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Collocation pelmanism. Whether the collocations are introduced through a text, as described in the article, or explicitly taught, the memory game pelmanism can provide a useful review activity in a later lesson.

Collocation pelmanism

Preparation Three example sets of collocations are included below, as well as a template for producing your own. I have found that about twelve collocations (i.e. 24 cards to match in pairs) works well. Procedure Give students, in groups of 3-4, a set of cut-up cards, and instruct them to place all the cards face-down and spread them out on the table. Downloads Blank template Tip: When producing your own sets of cards, make sure there are not too many possible collocations other than the ones you intend to practise. Verb-noun collocations for routines (Elementary) L1 interference can often lead to incorrect verb-noun collocations such as 'take a cup of coffee'. Business English collocations Collocations with phrasal verbs Catherine Morley, Teacher, Teacher trainer, Mexico. The memory game. The fly swatter game. When we have a new list of 15 or 20 words from a chapter, I play the fly swatter game.

The fly swatter game

I write the words (without the article for nouns) in large print in rows across the board. Then I divide the class into two teams. The first time around with the fly swatters, I explain how the game works. After that, it's not necessary. (A fly swatter is an instrument used to kill flies. Hot seat. - Learn Words - English Dictionary.

English Vocabulary Games with Pictures (Word-to-Picture / Picture-to-Word) Vocabulary Games, English Vocabulary Word Games. Vocabulary. Doing It Differently: Tips for Teaching Vocabulary. Every Monday my seventh grade English teacher would have us copy a list of 25 words she'd written on the board.

Doing It Differently: Tips for Teaching Vocabulary

We'd then look up the dictionary definitions and copy those down. For homework, we'd re-write each word seven times. Good, now you know it. Test on Friday and never for those 25 words to be seen again. Poof. Copying definitions from the dictionary we would probably all agree is not an effective way to learn vocabulary. The truth is, and the research shows, students need multiple and various exposures to a word before they fully understand that word and can apply it. Selecting Words Ah, so many words, so little time. My first year teaching, before my tenth graders began reading Lord of the Flies, I went through every chapter and made lists of all the vocabulary words I thought they'd have trouble with, so that I could pre-teach them. When I looked at those long lists, I began to freak out. Improve Storytelling with Vocal Verbs and Adverbs - ESL Lesson on Improving Storytelling.

Aim: Helping students to use a wider range of vocabulary when relating stories Activity: Rewriting exchanges Level: Intermediate to advanced Outline: Think of an exchange you've recently had with a friend and relate the exchange to the class.

Improve Storytelling with Vocal Verbs and Adverbs - ESL Lesson on Improving Storytelling

The first time you relate the exchange, only use 'he / she said', maybe adding a 'he / she replied' to add some variation. A Heated Discussion Rewrite the following exchange using the vocal verbs / adverbs sheet to 'spice up' this heated exchange. Peter said he was angry and that he wanted to leave. -> Peter menacingly stated that he was angry. Tom said to Peter that he loved Jane, Peter's girlfriend. Blake - ESL/EFL Listening Comprehension Lesson for the Movie Super Size Me. The Internet TESL Journal Alenka Blakealenka.blake [at] gmail.com1st High School in Celje (Slovenia) Introduction Watching a film in class is always enjoyable for students, and using films from the English speaking world in English lessons is easy in terms of choice.

Blake - ESL/EFL Listening Comprehension Lesson for the Movie Super Size Me

It is more difficult, however, to fit such a long activity into the syllabus, especially since most films are longer than an individual English lesson. Often the teacher is required to cut a film into sections and only use certain parts in the classroom. An English-language film, even if only a few scenes are used, provides students with natural and authentic English. To do all this in one or two lessons I chose Morgan Spurlock's 2004 documentary Super Size Me. The length of the documentary did not allow for dealing with the entire film, so I opted for two portions. The first five minutes (immediately preceding the opening credits), which are a sort of fact file about eating habits of many Americans. Topic: Talking About Food. Six Great Vocab Games. Here’s six online vocabulary games I’ve been using with my classes recently: Test Your Vocab: Not – strictly speaking – a game, this website seeks to measure the number of words you know and then tells you the size of your vocabulary.

Six Great Vocab Games

If the learners are honest and don’t cheat, this could be a useful tool in helping them measure their progress, though presumably the more often they do it, the more familiar they’ll become with the test words. And of course they could go off and research the test word corpus….