Together Will Have. 7 Relatable Thoughts Every Couple Who Lives Together Will Have Why we all prefer texting to talk?

7 Relatable Thoughts Every Couple Who Lives Together Will Have

This is the biggest sentence with a biggest question mark. Remember the time when our teachers scolded us too in the class when we used to speak too much? And do you still remember the time when you have been tagged as the most “talkative” child in the class? This used to be a part of our final year report card. All this is because of the emergence of our social media. Why we have talking anxiety? According to some psychologists, researches say that time has made us step into a speechless and noiseless era – where couples do not speak or interact with each other. Second instance comes here is, that if both the couples are working and have variations in their timings, they hardly get time to speak or share their issues in three days. 7 sure things that will happen if you are dating a funny guy. Dating has become a common thing.

7 sure things that will happen if you are dating a funny guy

People see it as a means to know each other. It’s advantageous as the couple can mutually get to a decision whether they can get along in the future or not. It’s not like, all the girls like funny guys. Every girl has their own preferences. Some like silent guys while most girls like funny guys.