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Pactware. SUM_90-PIRIOSF.Pdf. Machine Safeguarding with Safety Edges. Machine Safeguarding with Safety Edges Posted by Tom Corbett on Thu, Aug 22, 2013 Moving machine parts, closing edges of doors and gates, and even automated guided vehicles (AGV) all have the potential to cause workplace injuries.

Machine Safeguarding with Safety Edges

Health and Safety regulations require that workers be protected from preventable injuries. But without the proper protection in place, worker safety can be at risk. One way to provide this protection is by machine safeguarding. Safeguarding is when a device is used to prevent dangerous contact with machinery or equipment. But what happens when the area to be safeguarded is a small pinch or crush point like on the closing edges of doors or protective covers?

The PSE4 Safety Edge is a complete edge monitoring system that consists of a: Safety controllerUnique thru-beam photoelectric sensorsRubber sensor stripOptional aluminum mounting strip Assembling a safety edge requires no special tools or technical expertise. Technical articles & new product information for fluid handling systems. Coriolis Flowmeters: Simultaneous measurement of mass, density, temperature, and viscosity The advantages of using Coriolis flowmeters have made this technology a preferred choice in a large range of industry sectors, including life sciences, chemicals and petrochemicals, oil and gas, and food and beverage.

Technical articles & new product information for fluid handling systems

Furthermore, virtually all fluids can be measured with a Coriolis flowmeter: cleaning agents and solvents, fuels, vegetable oils, animal fats, latex, silicon oils, alcohol, fruit solutions, toothpaste, vinegar, condiments, gases, liquefied gases, among many others. So what exactly are the advantages of Coriolis flowmeters? One for All – Multivariable Coriolis Flowmeters: The ability to measure several process variables all at the same time opens up completely new application fields. Smartlinx - Automation Technology. Les modules SmartLinx® permettent un raccordement numérique direct aux systèmes de bus de terrain industriels courants.

Smartlinx - Automation Technology

Ils offrent une réelle compatibilité « Plug-and-Play » avec les produits de Siemens. Beaucoup de produits Siemens intègrent la communication HART®, PROFIBUS PA et Modbus. Les cartes SmartLinx permettent de recevoir des modules de communication supplémentaires. Elles peuvent être installées de manière rapide et simple et à tout moment. Les modules sont montés sur les appareils compatibles SmartLinx grâce à une connexion enfichable. Understanding Model Number Nomenclature for Industrial Sensors. Krohne niveau radar. Matériel. Stay connected > Home > TURCK BANNER S.A.S. Photocel. wifi. Simple à installer, il permet de répondre à de nombreuses applications tout en réduisant les coûts liés au câblage.

photocel. wifi

Ses principales caractéristiques sont: § Boitier industriel IP67, température de fonctionnement -40 C° à +70C° § Alimentation du capteur par deux piles, avec une durée de vie des piles pouvant aller jusqu’à 5 ans en fonction du capteur § Les signaux des capteurs sont transmis à une passerelle sans fil reliée à des automates programmables, interfaces homme-machine et autres systèmes de contrôle industriel § Les passerelles de base peuvent contrôler de 2 à 6 capteurs. . § Les capteurs sans fil sont conçus pour une installation rapide et économique, et un fonctionnement fiable dans une grande variété de situations § Le Q45 SureCross peut communiquer en toute sécurité sur une distance de 1 km sans obstacle § Les données sont transmises par sauts de fréquence via un protocole propriétaire; elles ne peuvent donc pas être interceptées ✓Le Q45 Surecross se décline sous les modèles suivant:

BlueLevel introduces Model AP/APX RF Level sensor. January 2, 2013 - BlueLevel introduces Model AP/APX RF admittance level sensor for point and continuous level measurement of powder, granular, liquid and slurry materials within a wide variety of industrial areas.

BlueLevel introduces Model AP/APX RF Level sensor

The Model AP/APX RF admittance point level sensor is available in each of five different probe configurations, including Standard, Mini, Cable-Extended, High Temperature and Super High Temperature probes. All probe versions include integral electronics available with either Ordinary Location or Explosionproof enclosures.

The Model AP for ordinary locations includes a large locally visible LED indication of the normal and relay alarm status of the sensor. The Model APX is an explosionproof version, certification is pending. FR_microscan_product_catalog. R. STAHL adds PROFINET to IS1+ remote I/O systems. November 29, 2012 -R.

R. STAHL adds PROFINET to IS1+ remote I/O systems

STAHL adds PROFINET support to IS1+ remote I/O systems for standard industrial as well as hazardous areas in process automation applications. This capability gives users another option for Ethernet applications alongside the existing protocol support for Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP communication. In all cases, “Ex op is” fibre optic cables ensure explosion protection in zones 1 and 2. System integration is carried out via PROFINET GSDML. Compared with PROFIBUS GSD, this markup language allows for a considerably more comfortable and highly automated integration of IS1+ functions into engineering systems. Conforming with NAMUR recommendation NE 107, the status information options provide operators with a quick and easy overview of signal quality regardless of specific causes of errors. The PI status format (condensed status) supports preventive maintenance messages, which allow users to e.g. analyse the new IS1+ self diagnoses. Pepperl+Fuchs introduces AS-Interface Module.

February 11, 2013 - Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the VBA-2A-G10-E2L-1M-2V1-W AS-Interface Module.

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces AS-Interface Module

This single module provides two outputs, enabling it to provide one output to two devices. Each output is completely powered by the auxiliary black flat cable. This enables the G10 to deliver up to 2 A per output and up to 4 A per module. An output module can be used to turn on indicator lights, drive electric actuators, and control drives and motors, and the ultra-compact size of the G10 Series allows it to be completely sealed in a cable tray or a conveyor’s side rail.